How the world comes out of quarantine

Coronavirus is dangerous for health, and quarantine For economics. Therefore, restrictions on the exit of the house, European countries gradually began to weaken. About how it happens, residents of different countries are told on their pages in social networks.


Austria has become the first European country whose residents felt air freedom. Return to normal life here began on April 14. Earned garden markets and shops with home and repair goods. Since the beginning of May, shopping centers and hairdressers are gradually opening.

Passed 100 m, and I was literally attacked by a lady with a dog, thirsty. Barely gone

The Austrians came out to the streets photograph shop windows with fashionable masks – once this accessory is with us for a long time, why not make it beautiful? The ban on mass events in the country is planning to remove only at the end of June.

Yana Welt: From today, we walk! Literally! Quarantine in Austria is weakened, you can meet with friends (at a distance of 1 m).

Andrey Zolotov: Following the day of Labor, a real holiday followed: Trade Day! All stores, hairdressers and beauty salons (painted weekly ahead). Neat queues on the entrance, as the number of people in stores is regulated on the basis of the principle one person is no longer 20, but by 10 m² of area.

Lena wurzinger: For nine years at seven in the morning, I woke up to the music of the brass orchestra, who played under the window. And so it was every year on May 1. And today is silence. Unusual!

Each state independently determines the restriction policies: somewhere recommended to observe the distance, and somewhere closed public places or just some large enterprises. Despite the fact that the United States remains the leader in the number of infected (more than 1 million) and the dead (more than 60,000), freedom-loving Americans actively enter protests against quarantine. And on the streets a lot of walking.

Vladimir Badikov: People and cars on the streets have become much larger, 95% in masks of different designs. Denis on Times Square. It is impressive, I must say. Now there are photographers, car enthusiasts and homeless people with crazy – the last, however, were always, but in the crowd they did not stand out. It is difficult to convey your feelings with words, I hope some of them are noticeable in the photo. Photos of exhausted doctors on advertising billboards are reflected in the glasses of expensive cars, people advertise themselves, gladly posing, some photo shoots are removed – in general, full surveys.

Just Being anya: Well, my first glass of something for quarantine. Honestly, ceased to follow the news, once a day comes to had with a report of news, I read if something attracts attention. Days fly very quickly. I do not drink, I do not stand in the bar, do not drink pies, did not take a dress from the pillow. In general, I am extremely unproductive.

Inked bar: Yesterday I wanted to pinch into the store for my favorite sauce for salad (it is sold only in one store, I did not find online). As I arrived at the store, and left. The queue was huge, and for the sake of the sauce to stand an hour in the queue I was not ready. I am very lacking just to join the store on an ambulance hand, now this is a planned journey that is sometimes occupied by half a day.


In a country where Quarantine was the most stringent in Europe, formally the first phase of sending began on April 14: they earned dry cleaning, stationery shops, goods for children, books. From May 4, the country was allowed to gather together for funerals – True, only up to 15 people. You can play sports (but only near the house and one). And restaurants began to work. You can walk near the house.

Yesterday, many restaurant business owners took part in Flashmobe-protest: opened the establishments, at 21:00 included lighting, drank grappa

To normal life is still far: sights, museums and libraries will open only from May 18, hairdressers, beauty salons, bars and restaurants – from June 1, and about the resumption of worship or football matches speech is not at all.

Signora marconi: Yesterday I went out into the street and the park saw just Tu-U-U-U-U-U-I, children, dogs of all breeds and colors. Passing by the police drove past. In Italy, police officers are the same people, they also want parties and communication. Passed 100 m, and I was literally attacked by a lady with a dog, thirsty. Barely gone.

Other extremeFunny ladies (men did not meet such), which are found in supermarkets and love to throw out all their mental experiences on people. The will of fate go exclusively into the supermarket, and it is extremely rare, so the case is impossible to miss: the scenes from the series begin in a semi-empty store: "You approached me closer than a kilometer. As you might!»Mentally send love to these people, I collect products in uncomfortable batch gloves and go rather away.

Grefrutta: "All sparkling!"This phrase Milan Chef Carlo Krakko answered the question of a journalist about what we lack these days. Added by: "The best thing we can do these days,drink champagne, concoct and other "Bollectius", But with meals you can not be ill, we all a lot of ate ". I agree only on champagne, I plus 4 kg. It seems that the Italians boil like a tomato sauce in a saucepan. Yesterday, many restaurant business owners took part in Flashmobe-protest: opened the establishments, at 21:00 included lighting, drank grappa.

Gidvrime asya gorbachova: I notice how the distance is reducedOn the street, in queues. It seems to me that the Italians are so social that they will quickly forget about this artificial "alienation", it already happens. And I already invented myself a route on May 4! I finally find my 30,000 steps. I hope the head will not spin from who has become suddenly fresh air.


Some restrictions are removed, others are injected. From April 20, most shops earned, in the near future it is planned to start opening schools, museums, botanical gardens, resume sports events. But in public places everyone ordered to wear masks. Violators await a fine, which, depending on the federal land, will be € 10-50 (in Bavaria – € 150).

Vassili Yashkinas: From next Monday in Hamburg – mandatory wearing masks. In the first pharmacy mask, I was offered for € 8.5. Praised. I saw the announcement on the wall about masks approximately for € 6.5. Sent a daughter, she did not find the desired colors in this studio at the Afghan guy. Learning that she from Russia killed at the end of the working day, he sat down and sewed her masks. Gave € 5, the tiny left him € 2 for tea. Hamburg youth is very cool.

