How the most convenient to get to India?

In the capital of India, New-sense, more convenient and easier to get in direct flight from Moscow. Also from Russia you can with transfers to get to Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa and other major cities of India. Cheaper to fly to Delhi, and then make internal flights around the country. Direct flights from Moscow performs Aeroflot, Airindia and other airlines, search for best on our website. Flights with transfers several times more, so the choice is always.

  • The cost of direct flights to Delhi begins from 21,000 rubles with early booking for the flight to both ends. (Aeroflot)
  • Flights performed with transfers are a little cheaper, from 20 000 rubles. (Airastana, Etihad et al.)

When to fly to India?

The best time to visit India from November to March. In the summer, the rainy season comes to India – than south, the more he is stronger. In April, hello heat begins, and it rains from June. At the end of September – October rains end and the tourist season begins. In the so-called &# 8220; not season&# 8221; You can save significantly on the flight. For example, in the summer of 2015, at the end of August, you could find tickets from Moscow to Delhi for 7,000 rubles in both ends.

How cheap moving in india?

How the most convenient to get to India


The main Indian carrier company Indigo offers low prices for flights in Early Booking. Unlike European traffic, Indigo in the cost of the flight includes luggage to 15 kg on domestic flights and 7 kg of hand baggage. If you like comfort, you can pay for places with an enlarged foot space, choose food and even order Lounzh, to wait for your flight.


By country, in addition to aircraft, you can also move on trains and buses. For the first trip on the Indian train we advise you to choose small distances – you can experience the local flavor and decide for yourself whether the level of comfort of typical Indian train is suitable for long distance distances.


Sleep Bus widespread in Asia and in India, but to a lesser extent than, for example, in Vietnam or Cambodia.

India is a very inexpensive country, the most important thing to fly to Delhi, and from there you can already be fetped to get there anywhere. For example, the train from New Delhi to Agra (it is there who is located the handsome Taj Mahal), you will cost you only 250 Indian rupees, and flight from Mumbai to Goa will cost from 1200 rupees.

How the most convenient to get to India

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