How the Chinese perceive Europeans?

"Chinese? The arrogant booms that are completely not trained by the rules of good tone and keep themselves with us as if they came to the zoo: they are trying with a finger, laugh, look, open the mouth, "say one. "No," others object, "the Chinese are very close to us in spirit: they are friendly, inquisitive, easy to communicate, very hospitable; Seeing an open and good person in front of him (no matter what country he is), they will readily open themselves. ".

As the world is more closely looking at actively developing insecible, this dispute is becoming more and more fierce. The reason lies in the fact that the ratio of the Chinese to foreigners (in particular, to those who belong to Western civilization) are very dura. The features of the Chinese self-consciousness, and the ambiguous character of the first contacts with Europeans, and huge differences in relation to Europeans, depending on the place of residence of the Chinese (developed cities of the Eastern Coast or internal areas of the country).

How are you still with them – with our mysterious friends from the Far East? What are we in their eyes and how based on this to build communication with them?

Meet this China, it’s Europe

The Middle State, as China’s inhabitants call their country, throughout history has been a developed empire surrounded by barbaric tribes from all sides. This gave the Chinese to consider themselves to consider themselves the highest nation in the world and build their relations with foreigners on the principle of "boss – subordinate". The rich cultural tradition of imperial China caused the admiration of the neighbors-barbarians, and, having happened to them (more developed in militarily) to conquer Beijing, as they immediately accepted Chinese worldview and assimilated. It could not not make the Chinese feel pride, their own self-sufficiency, become somewhat arrogant. However, this pride had to withstand a terrible blow in the middle of the XIX century, when Europeans came with weapons. In an effort to open the Chinese market for its goods, they hit the Chinese in the so-called opium wars in the so-called opium wars. European Empires and Japan took the country over colonies and possessions.

Ours, the European appearance of admiration did not cause: the eyes are too deeply planted, the nose is too big and long

When I was in Beijing in an internship, my teacher on history told you about those times: "Imagine an excellent student who, released from school with a gold medal, at the institute suddenly began to receive a twice for a twos. At first he is angry and does not believe it, considering everything only coincidence. "

Indeed, at the end of the XIX – early XX century, the Chinese still had imperial pride and were angry with foreigners, so easily conquered their sword power. Europeans then called "Jan Guizzi" ("Zamar devil"). The West studied his military technologies, the European universities sent off the rich families, but their own, Chinese culture still mentioned greater than the European. Ours, the European appearance of admiration did not cause: the eyes are too deeply planted, the nose is too big and long; No wonder another nickname of a foreigner was "Dabitzi" ("Drugs").

As today?

With the beginning of the policy of reform and openness (programs of economic reforms in China, aimed at creating a socialist market economy and openness to the outside world), in the 1980s, the attitude has changed. Together with European technologies, the western lifestyle and the system of values ​​are borrowing: a focus on personal enrichment and well-being. European for the Chinese – both his personality and appearance – became the benchmark of happiness and success.


Chinese girls brighten their hair and even make operations, correcting the eye cut to be similar to the beauties of Europe. Those features of the face that their nature belonged to them seems to them with something unfounded and second-rate. In this regard, perhaps the easiest way to success for a resident of Europe with a standard (not even model) appearance is to move to China, where countless invitations will be sprinkled in a fashionable show, in the filming of the series or advertising. About the need for higher education and professional specialization, of course, speech does not go.

Foreigners with white hair and blue eyes seem to them aliens

But there is another opinion. From some of the Chinese friends I heard that foreigners with white hair and blue eyes seem to them by aliens, whose appearance by definition does not give in to the beauty test or deformity. They like more people from Southern Europe: they correspond to the traditional ideas of Asians about beauty, the main of which are big eyes. At the same time, the ancient Chinese were not indifferent to white skin, which contrasted brightly with iscin-black hair.

The Chinese also impresses that medium European above average Chinese. "Gao" ("high") – one of the three key requirements of the legible Chinese to the future husband and dismissed companies to a potential employee. High growth is solid and, among other things, talks about good genes.


How the Chinese perceive Europeans

Previously, the Chinese were adherents of the strictest ceremonies and rituals and were dismissively related to the European tradition. Now everything turned upside down on the head: meeting the European or negotiations with him, the Chinese as if he is in a semi-bent condition, as if he serves, shifts compliments. Of course, this is only a form of courtesy, however, it matters. They scold their own culture, stressing that they still have to learn from Western civilization.

By the way, Japan and South Korea became conductors of Western values ​​and lifestyle in the 1990s. Chinese youth adores Japanese music, movies, serials, in this way to Western Mass Culture. It was then that the Western way of life became for the young generation of the Chinese normal and attractive.

On the street, in the subway, in the cafe – you will be actively discussed everywhere, believing that you do not understand anything

Working one day at the book exhibition, I talked to my employer-Chinese. He sighed: "Yes, we now have a slave mentality. We never communicate with European partners on an equal footing – we look in mind and julim in front of them. Didn’t this be your great civilization? We must learn to calmly look at the Europeans ".

However, dismissive nicknames remained. The most common – "bark" ("not ours", "Nothing meaning"). On the street, in the subway, in the cafe – you will be actively discussed everywhere, believing that you do not understand anything. Either puzzled above your ignorance about Chinese customs.

How to behave?

First of all, be open and natural. The Chinese really like our friendliness, willingness to come to contact. Representatives of the older generation, which is about 50-60 years old, either themselves remember the years of strong Soviet-Chinese friendship, or heard a lot of stories about her from their fathers. The epoch was notable primarily by the feeling of a sincere deep sympathy of two peoples to each other, and the memory of it is almost at the genetic level – encourages the elderly Chinese with great warmth to treat our. So, if you catch a gaze of the Chinese grandfather, do not turn away, but smile. And do not disdain if he tries to tell you something in broken English: it is quite possible, it’s just a warm greeting.

At the same time, do not hesitate to show your indignation, if you are too familiarly treated: some Chinese men are 30-40 years old, giggling, in the eyes of foreigners, and say: "Hello!»Here you can rear nose and not pay any attention to the insolence. Equally, how and dramatically protest in case of attempts to touch you. Chinese megalopolises like Beijing and Shanghai are full of guests from the provinces, for the residents of which foreigners are still in the wonder.

In general, the Chinese, like us, are very different, and their attitude towards Europeans depends on the place of residence, the peculiarities of education and education, from the frequency of contacts with foreigners. Most are not yet accustomed to us: Europeans began to appear in China in large quantities of all 30 years ago, and the Chinese themselves are actively traveled to the world less than ten. Coming to China, treat his culture with respect and try to accept the fact that you are here attract much more attention here than in my homeland.

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