Anna Kamuz: For me, it is already a holiday to meet with a friend and go for a walk. And take the child to the site in general fiction. Joy will not be limit. Still, no wonder all this happens. We start to appreciate the simple things and rejoice in the trifles and moments.

Anastasia germany de: It seemed to me that the media was already tired of all propaganda that the duration of the dressing was limited to 20 minutes! Then under the action of the greenhouse effect, it becomes ineffective. No! Repeatedly noticed how many ripe on their horses to the store’s doors already smart! However, such a vestment threatens with a fine of 60 € / 4800 rubles.! Since the person, which manages the machine, hiding the face under the mask, do not recognize!


On May 4, small shops and beauty salons began to operate in the country, allowed to pray in churches, but one by one. On May 11, the remaining retail stores will earn, and students of the graduation classes will return to classes. Despite the fact that restrictions on movement within the country will be removed only at the end of May, the residents of Greece are already dreaming of the sea. Yes, and how not to dream about him when you live near, but you can not walk to the beach?

How the world comes out of quarantine

Julia Belova: In Greece, the countdown. The Minister of Tourism is very optimistic. Speak by Euronews Recommended to spend your summer in Greece. And we managed to do so much during quarantine, do not even believe. Managed to make repairs not only at home, but also in the office. Prepared our transportation. Rested, slept! And believe, very believe that not only we can enjoy the Greek Sea, the Sun and Seafood. And now the sun shines, people come out with children and life begins to improve!

DreamOfcrete: Greeks of all ages and buildings fell on the streets of the city to play sports! Apollo sect mixed with moms in maits and women for 50. They began to run on the embankments, engage in sports walking, ride on bikes and squat. I’m not the first year walk in these places and never saw such a number of people engaged in their health! I feel, this summer in the fashionable Beach bars of Apollon, muscular snowdrops will strongly sweat.

Teti.Kara: I really want to go to the cafe. Drink delicious coffee. Look at people passing around on their smiles. I want to spend the sunset by the sea or on the mountain. I want to walk in the park, feeling all the charms of nature. I just want to enjoy the most ordinary, which always made me happy. May 4 in Greece cancel SMS with a permit for the exit, and we will finally be able to feel a little free.

New Zealand

Hard restrictive measures in the country introduced on March 26: they were not just closed schools and almost all enterprises. Citizens banned visiting relatives, the child of divorced parents was supposed to live with one of them. And public transport went a couple of times in the morning and in the evening, and it was allowed to use only some workers.

Looking at each other, we both remove masks, exposing faces! Now, as a decent person, he is obliged to marry me!

From April 29, quarantine began to partially shoot: schools and kindergartens open, but the decision to visit them remains for parents. With strict compliance with the rules of the social distance allowed to work outwards and hotels. However, the store can still walk strictly one by one.

Maria Panova: The moment when they took the highest level of high readiness and gave a relaxation so that the business had a chance to survive. Lined up queues in KFC and McDonaldS, traded from the window, due to plastic screen. Industrial goods work strangely until I figured out – for delivery, apparently, and that is not all. Restaurants – for shipping, but the menu is very different from the usual. To go to the office, you must call and record on the phone. When trying to knock and go, you need to fill out a document on three sheets, in the case of which, if anyone gets sick, it was possible to track the contacts. Everything seems to come to life, but voltage and restrictions are felt everywhere. Although when buying the berries, the teen girl wanted to spit on the social system towards me – she wanted ice cream. We sit at home for another two weeks, as the school strongly does not recommend appearing in its walls at least before reducing the level of anxiety from 3 to 2. So, as joking here, the level is lowered from 4 to 3, but from 4 to 3.9. Nevertheless, even this light pleases.

Natalia NZ: Yesterday, the husband went to the supermarket and saw a family couple made an official reprimand, because they came to buy together, and there should be one person from the family.

You can go outside. You can walk, run, ride a bike, scooter, skate and t. NS. However, to do it in your area. If you want to walk somewhere and you need a car to get there, it means that it is too far and can not do it. If you can get a dotood on foot – please. Children are forbidden to touch the playgrounds, even if you live two minutes walk to it. If there are other people on the street, you must bypass them for 2 m.


In Lithuania, where there are less than 1,500 sick coronavirus, after a six-week quarantine on April 27, street cafes, bars and restaurants opened. Life returns to museums and parks, you can use the services of libraries, hairdressers and barbers, revealed the doors of kindergartens again. Yes, wearing masks in public places, and the borders are closed until May 14 and the extension of the ban on moving between countries is not yet known. But the thaw began.

Irina Boyarskaya: Oh, my God, like this unusual and romantic – a table in the old town, good coffee and. And these incredibly sharp experiences when, looking at each other, we both remove the masks, exposing faces! Now, as a decent person, he is obliged to marry me!

In the "Panorama" on pink trees a bright parrot is sitting. Silent. Talk about. In empty stores, sellers are very rejoiced to me and dream of selling everything. I do not want everything. I don’t want anything. I do not know why it came – by chance in the bus. I probably need a new frying pan. And not that White T-shirt. I am wearing a frying pan where we have nowhere.

How the world comes out of quarantine

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