How to eat Thais or one working day in Thailand

Something I’m all about food and talk about food … All because it is delicious to eat – this is a favorite occupation of Thai, even the bread can not be fed. This is the cult that seeps in all spheres of life. Thais either eat or discuss what they go or think about food. Even the question of affairs sounds "Whether you hurt?" "Who is bad, he does not work" – Inverted our axiom acts not only for office plankton, but also throughout Thailand.

Working day begins with. breakfast

In our Thai office, the working day begins at 8.thirty. But to 9.00 To catch them sitting at the computer is impossible. For breakfast is holy. In our traditions it needs to eat himself. And no matter if you have breakfast at home. Breakfast in the office is a mandatory ritual who takes place in the company Colleagues. Thais simply do not understand how you can eat alone, as you can sit in the restaurant, lazily glancing on passersby or reading an interesting book. Much more cheerful to chat with friends, combine useful with pleasant. Already in the morning, Makashnitsa with sussi, skewers made of hearts, chicken femors on the grill and fruit begins to the office building. Cozy accommodated near the local bar, Thais absorb their appetizing second breakfast and reason why there are no Makashnitsa with traditional breakfasts in proximity: rice soup and noodles with curry sauce.

AT 10.30 Thais starts to grass in the tummy – you need to eat a bias from Chiang May or drink tea, and at the same time and discuss what will happen today for lunch.

Lunch break

Noon. Hooray! AT 11.50 office pilots phone calls and smart invitations to go eat. AT 11.55 messenger each breaks messages about lunch. AT 11.59 Thais press the SAVE button in their documents in order to surrender to the next reception. Makashnitsa with all sorts of disasses already wait for their customers. Squar of Omelets, Fish Cutlets are soared, stupid in the mortar of the salad of papaya, the pad taper is spinning in the boxes, the volume of the sachets. The air is filled with the smells of the sea and its roasted gifts. Thaisies are satisfied, now you can work a little.

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Break from work on food

Closer to 16.00 on the office runs down the whisper that aunt came with bananas in a klyar. Thai Guska leave their jobs for afternoon desserts. Around the office boils life. Makashnitz Makashnice Rimnitsy and Merchants Attack: Donuts with sweet powder, banana pancakes, rice candies, pineapples and guava with salt, sugar and pepper, Puddings with coconut. Do not forget to capture in 7-11 pork crackling, because before the end of the working day another two hours.

The working day is over

The end of the working day can not be checked by the clock. Exactly 18.00 Compact computers are turned off, and Thais are friendly leave the office. After all, they are waiting for their dinner – excellent reinforcement after working day. In the evening, markets begin to work, where you can eat delicious and cheap. All sorts of curry, boiled mollusks with sharp sauce, rolls with vegetables, fish on coals. You can invite friends, and have fun together.

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