How safe to travel? How to organize travel security?

Traveling for 6-8 months a year For the last 8 years, I realized that the travels are important.

I myself recommend for traveling places where dangers are minimal.

I’m on a private boat in the Philippines

And in this article I will share my experience, as I minimize travel risks. I’ll tell you about how difficulties faced over the years.

What can happen in the journey? Bitter experience.

For the past few months, I travel in Asia, according to the Philippines (about.Mindanao, O.Samal, O.Talikud) And during this time, the following happened to me from an unpleasant:

  1. I was stung by jellyfish in water. Burn stretched for 10 cm and dragged on 3-4 days.
    All the time the burn place was caught, especially closer to the night. Saved ointment &# 171; Belogent&# 187;. She treats the burn of jellyfish, does not give infiltration.
  2. I AM poisoned by aflatoxins from peanuts. And she purchased peanuts in a beautiful shiny packaging in a supermarket at a high price. Disinfixed aflactoxy poisoning in all signs that describe in the patient.
  3. I was poisoned by an unusual rare fruit canister (boat). It turned out that more than 1 thing is impossible. Went during the day and did not leave the toilet all evening.

Unpleasant experience from previous travel, I shared here in this article: &# 171; 6 dangerous situations in which I got, for 5 months of travel&# 187;.

How to behave in other countries and do not get sick in travel?

Choose carefully, explore the destination before traveling.

Check out the latest political environmental information and climate security in the country

For example, the famous resort island Boracay from April to October 2018 closed on the Philippines., And in Hawaii in May 2018. Activated volcano.

I’m on Boracay Island (2018.)

Explore which areas are safe, and which should be avoided? Are there a medical center in the city?

These are questions that should be explored for security purposes.

For example: in Manila (Philippines) there are areas such as Balaran and Tondo, in Italy (g. Naples, G. Milan) in which is not safe. They have a very high density of pockets and kidnappers of the bags of all precious.

Do not take jewels, family relics, birth certificate and the like

No need to wear dear decorations, gold, diamonds, when we travel as a tourist. By this, we will attract only more pockets, thieves to us.

In Haiti, for example, the locals are likely to take the machete to get all the valuable ones with the hand, which put on the tourist.

Take the map of the area with all airports in airports, on racks and information for tourists

Pay attention to such racks at the airport by arrival. They are almost everywhere. There you can get answers to questions about the city in which flew.

Do not remove a lot of cash

Start a bank card with abroad or on the arrival of local, which does not charge for cash withdrawals from international ATMs. Remove with her small amounts.

Do not carry long amounts of money. Also, warn banks about your travels so that they do not block your cards abroad.

Try not to look tourist and not stand out when traveling to attract attention less

True, in Asia with white skin, it will not work as a locale 🙂

Pockets know that the tourist has more money with them than usual and that it is easier to catch out perplex.

Do not place valuable things in the luggage compartment on the bus

We had a case for Sri Lanka, when, during a trip by bus, someone penetrated into the luggage compartment and had experienced valuable things from different backpacks.

Do not place any of the valuable things, equipment in the registered luggage by plane. Mark your baggage

It happens that the passenger’s luggage does not arrive at the destination, it is imperative for a certain time, and sometimes forever.

Also, the suitcases are thrown and passing fragile things. Be prepared for partial damage to fragile things by arrival. In a suitcase label, just in case it is worth entering your exact address and contact number for communication.

Install these applications for the purpose of the phone:

  • "Compass" &# 8212; Route the road in the wildest corners of the planet where any connection is missing;
  • Maps: "Google" &# 8212; will help better navigate the country of destination and get faster to the right places. True in Paris it is better to replace it with another navigator, something he is often mistaken there;
  • Offline map&# 171;Maps.Me&# 171;. Download the map of the country travel in advance in this application.Internet access to work with maps is not needed. Mark the places you need on the map, such as your guesthouse or inexpensive cafe, a souvenir shop that you meet in a journey. With this application you will easily navigate the terrain.
  • Taxi Apps: "Grab", "Uber", "GO GEK" will help you pay less for transfer to Asia and get to beds with comfort. For other countries, learn local applications that are used by local taxi order.
  • "ROME2RIO". This application will help you pave the way to the best route by all existing modes of transport;
  • "Weather". With this application you will know what to expect from the weather every day and how best to dispose of your holiday;
  • "Find the phone". Very necessary application in case of loss or theft of your devices (laptop, phone, etc.). This application helped in practice 3 my friends find a thief with lost things.

