How tasty, safe and inexpensively eat on travel?

I spend about 40% of the total travel costs. Agree it’s a lot? How often are abroad with your abdomen from eaten incomprehensible quality food or drilled water?

I was poisoned several times in the journey, having listed in Asian cafes from the street. But this came the end..

Lunch in a cafe on the beach Rawaii, about. Phuket (Thailand)

In this article I prepared for you resources, your experience, sticking to which you can be confident in traveling that:

  1. We will reduce the budget for food on travel;
  2. A very low percentage of what we poison, burn your belly from food, drinks, from water travel;
  3. Hunger or dehydration is very hard.

What kind of magic rules for organizing food in travel?

If you adhere to traveling these rules of nutrition, you can avoid sad experience and save money.

Leave your comments under the article. Important opinion, the experience of everyone who is interested in this issue.

Food in an airplane

For the past few years I have ceased to eat passenger economy class food &# 171; Fish or Chicken&# 187;, because:

  1. in economy class food of low quality;
  2. I adhere to healthy vegetable nutrition. Requested from sodes, green and black tea, fast food, artificial additives e, from refined, meat and fish food.

Therefore, I usually take my favorite meal on board in a container (salad, porridge, fruit, chocolate) and it does not create additional inconveniences. Just becomes a useful habit with time.

Set of dinner products (dinner) in the aircraft

Your favorite food, except liquid food (juices, water, soups) you can always take on board, even if you fly the airline &# 171; victory&# 187;.

I also try not to eat in institutions of airports, because they usually have small portions of lettuce or second dishes for decent money, and the fact that cheap (fast food, pizza) is very harmful and can be really not good.

Often at airports there are no points with fresh juices, only coffee, lemonade, gluten yeast or margarine baking, in general, nothing healthy.

How often in a state of hunger in the journey, we go to a little wrong cafe, restaurant, overpaying money and pushing out a quick meal?

Enough to bring with you some apples, healthy snacks, a bottle of water or any familiar food to the airport and T.O. The issue of hunger on the trip will be resolved.

Public catering establishments (Vegetarian, Indian, European and DR.) at affordable prices

In order to determine where in the city of our journey of interest to us, special food and at affordable prices, I recommend using a resource: TripAdvisor.Ru .

Delicious breakfast in Bangkok, Vegetarian cafe on TripAdvisor Recommendation

Ranking is based on recalls of many people who have been in establishing food.

How to use?

We enter the search you need for us, choose the section &# 171; restaurants&# 187; And we use such functions as:

  1. Price (tasty and inexpensive, at a reasonable price, high kitchen restaurants);
  2. Kitchens and dishes (European, Vegetarian, Indian and DR.);
  3. Booking (special offers of institutions, booking tables and other.).

In the left columns on the TripAdvisor website, you can choose: kitchen type, factory type, food restrictions, price and other search parameters

Main Food Travel: Where, How and How I Nut?

How tasty, safe and inexpensively eat on travel

Alone prepared breakfast in the Philippines

As in the cafe, restaurants often do not make good portions of salads, second dishes to fit in healthy, season them are not very useful refined oils and God forbid with glutamate, and juices often diluted with harmful concentrates in Asia.

I decided to prepare myself and close on the travels myself.

You can buy products from local, in the markets, in grocery stores, in supermarkets.

By the way, thanks to independent cooking in different countries and the constant availability of certain specific products, like curry leaves, green papaya, coconuts, I learned to perfectly cook some delicious Asian dishes, sort of: &# 171; Papaaya Salat&# 187;, &# 171; Dhal Curry&# 187;, &# 171; Mint Chutney&# 187;, &# 171; Coconut sambol&# 187; other.

Now I am preparing them sometimes in Russia, buying a special desktop cooker for coconuts.

Sri Lankan dishes that I learned to do.

Compare grocery stores for the price and quality

As you know in our shops, there are shops where everything is very cheap, like &# 171; Pyaterochka&# 187;, &# 171; ruble boom&# 187;, &# 171; Magnet&# 187;, and there are more expensive stores or premium &# 171; ABC taste&# 187;, &# 171; Crossroads&# 187;, &# 171; 811&# 187; and etc.

On the trip, the same, do not be lazy to enter different shops to check prices for you need for you. So, the price tag every time can go 15-30% lower in terms of the cost.


Advantage of buying products on the market:

  • You can often get discounts on the products, especially if you often buy in the same people;
  • More fresh, untreated chemicals, organic products rather than in the store;
  • huge selection of products;
  • low prices;
  • deeper recognition of the country.

Bangkok Floating Market (Thailand)

Safety regulations. How not to poison travel?

In the first years of travel, the Asian countries have been poisoning, a high temperature that has not descended for a long time and other cases.

After such a hard experience, I take up a few rules for travel.

I would recommend following the following rules:

  1. Do not drink water from the crane or cooked on the street, in the eaters of drinks, Unless this is not the 20 countries where it is possible to drink (Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom and others.). Especially be attentive to drinking water in the third world countries, in Cambodia, in Laos, in India, Haiti. There it is the most polluted, you should drink only the best bottled water from the stores.
  2. Do not have a lot of oily food on the journey. There is a risk to poison, get sick.
  3. Wearing a bottle with water. Water &# 8212; the most necessary thing in the journey. Let’s not forget that water &# 8212; Main Gold. She will help quench thirst, sometimes to solve the issue of hunger, she can be washed with a dirty wound and others. Also, a water bottle will help you save time and money on buying water. This will help ecology, because plastic is now in the world ocean 6 times more than plankton, which is destructive.
  4. Do not experiment with exotic food, Especially with fat, not very attractive and edible in appearance and taste for you.
  5. Thoroughly wash products with clean water (for third world countries);
  6. Purchase Filter Water IonizerAQUASPECTR MINERAL (in promotion: Health You will receive a 5% discount) or analogs. This filter cleans water from chlorine and heavy metals, ionizes water and destroys pathogenic bacteria. Very convenient to use &# 8212; It you just need to throw in a water bottle (up to 5 liters). I use these filters on travel and stationary ionizer at home since 2016.
  7. Wear your spoon In journey. This rule is especially true if you do not eat any seafood because of the parasites contained in them as I am and if you do not make vaccinations, going to third world countries, where you try local food, coconuts.
  8. Have always a first-aid kit Of the most necessary drugs, it seems: from the disorder of the stomach and poisoning (activated carbon, polyfeny, smecta, etc.), antipyretic means.

AQUASPECTR MINERAL Water Filter in Multi-Plate Bottle

How to choose a good (best) restaurant?

The best restaurants of major cities in the world are in a large selection of the site Eater &# 8212; www.Eater.COM /

So, in large cities, like Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčAmsterdam, Singapore, Istanbul, Paris and other major megalopolis, you will not be hungry.

Eater site.COM can be trusted.

Come for dinner to local

New Eatwith resource.COM is rapidly gaining popularity on which you can sign up for lunches and dinners to local home chefs.

Wonderful service allows you to save, delicious to eat homemade straight, get acquainted with the local culture, is not alone and find friends.

In my opinion, eat delicious home meal in a foreign city – an interesting idea. Cons of this site: it is not yet very promoted and offers only from the largest capitals of the world.

I have everything! If you know other useful travel resources on traveling or share your experience, miliate &# 8212; Please tell us about them below &# 8212; in comments.

Christina Endless

The author of the article, this blog. Traveling independently 8 years. Visited 32 countries. The author of video courses on the organization of profitable travel.

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