How the route receipt is arranged

Since since 2008, almost all airlines of the world abolished paper blanks of airline tickets, now you fly along the route receipt.

Electronic air ticket &# 8211; This is just a record with data on the flight and passenger in the database.

When buying a ticket, an electronic record is created automatically in the database, and you will receive a route receipt in confirmation. Therefore, it is not worried if you lose it or forgot to get to the flight enough to present a passport when registering for flight.

Please note that the security service of some airports asks for passengers to print the receipt, and you will find you faster on registration, especially if it is a complex transfers flight.

Each service on booking tickets or airline, develops its shape of the route receipt. Today we will tell about the route receipt kupibilet.Ru

How the Kupibilet route receipt is arranged.Ru?

1 &# 8211; This is the number of your electronic ticket.

2 &# 8211; Booking Room in Gallinal Booking System Gallileo. It is about this number, you can check your ticket at WWW.ViewTrip.Com

3 &# 8211; Booking Room in the airline system. When you call the airline to check the air ticket or on any other question, you must specify this particular 6-digit number.

Passenger data must be specified in accordance with the passport. If you fly in Russia or the CIS in the general passport, then the correctness of writing the name and name is not very important when booking, just write your data by Latin.

If the flight is international, then it is necessary to be very attentive. About errors in the flight we already wrote. But, just in case, we recall. If the error does not distort the pronunciation of the name or surname, most of the airlines will close their eyes. As for the passport number, it’s not worth worrying here. You can send a remark with the right number of passports for free at any time before departure.

The route information allows you to double-check all data. Check it out as soon as you get a route receipt, if you noticed the error urgently call Kupibilet call center.RU or write to the PRIVET @ kupibilet email.Ru.

If the error corrected until 24:00 (in Moscow) of the day when it was purchased from, then you still have a chance to make changes without fines. If you did not have time, you will have to make an exchange or return of the ticket, in accordance with the Tariff Rules. Remember that most cheap air tickets &# 8211; Non-return.

But let’s go back to the route receipt.

How the route receipt is arranged

In the Flight column you will see the number of your flight. As a rule, it is written with the identifier of the airline, in this case SU means Aeroflot.

Here is the information about the plane on which you fly &# 8211; Airbus A320. Because of this, on the site SeatGuru you can see the set and location of the seats in the plane and choose the best place in advance, which then reserve when you recording.

Keep in mind that the airline has the right to replace the type of aircraft at any time, without any compensation.

Last part of the route receipt &# 8211; Payment information.

Here you will see information about tariff, taxi and kupibilet fees.Ru

Rate &# 8211; This is the fare by the airline, it is from this amount that fines and various fees are subtracted when exchanging or returning the ticket.

Taxes &# 8211; These are taxes and airport fees and other services. Part of this amount, as a rule, can be returned when returning a ticket, but it should be borne in mind that the main part of the tax &# 8211; This is a fuel collection, which in most cases can not be returned.

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