How the cruise liner is arranged

In the presentation of many, the cruise liner – the yoke of the rich, newlyweds during the honeymoon and the elderly wealthy ladies, sending the origins of the Nile. In fact, it is not only an inexpensive way to travel (Joke Lee – visit four countries per week and $ 400, without spending transport, food and accommodation?), but also cheerful: ship classes will be found for everyone. In fact, the liner is a hotel that moves from the city to the city itself. "My Planet" considered in detail how the cruise liner is arranged and what can be done on it.

How to get on the liner?

Nothing complicated to get to the liner, no – you just need to pay for a cruise and arrive at it on time. For example, a seven-day journey through the Persian bay on the ship Splendour of the seas in 2016 cost the author of the article at $ 399. This amount includes: a cruise for several countries, accommodation in the cabin of the selected category, meals (except for a couple of restaurants on a ship, where you need to pay extra for dinners) and all entertainment programs, but excludes alcohol and carbonated drinks.

To receive visas in most cases you need (it all depends on the liner route), but it is easy to plan, because the route is known in advance. Sometimes some countries have a special cruise visa directly on board and for free – for example, in Oman.

Main document of any guest room – SEA PASS card. She – and "Passport" (ordinary passports are collected when immersed on board, so that officers in the port can check the availability of visa from all passengers), and the key from the cabin, and the "card" for breakfast, lunches and dinners, and the document for which will be released in the port and let back.

How to ensure security?

Sea Pass is needed not only to identify passengers, but also to protect themselves and take into account everyone who entered and left the ship. Just so can not be in a situation where someone lagged behind the ship and stayed on the shore. As you approach the time to send the liner of all the "wrong" passengers check and if necessary, go to seek. That is, without you will not float.

To the liner do not penetrate outsiders, SEA PASS comes to the rescue – there is a barcode that every time you go to the exit and enter. On the screen of the officers, the passenger photography is displayed.

The first thing on the ship is even before his departure. Passengers show where evacuation outputs, in which boat it is supposed to be sitting, if that, and children wear special bracelets – if the child is lost, it will be able to quickly take to the desired boat.

With each landing, the inspection is carried out to "from the shore" nobody brought harmful or dangerous items or products. If someone from the passengers bought, say, the historical dagger, will be taken to the storage chamber at the entrance and will be given only when leaving the ship.

Sanitary security here is above all, and therefore all products that are preparing on a liner – only from proven suppliers. Do not be surprised if the Swiss yogurt will be served in the middle of the Persian Gulf – this is quality control. The work of the main chef of the ship is difficult not so much what new dishes need to invent every day, but first of all, the fact that it is necessary to place the amount of food and the speed with which the products are spoiled – so that the food is enough, it does not have anything left.

One of the main dangers on the large ship – diseases that are easily transmitted in a closed space. Therefore, each ship has stations with an antiseptic for hand processing. In case of passenger disease, power and maintenance mode changes. In the threat of an epidemic, everyone is told to sit on cabins, where the staff will distribute food and everything you need.

In the medical point – seemingly small and non-serious – there is decidedly everything. This is an almost full-fledged hospital: here can even carry out a long-term operation or put in a special "straight" room for mentally ill. Head of medical professionals only.

What to do during cruise?

On the ship are installed as elevators and stairs for those who love more walking. And on the upper deck, as a rule, there is a running track with a length of 5 km.

The morning of any traveler on the liner begins in the cabin: you can go to the balcony, venture and check the weather. However, the last and optional – every evening passengers bring the entertainment program the next day with the weather summary. Then breakfast in one of the restaurants. After breakfast, landing ashore and day on the shore. If the liner does not stop, you need to rather take sun beds on open decks or by the pool – the tan on the ship "sticks" especially quickly. However, a long time to lie. Most often, inspirational sports, daily charges, contests or concerts pass on the upper decks.

In the evenings, you can go to the overall cafeteria with self-service, the restaurant or in the main dining room, a multi-storey restaurant, where every table (albeit for two people) is serviced by several waiters at once.

For children there is a separate entertainment program: cartoons, games, competitions in the children’s room. There is also a big library with children’s books. For them (as, however, for enthusiastic parents), there are halls with video games, adult books, attractions and slot machines (by the way, gambling on liners are allowed, so the casino works too). To prepare for the evening output, passengers can look into the spa or beauty salon.

In the evenings, when all passengers returned to the ship and dinner, the time of cultural entertainment comes. Theatrical performances, competitions, film images, jazz evenings with live music and dancing are held on the liners: here and the captains, and the employees of the ship, and the holidays are invited to ladies. Those who do not know how to dance can take lessons.

Evenings (and sometimes all day) Stores are open: you can buy all the necessary things you need (from sunscreen to holders for SEA Pass in rhinestones).

Sketch rental on the ship: Gentlemen usually take them in order to go to the poker tournament, in a casino or evening performance – for example, the air gymnasts, which is held in the Central Hall.

For those who bored simply sunbathing and relax, a gym, mini-golf or climbing. On larger liners are built by real sports arena with a karting school, a circus school (where it is treated to fly on the trapezoids), water park (slides height in several floors), basketball courts, rollerldromes and table tennis halls.

On the ship you can make an excursion and together with the servants of the ship go to the captain’s bridge, to see the steering wheel, or in economic premises to find out where the water is taken from. You can also order an excursion to the shore in advance. For example, in a cruise on the Persian bay, you can organize tickets for the viewing platform on the top of the "Burj Khalifa" – usually tickets do not get there.

Who works on liners?

How the cruise liner is arranged

Personnel on ships – usually from all over the world: Balinese, Ukrainians, Germans, Brazilians – and therefore they say here in any language. To lose closer to those who cares for guests throughout the trip, arrange the show parade of all countries. One thing to say for sure: in 99 out of 100 cases, the captain liner will be Norwegian. And all because in Norway is the most progressive and prestigious school of captains.

5 most attractive cruise routes

Splendour of the Seas

Week in the Persian Bay: Abu Dhabi Mosques, Bay and Fjords of the Omansky El Hasaba, Dubai Skyscrapers and Spades Muscat Markets.


Week on Alaska starts in Vancouver, and then – solid icebergs in the domestic strait, the world capital of salmon ketchican, islands, around which whales are splashing, and the place of the Great Gold Fever Skagway.

Grandeur of the seas

From Baltimore, the ship goes on a great trip to the Caribbean Islands (that is, in a tropical paradise): Saint Kitts, St. Lucen, Antigua, American Virgin Islands, Saint Thomas.

Rhapsody of the Seas

The route of this cruise passes by one of the most beautiful Greek Islands – Santorini and Mykonos, and then the liner stops in Venice, Montenegro and Croatia.

Mariner of the Seas

Only four nights in the sea, but what is the route: Shanghai, South Korean Island of Zhaduzho and (final dot) Japanese city of Fukuoka.

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