How the Cossacks Belovodye was looking for

XIX century. Already a Suez Canal. In Constantinople, underground funicular. The first trams are already driving in Europe … And in the Urals, a strange pop Arkady appeared, broadcasting about the mysterious country Belovodye. The old supplies did not believe him and went to look for her. And have a lot of adventure.

July 10, 1898 at 10 o’clock in the morning of Eastern European time, the French steamer, who came out of Marseille with the intention to reach Australia, left Port Said, accepting passengers and mail on board. Each of those who climbed to the ship paid a lot of money for a ticket, namely 504 franc and 90 Soldo. Among the new passengers, three our Cossacks have highlighted, from the evening of the cabin equipped in the owned.

The public reacted to the newcomer more than favorably, the reason for which there was not only natural Gallean kindness, but also the political situation established by the time. In October 1896, Emperor Nicholas II visited Paris. A response visit of President Fora in Petersburg fell on the following August – all of Europe spoke about the appearance of powerful political power on the continent. On the same, I spoke the poster hanging in the cabin: the king and the president feet feet in the monster, three heads of which meant the countries of the unfriendly union: Germany, Austria and Italy.

Legend of Belovodye

N.TO. Roerich. "Song about Shambal"

In the 1870-180s, the former Arrestant Anton Savelievich Pikulsky declared himself a bishop of Arkady and in such as the capacity appeared in the Prikamsk oblasts to the loan, that is, those anneamians who believed the grace, moving in the order interrupted by the death of the last Donikonovsky priests. With the departure of grace, the recent times believed, and the last times will come, but the end of the world lasted and now they already have two centuries without a shepherd. This state of affairs fought believers to the quest, and a certain warehouse of people to whom undoubtedly belonged to Pikulsky, inspired on the famous genus of the enterprise. A tall man with gray hair to the shoulders began to handraffer, baptize and communion across the immense country, from Urals to St. Petersburg, – that was the joy of splitters, the 200 years had no longer visited.

And what kind of bishop, where did? In case of questions, he had arkadium diplomas with him, each in two copies, one on Sirsky (Syrian), the other – in our. Later it turned out that the "Sirsky" Anton Savelievich was from the hands of Won bad – mugs and zigzags were povered on paper without any order and meaning. However, among believers, fortunately, there was no specialist and the nobleness were content with "translations".

They reported that Arkady was ordained on March 21, 7358 in the capital of the Slavodi-Belovodsky kingdom – the city of Belovodsko-Prabusanica. He ocked, according to the papers, Russia, Siberia, Belovodye and the island of Bogobukoran. The letters were fastened with signatures of noble priests, including the countries of Incs and the Kingdom of Healy.

N.TO. Roerich. "Proceedings of Our Lady"

Among the motley geography, captivated a split pastry, Belovodier was a separate article. Long before the appearance of Sidelts-Bishop, the Old Believers were aware of the existence of this kingdom somewhere far in the east. The inhabitants of Belovodia still kept the ancient piety. Among the "trees equal to the highest tremets" there was there 40 our churches, thunderstorms threatened all year round in that country, and our people under the thunder and Peruns lived with work and tear prayer.

. On the way back, asked Araba: "There are Christian churches here?"-" Is, "- Arab replied. – "Well, let’s go with us to the church". Turned left in the lane to the left, where the man of high growth, middle-aged people met, a little whitewash Araba, on the head is long, black, curly hair, on the shoulders I hope short, black jacket, pantalonons high raised. In one hand, he kept a plenty, in another tube with a long ripped lettuce. "That’s the priest of this church," said Arab. We looked closely at the priest and went back to the steamer. "

Legend of Belovodier, the first time who went to the sectarian runners in the environment, the whole of Russia, in an attempt to escape from Antichrist, quickly passed throughout the our world. Guidebooks for the authorship of some kind of Inak Marcoopopozersky offered restless heretic route to the flight to these empty lands. From Moscow, you should go to Kazan, there – to Tyumen, then, through the village it will be chosen, on the river Katuny to Krasnoyarsk, and in the village of Allah, to stay at Strikrimenz Peter Kirillov. From there through the mountains, to the village of Ustmynsk, where Skimnik Joseph lives. Then – according to the Chinese kingdom, 44 days the go on the desert of Goban (Gobi) to the sea, followed by the belly kingdom.

