How to amused in Sicilian

The beach is designed to sunbathe on it, sculpt the cakes from the sand, follow the incoming bakery. But it is a regular beach. On the beaches of Sicilian club hotels all otherwise. No, local mafiosia do not pursue there holidays with a gun-machine gun "Lugu" and not selected, threatening naked barrel, the last jar of Coca-Cola or Cold Beer. None of the holidays on Sicily tourists of the bandits did not see anything about them there. Not to be considered by the gangsters of Palermal boys extorting a couple of cigarettes from the lost foreigner in exchange for a properly shown road? Club Hotels in Sicily differ from other Italian entertainment saturation. Guests are given such a variety of all sorts of classes on the seafront, which is for sleeping and lying on the sand sand.

One of the best Sicilian clubs – hotel "Torre Makauda", What is near the town of Shakka in the south-west of the island. Now throughout Italy, the resort life slowly freezes, and in "Torre Makauda" she boils, splashing through the edge, as in the summer. There are many people here. All satisfied and sports. And the weather in September is even better than in July. No longer scorching heat, and bananas and dates are all the same – caused.

Rooms, or more precisely – Guest rooms, Club are simple and decorated without chic. Carpets, mini bar and tv here. But there are shower, bed and amazing view of forever blue sea. The fact that there is no minibar in the room, even good. In the hotel room there is nothing to be. Not in addition to the club hotel, to christmas, slowly poisoning with a pure gin from a souvenir bottle.

Club system provides resting three meals. Breakfast and lunch – buffet. For dinner, the waiters are serviced in strict suits. Food wonderful. True Italian, with a Sicilian bias. Do not prepare French dishes. In return, pesce are picked up (so they call fish) exclusively in the morning ulov. Frozen fish, caught day two ago, for Sicilians and not fish, even – so, raw materials for sheep feed.

Genuine sea gifts, such as a fish sword, club cooks are preparing entirely and exhibit on a long open-air table. Each guest is suitable and cuts off a piece of appetite. Diversity eats fascinating. From Sicilian "Specialty", which are fed in the club, we note Caponata – eggplants baked in tomato sauce with sharp seasonings, and cannoli – custard cakes with filling of fruits and chocolate, which are treated for dessert. But food is not necessary to be especially interested, it is reasonable to leave a place for drinks.

Buffet at the shore all day, from early morning, there are the best Sicilian wines. Among them, the wonderful Wine Marsala, which outside of Sicily is served only in expensive restaurants. Wines in the club is allowed to drink as much as involved inward. It is impossible only to carry it with him, overflowing into a jar.

In addition to food and beverages in "Torre Makauda" Remarkable sport. It seems, abundant food and dried wine must dismiss a normal person from intense televitations. On Sicily, the opposite. Food here quality. Wine – Living. It is instantly absorbed and the same quickly dishes, and the climate, the sea, the special Sicilian atmosphere, setting up for delets and younger, create a feeling of need for sports.

Start gymnastics in the club can be from riding water slides. Them in "Torre Makauda" – two. Both three-level spirals descend into a deep pool. After water procedures, football, mini-golf, archery and much more.

For the well-being of holidaymakers, a doctor, coach and a lot of professional clatters, whose debt – not to leave the tourist one for a minute. Miss the club forbidden. On the clock, with a break on a four-hour sleep, competitions, competitions, quizzes are held in the club.

How to amused in Sicilian

To the one who solve a simple crossword in Italian printed in a local newspaper – a gift. Drinking a drawer of the Sicilian brandy, which is under the dams "Alla Salute!" Immediately the whole team and sways. Alcohol opponents instead of brandy will be handed windsurfing board. Surf near the club is quite sufficient to test yourself in the fight against the waves.

Water in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Sicily, in quiet clips, transparent and clean. Probably because there are dozens of fish species. Near the beach "Torre Makauda" There is a quiet creek free from waves, where, taping a mask, you can study the underwater world. Underwater Sicilian gardens resemble a riot of coral reefs in the tropical seas.

In the evening, the club guests are waiting for a disco, admiring a sunset or a tour of Agrigento town, which is 30 kilometers from the hotel. There is the largest archaeological park in Europe. The ruins of the ancient temples and palaces in the dark are whimsically cleaned with colored lanterns and after drunk on the eve of the brandy box seem to come. Sometimes you can see how revolted ancient Greeks roaming along the destroyed walls.

Our native "Aeroflot" Flying to Sicily until the second half of October. At this time, prices for flights are reduced. Vouchers themselves in club hotels are not expensive: $$ 650-800. They can still be ordered in our travel agencies working with Italy. Prices for accommodation depend on the category of the selected hotel. The most prestigious and expensive in Sicily – a four-star "Ramada", Next to the Aristocratic Village of Taormina. But there is going to be too obstructed and well-spanging public, and for the drunk wine you have to pay separately.

The same who loves massive moving air games and free tastings, the club will suit more "Torre Makauda".

How to amused in Sicilian

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