How the Customer Care Service is working

Guys, it’s time to find out and understand how the customer care service is working in the buy. Now the situation is this: the height of the season, a large flow of appeals on the topic of Georgia and Prague.

In this article, we will tell you how your requests reach us who processes them and when your problem will be solved. We are all people, so let’s understand and try to understand each other.

The path of your request

We have a lot of communication channels: telephone, email, form of appeal on the site, messengers, chats in the application, social networks.

If you send your question through the form on the site, by email or through the application – It enters the customer service system.

All coming questions on these channels The system automatically sorts by departure dates:

  • Departures within the day are considered Emergency. They are processed first.
  • Before departure from day to five days – Urgered.
  • Appeals from flight in five days and further processed in the order of the total queue.

Urgent and emergency requests include: Correction of passport data in the ticket, refund or exchange, cancellation of the ticket – any appeals requiring manipulations in the booking system. They are engaged in individual specialists. Such requests are carried out especially carefully and according to the rules prescribed in the airfare fare.

The system constantly processes requests and sorts them by departure date. At the same time, urgent questions are also solved in no one minute. It happens, the intervention of representatives of the airline is required, and the time you also need.

Money refund also not solved instantly. There is a third party – a bank that translates within 30 days. Influence the rapid translation We can not, everything depends on the work specifically of your bank.

What requests are waiting in the queue

Often, simple loyal questions arrive.

Can I take on the plane jars with a grandmother jam?

How the Customer Care Service is working

What are the standards of baggage baggage on my flight?

And I need a visa when transplanting in London? Etc.

These questions can be answered by any of our employees, not only from the support service.

If you send such a question through the form of calling on the site, it will go to the system and will expect an answer in the general queue, especially if your departure in a month or more. The reference management system simply does not consider it urgent and will pass forward requests from the nearest departure date. This happens automatically.

Where to handle simple questions

Write to us messages in the group in In contact with, on Facebook, Odnoklassniki, in Direct Instagram. We will gladly tell me that both, not taking away from those who solve urgent and emergency questions, helping other customers fly on time.

It is likely to answer your questions already in our Blog or in the records of groups of our social networks. "I don’t want to look for anything, I’ll call it better," you think. Better write to us in messages and we orient on the material.

I can not get through!111!!

There is also a way out. Sometimes the operator is occupied by customers with incorrect issues, and people with a departure on the nose are forced to expect on the line. If you can not get through – do not waste time on repeated calls, immediately send your appeal through Form on the site With a mandatory point of departure. According to it, the system will automatically determine you forward, and your question will be engaged in the near future.

If you sent an appeal through the form on the site, but have not yet received an answer, do not send a request again. We see your first message, and duplication of requests will only increase the queue.

Here is what our head of the reservation department says:

"I really want our customers who have not worried. We apply all efforts to eliminate such a long expectation. And taking into account modern technologies, we will not miss the appeal and everyone will disappear on time."

Now we are actively conducting a set of people in the service of care and taking already newcomers. We are also working on new features that will destroy our operators.

How the Customer Care Service is working

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