For a hundred years for a hundred years, as our peasants and the Cossacks do not, no, and have been equipped with an expedition to the islands. At first, they went more or less at random, they crossed the Chinese border and, if not returned by the authorities in the native edges, died from hunger or robbing knives. Later, thanks to the successes of popular education, even the lower estates have strengthened in the conviction that the islands behind the Eastern Sea are called the Opinsky Kingdom, and Belovodier found specific coordinates on the map.

Such a common literacy and led our bishop. Ural Cossacks-Nikadyshniki (another name of the freeness), possessing the mind of alive and grip, demanded a detailed story from Anton Savelievich: that, they say, the road leads to his diocese. The bishop in response referred to employment, started shouting and stirred by his feet, which is why inquisitive Cossacks settled.


Baggy on the Ural River

Winter Myassel, lasting from Christmas and to Maslenitsa, Helborob spends on idleness, peeling off the oven reluctantly, only to play a wedding or feed the cattle. Reproduces clothes and a wept of lapties.

For the Urals of the Troops, January – Pagrain’s time, i.e., a stalk of the Bagrium, a stick with an iron hook at the end. Cossacks from the five-year-old age and up to the grave board itself go to the Ural shores to go with a cry on ice and spears to beat the sleepy fish. This is the time of collecting all the troops: the urals are discussed on the baggage.

Wanted travelers to look at the salt pillar, in which the Lot’s wife turned, yes, if you believe Khokhlov, the English stole

It should be assumed that the meeting in the village of Kirsanovsky, held on January 25, 1898, was timed to the winter fishing. It was decided to equip the delegation from among the proven Cossacks and send them to their own eyes to look at the Belovodskaya Kingdom and to express there about the newly connected bishop.

No sooner said than done. On the villages and farms, Nasltsi collected Urals 2500 rubles., yes excess of 100 rubles. Dali to such a case are the inhabitants of the city of Uralsk. Riding diluted Vonifati Vonifati’s verifiasis and two Cossacks – Onysima Baryshnikov and Grigory Khokhlov, who took a travel diary. Already in the middle of February, these three from the Static Ataman had their certificates of nonsense of obstacles to the departure abroad and took tickets to Odessa for May 22, in order to plunge into the steamer and leave Russia to search for the Oponysky Kingdom.

Christian world. Uralsk – Konstantinopol

You will think about the time you get from Uralsk to Odessa, you would have to (as well as, however), you will have to shake a week on the train on the our steppe. In Sloboda, Pokrovskaya would move on a steamer, on board whose Volga would cross, so that at the station four hours to expect trains on Tambov. A few more transplants – in Novocherkassk, Rostov and Elisavetgrad, – and early in the morning you would come out of the car, would have passed through the loggia with the clock and would be on the station Square Odessa, where in the middle of a small park beats the fountain.

Everything described with accuracy was executed by our travelers. They drove to Odessa without special adventures, unless in Ekaterinoslave (who also turned out to be on the road) the Cossacks were performed for the first time on the tram that there were a lot of them.

Then Azan (Muezzin?) Wlipe on the elevated place of the mosque and shouted in all the throat: "Alla-aqper!"Whether he crossed everything that was needed, or caught his throat, just soon he disappeared from height"

One way or another, at 9 am on March 31, the Cossacks paid out for the numbers and hired a cab driver in order to go to the marina. Two brass orchestra accompanied troops serving the service on Crete Island, – Russia among other European powers took to guarantee the island of autonomy. Three Urals also took tickets for the military steamer "Tsar", on board whose boarded with the soldier battalion. The team "Smirno!", Music stopped, and, as Khokhlov writes, it became quiet and calmly, as if everyone was died". The priest served Prayer, wounded the beep, stuck again to warn music, and the ship finally moved.

