How to assemble a suitcase on the sea

Bright sun in combination with high humidity lays the basic principle of your wardrobe – white, natural, clean. On white materials, like on other light shades, dirt and insects are clearly visible. Such a fabric gives a psychological feeling of freshness, which facilitates the perception of a hot day.

Natural fabrics, such as silk, cotton, flax and viscose, create a pleasant microclimate, give a feeling of coolness and absorb moisture. Please note that the better the Mike or T-shirt sit down on the figure, the higher the content of synthetic fibers.

And they "pary" the body, and, in addition to exclusively aesthetic flaws (wet armpits and spin in a tightly t-shirt), it’s just unpleasant. Cleanliness Determines the frequency of change of clothing: Tune in to the fact that you change yourself a couple of times a day in an exotic country – norm.

Even if the day before was a cool day, do not wear re-yesterday’s clothes and shoes. "And that, all these tons of outfits drag with them?" – you ask. Not at all, things from natural fabrics are easy to erase even ordinary soap, but note that they need time to dry. For comparison: Cotton chinos trousers will dry twelve hours, but a fastener blouse (the tissue of mixed natural fibers of silk and cotton, ideal in the heat) will be dry in three or four hours even on a collar and cuffs.

Check the weather forecast before departure and, if the meteorologists predict the rain, be sure to think about special clothes, such as a set with shortened trousers, rubber shoes and raincoat. In exotic countries, hide from the rain under an umbrella or a newspaper will not work, there the element behaves extremely effectively.

Duplicate footwear for a beach vacation is required: from moisture and heat, even high-quality leather shoes are destroyed very quickly. Here are such options:

– As the main to take some "decent" shoes or even sneakers in which it is convenient to fly on the plane and go for a walk (after each putting on, they need to dry during the day in a well thought out place);

– for "shifts" Take textile shoes, such as sneakers on a fine sole (prefer them to "conversions" with a thick rubber edging, making a specific smell of fried tires in the heat);

– Third pair, choose cheap rubber sandals that do not rub the legs that are well transmitting moisture and do not require "rest" and drying.

In general, expensive shoes deliver a lot of trouble, because in the temples they often ask to go through and somewhere there are cells for storage and a special shoe wardrobe, and somewhere you just throw your sandals in a bunch of brown-gray straps, and only by the will of exotic gods Your handmade slippers for you will return. It is unlikely that they will be stolen, but they can mistaken to wear and leave. And if this happens, remember that for karma is a good sign.

Long sleeve, long skirts and pants are justified not only because of the modesty of morals (they are decent to any sacred place), but also from the point of view of the climate: they help not burn out.

For the tourist area, options are suitable with mini dresses, shorts, tops and even with creatively tied in a swimsuit on a swimsuit, and local residents are resting to the areas where local residents live, relax and work, it is better to wear more spacious, closed and long things.

Not to look a nurse will help a bright color scheme, which is more than appropriate and raises the mood to you and others.

Surface with clothing is very typical for exotic images. For example, a long skirt that you usually use for evening outs and visits to temples, put on a day walk dress, bare beautiful shoulders. From the office shirts in the strip, the most bizarre turbans are obtained, especially if the cuff or collar will stick in the corner, and the headdress you will fasten the brook with pebbles.

Headdress is needed – and point! The burnted hair becomes brittle and make an image of neglected, and overheating in the sun threatens a thermal blow. Protect your head helps like a hat with fields and a baseball cap or even Panama, but the best way is to tie a scarf: he also, tied A la Türban, will save from a draft on the plane. It fits men, women and even children – just, fun and authentic. If you have a rumble face or you think that it is complete, put on the extended earrings to balance the proportions.

Exotic countries are characterized by more stringent shorts, so it is better to take a closed swimsuit for swimming. And if your swimsuit is separate, then do not sunbathe topless. One of my friend – a girl of outstanding advantages – in Thailand, where even tourists are forbidden to sunbathing topless, took to the local polisman for the edification conversation.

Note that the swimsuits in any case will need two. In the morning and in the evening in the resorts are cool, so cardigans and light scarves will not be superfluous. Remember that thin wool for such situations is ideal: it warms it in a coolness and cools in the heat, and even thickly knitted cotton does not warm and weighs much.

Algorithm for creating a capsule wardrobe for a long trip to the sea

Is it possible to go to the romantic trip to the sea lasting up to eighteen days and to do with eighteen things, including decorations? Believe me, the answer is "yes". And you do not need to think through the kits in advance, simply use the capsule wardrobe algorithm. The right wardrobe is mathematics, not art, it needs to be calculated.

How to assemble a suitcase on the sea

Start with finding a semantic thing, the one that directly belongs to the trip. For a beach holiday is, of course, swimsuit. You will wear it every day, so immediately find him a dubler. The second swimsuit must differ from the first on Crow, color and decor.

1. Now we are looking for an accent thing suitable for both swimsuits. For the beach such an accent thing can be a sarong with a print.

2. We choose a simple and concise top – a fitted open T-shirt. The second top take a completely different – direct T-shirt with a print. We have two knitted things, it means that the third riding should be a bright article from textiles with a sleeve and with the texture to the Rubber – a shirt will fit.

3. We are looking for the bottom. For a beach holiday good pareo as a flowing skirt and shorts from dense tissue. To strive for a variety is necessary, otherwise, even when changing clothes, your image will be perceived equally. As a third Niza, take a long skirt in case of visiting temples.

4. If there is a place in the bag in the bag, take the dress. Troubled and tightly sitting on hips things in your baggage already have, so add a dress with a short skirt and a free top with a sleeve. Mini-dress to wear well and with shorts, and if you wear a swimsuit under it, you can go on a beach party, not experiencing that the skirt will rise too high. Take an inexpensive notifiable dress, because the sun and salt can spoil any cloth.

5. Thinking accessories: dark glasses and a hat from the Sun are required. For guaranteed compatibility, choose a hat with natural colors. We pick it up a beach bag. So you distribute visual accents, not forgetting to balance your silhouette: increased the top – increase the bottom. A small bag on the road will replace Holder for documents and money and evening clutch, and also come in handy for walking in the city.

6. Choose shoes after decided on clothes. If the clothes are bright, the shoes should be in the same style, but more neutral.

Metal shades are universal for many combinations and beneficially emphasize tan. Take also sandals for evening outlets: heel literally and figuratively will increase the level of the image. For urban walks and flights wear thin light ballet shoes.

7. Final Barcode – Decorations: Seagh and Bracelet Couples.

eight. If you quickly sunbathe, going to the beach holiday, consider your new skin shade. Most likely, you will need brighter colors than you usually, and you can afford more contrast combinations.

How to assemble a suitcase on the sea

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