How to accumulate miles and fly free. Program "Miles and more" Airlines Lufthansa

There are entire strategies on how it is more profitable to spend miles. For example, some airlines included in the alliance, small fees. And someone spends on specific flights with minimal fees at the airline of Lufthanza – Condor (flights from Fortaleza or Receife to Frankfurt with fees – 2000 rubles).

We do not set the purpose of immersing the reader in all subtleties and nuances, from which you can get confused. We will tell only about common useful information, and whether to participate in this program – to solve you.

Pros "Miles & More ».:

  • Miles of the airline "Lufthansa" there is a possibility to really fly for zero rubles. You can buy tickets to Cities in Europe from Russia to economy and business class, paying for the fees of miles. For example, the cost of the flight Moscow – Bilbao – Moscow will be 0 rubles and 48,000 miles in the economy class, and all the same 0 rubles and 63,000 miles in the business class.
  • Fly Smart program when in Europe (in Europe only) you can take tickets 2 weeks before departure with a mile discount. The cost of the flight in miles in Economy will be 15,000 (instead of 30,000), in business class – 25000 (instead of 40,000). Charges can also be paid for not rubles, but additional miles in the amount of 18000.
  • The indisputable advantage of the airline is the broad geography of European routes: Port, Toulouse, Ibiza, Izmir, Ljubljana, Bergen, Aberdeen, Palermo, Olbia. Given the European airline partners (Croatia Airlines, SAS, Austrian Airlines, Adria Airways, Tap Portugal) If you wish for miles, you can fly to any corner of Europe from Bosnia with Macedonia to Spanish and Portuguese Islands.
  • You can buy one-way tickets, it will cost 50% of the cost of the fare back and forth.
  • How to accumulate miles and fly free. Miles and More Airlines Lufthansa
  • It is profitable to fly out of a number of countries where low fuel fees, for example, from the cities of the United States and Brazil. For example, a ticket to Rio de Janeiro – Moscow will cost 40 thousand miles and only 4000 rubles, and the flight from Seattle to Moscow will cost 30000 miles and 6800 rubles.
  • It is always advantageous to fly in the business class in the presence of a sufficient number of miles. This is especially profitable to do this on the beneficiaries that can be viewed on the official website here (for example, in business you can fly for 55,000 miles to New York instead of the usual 105,000). Shares are constantly updated. Another thing is that the business class (especially in Europe) is greatly losing – inferior to the quality of service on board – Aeroflot.

How to save miles in the program "Miles & More »?

1. Arrange a debit or credit card in a partner bank, then on average, the bank charges 1 mile for each spent 20-30 rubles. That is, if you made this month of shopping for the amount of 30 thousand rubles, then you are credited 1500 miles, and if you purchased products for your company through the map in terms of 600 thousand rubles, then this is already 30,000 miles 🙂 The problem is that in Russia there are not so many banks that they have their own coin with Lufthansa, it is Citibank and Raiffeisenbank (the Loyalty program Austrian Airlines is combined into one with the Germans).
Conditions on the cards from Raiffeisen can be viewed here, Citibank – on this link.

Another important nuance: branches of these banks are not found in all major cities of Russia, which is there to talk about the province.

2. Flights to accumulate premiums is extremely hard if you do not fly in business at long-distance routes Alliance Airlines. If there are no flights at all, then miles burned. Do not forget about it. There are nuances in which miles do not burn (for example, miles of Citibank are not harmony).

The remaining methods for accumulation for most participants are not so significant (miles for accommodation in hotels, car rental, filling out a questionnaire, writing reviews on TripAdvisor and.)


  • Huge fees (from 11 to 15 thousand rubles. In Europe), if you fly for 30,000 miles with their payment, then all sense is lost, because for the money you can buy tickets from other airlines without any miles for the same cost.
  • Lufthansa airlines left a number of our cities: Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Perm, Novosibirsk and DR. It makes sense to choose a program if you often fly by Star Alliance airlines and live in Moscow or St. Petersburg.
  • Partner banks Programs, Raiffeisenbank and Citibank are not represented in all cities of Russia.

Mile Airlines "Lufthanza" favorably smoke, provided that you will spend them on free flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the city of Europe, but it is necessary to take into account that they need to save them only if you spend a lot of Citibank Cobrend Map or Raiffeisenbank. Undoubtedly, in a number of few areas, the ticket price is as pleasant, for example, flight Moscow – Boston – Moscow will cost 12,000 rubles and 60,000 miles. Of course, if you use them with the mind, they can come in handy in complex routes, such as United Airlines fees when flying from Los Angeles to Hawaiian Kahului amounted to only 2000 rubles, despite the money, this ticket is 10 times more expensive.

In any case, we recommend a bonus card to start the airline with a normal representation in Russia. Minimum set: Aeroflot in Sky Team, Lufthansa in Star Alliance, S7 or British Airways in OneWorld.

In the next article we will analyze the bonus programs of the Alliance "OneWorld" and airline "Transaero".

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