How the Chinese copes with heat?

At the end of July, in the middle lane of Russia, the present summer was finally. The scorching sun and a meal badly ask us: "Well, you really wanted it?»People massively run away on the sea (and in the meantime, in the Crimea, in the meantime, there is also an abnormal heat), they are under air conditioning, drink liters of ice drinks.

But on the territory of our large Far Eastern neighbor, the heat for 30, or even 40 ° C is dominated over five to six months a year – from May to October. What miraculous methods of combating high temperatures invented the Chinese, famous for their everyday dexterity and ingenuity?

War with the Sun

We already wrote about the manic love of the Chineseok to the white skin, giving them an aristocratic and well-maintained. And here the sun becomes their main and the most hated enemy, in the fight against which, is understandable, all means are good. Everything that can cover the body, making women in periods of scorching heat-like mummy, – numerous scarves, panamans, scarves, umbrellas, even towels are tied on each open block of their bodies.

Men in China, by the way, are also configured towards the unfortunate luminaire very hostile – fearing the sunshine, they are even less legible in the choice of defense funds than women. For example, on the streets of Chinese cities, you can safely see a man wicked with a wicker basket on the head.

"Dear, we move to the subway"

How the Chinese copes with heat

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City subway in China turns out to be almost the most well-cooled room. Why buy home air conditioning, if you can eat sweetly right at the metro station? The benefit of the subway in China is usually clean and removed, and therefore spending time here is quite comfortable.

Trading centers are also popular among enjoying frosty air. There is an additional service – wi-fi. Chinese people are amazing in that they are each other’s did not hesitate and feel quite free and relaxed sitting or lying shoulder to shoulder with a perfect stranger.

There is another, more original premise, took a fancy haters heat. Residents of the city of Changsha in southern China can not live a day without playing mahjong, but in the summer for that they would have to sit for hours in the hot courtyard, which is clearly beyond their strength. Savvy players kept their heads: they occupied a small room in the local ice Pavilion, the museum, which is open all year round thanks to the powerful cooling equipment. And before the powerful, that athletes, in addition to a table and chairs, bring with them a quilted jacket.

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