How the embankment and the Beach "Lighthouse" will be transformed after the opening?

With the beginning of the summer holiday season in the Central District of Sochi, embankments and the beach "Lighthouse" have become available to residents and guests of the city. They were discovered after the reconstruction, although it was still not completed. The embankment and the beach were made, furnished with park furniture, created a lot of functional zones, it will not be completed on this transformation, because after closing the season of the resorts "Mayak" expects another global restoration.

Residents of the city, as well as tourists and resting Territory of the Embankment and the Beach "Mayak" well known. It is located between the concert hall "Festival" and southern mall. Previously, the territory was built up with entertainment facilities, here was the Water Park "Mayak", as well as discoclabo "Malibu", these institutions, as well as high fences completely overlap access to the sea. Thanks to the reconstruction, the space has become fully accessible for hiking and relaxing on the beach.

Thanks to the active participation of Metropolis Group of Companies, here you managed to create a publicly available functional space. Due to the promenade and the beach itself became a fundamentally new object for the rest of residents of the city and tourists.

As said the head of the Metropolis Group of Companies, Anna Nevzorova: "The area of ​​the beachfront is more than 3 hectares. Previously, this territory was completely closed, here was the Water Park "Lighthouse", other entertainment facilities. We managed to remove it, freed the territory for the reconstruction, and later discover it for free access of citizens, city guests.

The embankment created an artificial pond, near which you can relax, the children’s playground, there is a special zone for sports, as well as bulk beaches with real sand. Also, the embankment and the beach equipped with comfortable parking furniture, comfortable sun loungers, bungalows, drinking fonts, free souls and San.nodes. Daily for visitors is available room of mothers and child, as well as free Wi-Fi.

How the embankment and the Beach

All these changes are only a zero stage in the Global Reconstruction Project. The territory was specifically improved, led in order and opened before the holiday season, but there will be many more work. First of all, the number of green plantations will increase, work will be carried out to increase the beach line and rest areas.

But what is the most important thing – the cultural component will soon appear here. It is planned that the opening of the cinema halls will be here, various platforms for events: concerts, festivals.

As soon as the resort season is over, the global stages of reconstruction will begin.

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