How the phone can ruin vacation?

What is one of the main things that everyone takes on a trip? Of course mobile phone and not only for communication with the house or family. The phone performs the functions of the navigator, the camera, the camcorder, the wallet … But what will happen if it breaks while traveling?

Now people live at a time when The phone became a continuation of the hand. Going out, a man takes a mobile phone faster than a wallet, because the phone accompanies you even on a trip to the sink or with a dog for a walk. Interesting observation is the fact that when checking time people no longer look at the wrist, and look at him by phone, getting it out of his pocket, how many years ago, when the clock was worn in your pocket on the chain.

Universal Travel Equipment?

As for mobile technologies, in recent years there is a boom of functions, systems, applications and equipment. Manufacturers that matter Seduct buyers with new improvements, faster and efficient operating system, and phones gradually enter all areas of life and replace other devices.

People strive to Smartphone has become an integral element of life, Thanks to which you can always find out when you go to bed, and when you wake up how many kilometers you run, what to buy and even buy online, what are the tasks for today, how to get to the store, where children are currently located, where you have to listen to and what to listen Read … imagination in this respect May be limitless, And more wondering, the fact that once seemed of an unsinkable dream or an idea that no one would use, now is one of the most important and basic functions of mobile devices.

Many do not consider themselves guy, but all familiar with new technologies. This is connected not only with the work or blog management, but also with everyday interest. Man likes to look at the novelties, new innovative solutions. However, this does not mean that when there is only a presentation of the new phone model, people immediately line up in the store. People love and sometimes allow themselves to buy more expensive equipment. Motivation in this matter is simple: Need a good and reliable technique that will help in work and travel, and will not fully work in a year after purchase.

And the phone for most &# 8211; this device, which helps in life, and does not complicate it. You do not have time and desire to work on a slow phone with a slow system that should think five times before starting the application. He must work well and work well.

Smartphones accompany people and during all trips. They help plan the route, get knowledge and find interesting restaurants. In the end, it is used on travels like GPS, camera, camcorder. Now almost no one printed anything, all the tickets, all the coupons and photos are now in the phone.

Photo in the phone

Most photos are on the phone. Do not always have a camera with you, but the phone is always. At any time you can capture the moment. Photos made by a smartphone are no worse in quality than made by the camera. And modern camera phones can even better cameras. The basis for photographing is the messenger camera Olympus, but if you compare photos from Samsung S6 and iPhone 6S, sometimes it seems that they are not very different from those, What was removed by the camera.

What to do if the phone brings?

Unfortunately, it happens that The phone breaks. Somewhat similar cases and that in this case to do.
What to do if your phone is not charged at all, and you are on vacation and now there is no possibility to do even photo.

Follow Try Replace Charger, In the case when it does not help you try to save him at least a photo by transferring them to the cloudy repository.

Unfortunately, this is not the only breakdown that can be from your phone.

How the phone can ruin vacation

For example, during your last vacation trip phone expresses the last protest. So, it does not turn on or hung, what to do in this case. It is advised to contact the service center to repair it as quickly as possible. Also a frequent breakdown – this is a screen breakdown and it is to threaten the loss of information, as well as the impossibility of accessing it.

In this situation, it is worth trying Connect the phone to the computer (try typing commands on the screen,) and save what was on it.

How to protect yourself from data loss from smartphone?

Have a good phone, but he also can let you. In this case, it is best to always include data synchronization into cloud storage. So you are insulting yourself from losing data:

  1. Before leaving Always backup The most important data (especially photographs) on the hard disk.
  2. Store also data in the cloud and, if possible, send data to the cloud during a trip. Perfectly suitable for this Google photo.He makes sending photos from the phone automatically. To make copies of other data, such as system settings, calendar, calls, text messages, etc. D., You can use the built-in tools or, for example, the application G Cloud.
  3. Install on both phone navigation tools, Download cards to work offline. All necessary applications also preferably copy to both phones.
  4. Take pictures of two devices &# 8211; Camera + phone. In case of loss of data from one device, you will have photos on the other.
  5. Also worth Run search service / lock service phone in case of loss. Depending on the phone model, this option is likely to have on your phone, just activate it. Most of the antiviruses also have these options. You can also use Google Application "Find Device".
  6. Also worth having with you external battery. Throughout the day of photographing and / or using maps and GPS, it defuses the phone that because of this, you can miss any moment, the plus does not very well affect the battery of the phone itself.

Summing up

Preparing for vacation worth Check your phones, Perhaps even from a specialist. If you decide to buy a new one, then it is worth approaching this issue responsibly. Compare manufacturers, prices, customer reviews.

Always synchronize the data, If possible, have a paper option of tickets, boarding passages and other things.

How the phone can ruin vacation

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