How the body understands that it is time to stop growing?

For human growth in DNA, the variations of about 300 genes are responsible, but it is possible to calculate it in advance. To do this, the mother’s growth must be folded with the growth of the Father, add 13 for boys or take away 13 for girls, and then divide the resulting number two. This is the so-called "final growth" of a child. Of course, approximate.

There are exceptions? There are. Sometimes people even seek nature to help. Moreover, if the parents of high children most often simply buy clothes and shoes more often, then low boys and girls are often sent to swimming or basketball, volleyball – in the hope of compensation for growth.

But whether sport works and what other facts, in addition to genetics, affect growth?

The first is meal . Children growing in adverse life conditions, living injigned, as a rule, below peers that consume dishes with plenty of calories. However, excess calories are also harmful, as it leads to obesity, which contributes to the development of a number of diseases. Not only creamy, lamb, pork, sour cream, fatty varieties, milk, but also harmful snacks, like hamburgers, potatoes, hot dogs, sweets are that modern children love. Therefore, many of them are high and suffer from obesity.

The second factor affecting growth is the psychological situation in which the child is raised. If he is constantly experiencing stress, height can slow down.

Third – some diseases, such as congenital growth hormone deficiency. Chronic diseases may cause a delay, in particular the heavy flow of bronchial asthma, kidney disease, heart defects. This is the reaction of the body to unfavorable conditions.

It happens, on the contrary, excess hormone growth. The reason for this is often a benign pituitary tumor, and the person "pulls out" is stronger than the genetically laid.

How the body understands that it is time to stop growing

Fourth Factor – Sport . It has been proven that intensive physical exertion is delayed. Therefore, people involved in power sports are usually low. At the same time, if the child throws heavy athletics, growth in most cases will resume.

Is it possible to somehow adjust the growth? If a child has no diseases causing his slowdown, it is worth establishing a high calorie power supply and remove stress. Moderate physical activity is also useful because it contributes to the growth of appetite. But even a full nutrition and a calm situation can change little, since genetics plays a greater role. There are still special additives – anabolic hormones that accelerate muscle growth, but it is impossible to use them, as it can adversely affect health.

Several major growth periods are distinguished: intrauterine, a year, in six to eight years and during puberty, that is, about 13-16 years. Usually the body is ready for childbearing in 18-19 years, and just then a person stops growing.

Thus, growth stops either a physiological process or a disease or adverse environmental factors.

How the body understands that it is time to stop growing

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