I really wanted the Cossacks to see the pharaohs, which, according to legend, get out of the waters and ask people, will the traffic soon come, but did not happen. "There were not a single water pharaoh. We saw only three pharaohs, which, remaining from the time of Moses on the shore, in the passage of our bathed on the seashore and, having seen us, ran out of the water in the sands

Already in Konstantinople, the Cossacks have reached the Cossacks: revolvers, former with them, allowed Osmans to suspect our trinity in espionage. Fortunately, there was a our monk immediately, who convinced Basurman officials not to enter into custody. But revolvers with the cartridges took – trouble! As without arms in someone else’s edge? Firmly deciding to pick up confiscated at the first convenient case, who arrived, accompanied by a monk, went to the our Compound.

To return revolvers, a consul is required. The way to the consulate was lying through the tunyl, underground funicular, where two trains were transported by citizens through the Galat Hill. Underground transport was for the ours in a novelty, and at first they even pulled: if they were carrying them? Yes, and without revolvers! But a lifeling Khokhlov noticed that the funicular was lucky not down, and upwards convinced the Cossacks in the security of the enterprise. The consulate gave them the necessary papers with which they ordered to contact customs.

At 12 o’clock the same day, travelers visited Ottoman troops. After trying to penetrate the Sultansky Palace, but here they almost grabbed the guard.

The next day, they went to worship the Balyklyn Church, which from Constantinople a few miles had to go through the railway. There was a special interest here at the Cossack, Emperor Konstantin XII, having heard that the Turks struck the Tsargrad Walls, exclaimed: "How impossible to be fried fish to ride in a pan, so impossible to break our walls!"And in that and in another case, Basilev was mistaken: Turks pierced the walls, and the fish, as if wishing to pour Konstantin even more, jumped from a frying pan in Balyklinsky source, next to the church. These fish and wanted to see the Cossack. They had special signs: Roasted side became dark red, and the one that did not have time to do, remained white. Some fish Cossack in the source saw, but the pages of the diary honestly admitted that it was certainly the imperial fish or fish of another tribe, failed.

July 10th is the time for the Urals to leave Constantinople. For revolvers, Maximychev went to Turkish customs, and the remaining two began to fell. Together with the revolvers, they plunged on the steamer, and at three o’clock in the afternoon, the ship took the course to the Marmara.

By holy places. Constantinople – Port Said

The Marmara Sea was held, and Dardanelles were held, seen the fortress and passed the Trojan Beach, where 30 years ago began to dig ancient or the tireless amateur Schliman.

On July 11, the steamer entered the Aegean Sea, the rocky Athon appeared on the horizon, and a steamer to Pantelyimonovsky our Monastery approached at five o’clock in the evening. Layman Lee, to do heisure, the monk told our Cossacks about the huge crabs, which is found in the local waters and drag the unfortunate sailors into the water. The monster, however, loses its strength if the victim figure out how to press him on the eyes – here the roles are changing and the car depot goes to the navigat on the table. Meat of such crabs is considered a delicacy here.

Only four hours were given the Cossacks on the inspection of Athos, and at nine o’clock in the afternoon (the sun at this time sits there without ten nine) the steamer went out again in the open sea, in order to be in 14 hours to be in thessaloniki.

On the way from Smyrna to Port Said, who flew, in particular, through Patmos, Crete and Jaffu with a race in Jerusalem, did not happen to the Cossacks anything unusual. Like the most ordinary pilgrims, they inspected biblical sights, and Khokhlov for the absence of the best took to rewrite whole pieces from the guide – the city of the ancient, the climate is soft, growing "Mingar". In the city of Nablus, the Cossacks see Divo: the signs of how the window fell out of the window and crashed the cruel biblical queen Jezebel and how the dogs licked her blood. Wanted travelers to look at the salt pillar, in which the Lot’s wife turned, yes, if you believe Khokhlov, the English stole.

How the Cossacks Belovodye was looking for

Actually Belovodye. Port Said – Nagasaki

July 1, when from the time of departure from Uralska has passed five weeks, Baryshnikov, Maksimychev and Khokhlov arrived on a steamer from Jaffa to Port Said on the shore of a recent Suez Canal. Whether the builders thought that this novelty would serve as our splitters in search of the legendary Belovodsky kingdom – before that, the path to the East ran through South Africa, was the roads and held many months.

The city was decorated with garlands and lanterns, fireworks exploded, woven from the ship tools – the French celebrated the Day of Take Bastille, because in the Gregorian calendar it came on July 14. Between French and English sailors for this occasion, a competition was held – a spear needed to push the opponent from a boat into the water.

Look at all this magnificence in the plans of the arrivals was not at all, but did not have anything else – the our steamer, on which they expected to continue their journey, went over to their arrival. The chance to go to the domestic ship could be introduced to the Cossacks only in a month, so it was decided to pay the cumulative 1500 francs for tickets to the French steamer. His route ran through Colombo, Singapore, Saigon, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Nagasaki, where they planned to get travelers, after which the ship sailed to the shores of Australia.

We have already had the pleasure to describe a warm meeting, who was expected by our passengers on board a steamer. In addition to the six bottles of wine, put by fellow travelers, every day the travelers were distinguished by hot, white bread and variable fruits: apples, almonds, sweet lemons. Moreover, it was issued daily on a person on a bottle of wine, even if it was not previously it was niquushniks, no wine, neither vodka in the mouth did not brave. "The French gave us will," Wrchlov will write.

On July 11, the steamer passed the Suez Canal and entered the Red Sea, through which Moses spent his people aquies to Moses and who swept his pursuers in his waters. I really wanted the Cossacks to see the pharaohs, which, according to legend, get out of the waters and ask people, will the traffic soon come, but did not happen. "There were not a single water pharaoh. We saw only three pharaohs, which, remaining from the time of Moses on the shore, in the passage of our bathed on the seashore and, having seen us, ran out of the water in the sands.

When the steamer went to the ocean, a pitching began. Cossacks reached Zeylon, but, apparently, the forces to walk on Colombo did not remain left, and again the diary eats the guide: "Ceylon Island is very rich and fertile".

Singapore, according to the Cossacks, was not too far from Kambai kingdom with the capital in the city of Levek, where King Grigori Vladimirovich rules, about whom the bishop talked. Putting on the French who quit the coin in the water (local children were caught with a big dexterity), travelers went ashore and hired Ricksha. At least three miles ran rickshaw in the specified side before he began to look around. "our consul!"- commanded the Cossacks, once again putting the direction gesture. After some time, the driver stopped at the house on the edge of the city and, showing on the store, said: "Ruska, Ruska". Nothing specifically english in the shop did not turn out. With the help of the owner, it was possible to inspire Ricksha, what exactly needs passengers, but he, clarifying to fatigue, further refused. Moreover, he demanded a coin worth in the whole ruble for the path done. Here, the Khokhlov reached the arms and to be a misfortune, if the convocation of Maksimychev did not extend the rickshaw required coin. Taking another coin forward, Ricksha agreed to take the Cossacks in the consulate, where they expected their ill disappointment. Neither of the Greek Left, nor about Christians who store somewhere near the ancient piety, ours who lived in Singapore for ten years, did not hear.

So I went to the house to one acquaintance; three times brought me to dine. At one fine time I had to go to him into a chungy, in which the calf meat was hanging; From meat the smell was rather disgusting; under meat stood stood with water. Fallen wild worms fell from meat. "For what the water will be put under the meat?"I asked. – "Hey, Levka! Worms are the most ladding our food "

At night on July 28, a steamer approached the Cambodian shores that, it was necessary to think, somewhat revived upset by the Singapore news of travelers, because the name of Cambodia was considered only by another name Kambai kingdom. Steamer threw anchor in Saigon (at the end of the XIX century Vietnam, together with Cambodia and Laos, was part of the French Indochina. – approx. Red.), and here, to the worst Cossack joy, the bell ringing was heard from the shore – it’s not Orthodox this church? Jumping back to Rickshaw, the Cossacks, as well, began to reproduce the bell ringing: "Dean-Don, Dean-Don". Ricksha, let him not immediately guessing what foreigners want, they brought them to the source of sound in the green Saigon streets – they turned out to be notre-ladies de Saigon, the Catholic Cathedral, built here by the French. Drowned the Cossacks on the ship returned. The children fled, for the first time, probably seeing our man. After some time, they were as much as they began to raise beard Cossacks, wanting to make sure the throat.

The new blow was waiting for Raskolnikov on a steamer. our good traveler, someone prosecutor of the Medical Office Kulikovsky along the way from Saigon to Hong Kong led them to the map and clearly demonstrated that neither the city of Levhek, nor the Belotode region either in this part of the world, nor in any other.

But it was worth the Cossacks on August 4 to sail from Hong Kong, where members of the expedition on the funicular rolled, the words of Kulikovsky began to diverge with the view that opened overboard. Water around has become much brighter, almost white, so our ancient times have come hard for the last time, what they fell in Belovodye. But here, on trouble, specialists, who vividly clarified that the water was brightened from the proximity of the Yangtze River, on which the steamer to Shanghai rose. Here, the Cossacks with great interest were examined by the native tea fault. The main question, however, remained unresolved: the truth is whether they speak the people that the Chinese, before sending tea to Russia, watered him with sacrificial snake blood?

On August 6, at 9 am, the steamer left the pier Shanghai and a little over a day went to Nagasaki. Here, in the very cleaning kingdom, and stand 40 churches, here we would rattle thunderstorms – but no, people are all small and diagonal, in jackets on a naked body, do not even want to watch. In our outside the consulate, only the owner of the hotel says, and he turned out to be a Romanian Jew for verification. Disappointed Cossacks did not spend in Japan and two days, and the memories of these places were left. Noted only that neither in the our consulate nor in the shipping agency did not hear anything about the ancient Christians. At the first opportunity, tickets for the "Kherson" ship were bought, sent to Vladivostok.

Return. Vladivostok – Uralsk

On August 13, 1898, Kherson arrived in Vladivostok and threw anchor in 300 seedling from the shore. Three Cossacks, for three months, the continent of Eurasia for three months, returned home – from Vladivostok to Blagoveshchensk and further to the west on Amuru. Immersed on the river steamer, the wanderers reached the dangerous Chernyaevsky rolling, where the steamer could not pass stranded and fell ashore, as a result of which the rowing wheel was broken. The ship rose, threatening to the trails in winter in deaf places near the Chinese border. Warm relations with two generals and a merchant, which appeared on the same vessel, promised.

Relationships with fellow travelers have developed randomly and thanks to carac. Cook-Chinese who took to cook sturgeon for generals, I caviar in ignorance threw out into the water, and the raciferous Cossacks caught it, climbed and delivered a sophisticated snack to the Barskaya table. Cossacks were pleased to serve and after this incident: the Lord will love to shoot a fish, the Cossacks here, as they – dive into the water and make prey. For such merits and promised to take them to the steamer sent specifically for generals.

Unfortunately, the ship was only for one of the ranks with the family, and only in almost a month, on September 9, it was possible to use the Cossacks of the merchant, who personally knew the owner of the shipping company, and transfer to the Mikhail Archrestig ship.

The path from Vladivostok to Uralsk took a little less than three months from Cossacks. According to the results of the expedition, the bishop of Arkady in trust was denied, and he himself killed himself somewhere. Maksimychev Urger printed a travel report in the local newspaper, and later issued a separate brochure. Grigory Terentievich Khokhlov rewrote the semi-owned diary of a civil letter at the request of the writer Vladimir Galaktonovich Korolenko, with the preface he was published in 1903 by order of the Imperial our Geographical Society.

Based on this edition, newspaper notes of those years and late studies and this article was written.

How the Cossacks Belovodye was looking for

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