Do not drink in unconscious companies

Several times I heard such stories from friends, sort of: "I woke up, and my things and the next washed. I remember anything about yesterday’s night."

Take with you Power Bank &# 8212; Additional battery for gadgets and a downtile flashlight

I had an emergency in the evening in the mountains of Vietnam: there was little charging on the phone, and the moped on which we needed to return from the mountains to the city broke.

So, Power Bank charged my phone from which I lantern shone us the road 10 kilometers while we went down on the track. On the track, we have already met the first local residents.

Wear with you always a first-aid kit and a bottle of water

Water can come in handy to rinse a fresh wound or quenching thirst when overheated in the sun, and with a first-aid kit there and life can be saved yourself.

In the video below I describe in detail that I take with me on a trip.

Find out what prices for honey services in ambulance hospitals

If they are high, then it is necessary to make insurance in advance before the journey. If you are not sure about your health in your journey, always keep a local ambulance number with you.

I’m on excursions in glaciers in Iceland

About the most favorable insurance and most importantly proven I wrote here in this article.

Try to stay among people

It is much safer to walk in public places near people, and not to wander one in Asia alone.

For example, on Sri Lanka in not crowded places, I doubled the men who stuck to me.

Come friendly with local, respecting local traditions, customs or faith

Try not to conflict with local, even if they were wrong. Local police and local residents will be more willing to stand on the side of their citizen than yours.

Each country has its own rules, mentality. Better to study them in advance.

In Arab, Muslim countries, for example in the UAE, dress things closing shoulders, chest, legs to knees.

If you are a woman and travel one &# 8212; Do not wear short or tight skirts, dresses, shorts

Girls who dress defiantly have a risk of attracting men who stick to them.

If you are badly swimming, it is worth choosing crowded places where the sea, the ocean is not with a sharp occasion, without waves and comfortable for swimming

I and the beach keelinking on.Nusa Penida (Indonesia)

Do not swim at night, t.To. Sea hedge and other underwater inhabitants. Full moon, also, this is the time of tides and sings, the time of enhanced underwater flows.

About insects

How safe to travel how to organize travel safety

If you are afraid of insects and mammals, do not choose a place for long-term housing, near the forest, in the jungle, where many insects are found, mosquitoes and where rice is growing.

Also, in Asia there is a chance to pick up the dengue and other terrible diseases through the insect bite. Therefore, it is better to try to use repellents from mosquitoes and choose housing away from Asian wet places.

Sleep better with mosquito nets along the bed.

In Asia, in areas closer to the forests happens and midges take out at night, attacking en masse, leaving marks on the body.

The mystical island of Bali

If you are planning a trip to this island in Indonesia, I recommend to study a little more about it than usual.

This island has a special power to attract all sorts of trouble to tourists.

Observe all safety guidelines before you travel.

  • do not swing the expensive smartphone or other valuables in the streets, in public places in the journey;
  • in places where there is a monkey hide things that they may have to remove the (phone, camera, glasses, etc.) On my last favorite monkey took off glasses, leaving a red mark on the forehead of his foot 🙂 With Gudulu monkey stole slate and ran away with him into the woods;
  • do not purchase local incomprehensible nuts in bags. We were poisoned by them;
  • do not eat in places not hygienic &# 8212; You can pick up a local alien to Europeans bacteria. We picked up the bacteria on such a. Lombok in Indonesia. On the body there are many festering wounds, which were held for months. They certainly prevented us joyfully live and travel;

Refer to the island to be with an open heart.

in his second journey to a.Bali I truly enjoy your stay on it

Do not experiment with street exotic food and drinks

The fact that in third world countries you may encounter (through food, drinks) with new microbes.

They can create you new diseases, troubles and poisoning.

Water ice in some countries even in the cafe is poured from the tap.

be careful! Eat tested, hygienically clean public catering establishments.

Make sure that you book rating of housing was greater than 8 out of 10

Check the latest reviews.

Most current reviews with photos of travelers on hotels, guest houses can be found at: Tripadvisor.Com

Sometimes they are such, "we found in the bed of bed mites," "in the sink lying dead cockroach", &# 171; old rooms, not a pleasant experience&# 187; and so on.NS.

How and where to hide money on a trip?

In order to minimize the risks of the loss of money, keep them in different places.

Cash part in the room or in the house where you live. Better in Safe.

Keep part of money on bank cards. Cash part in wallet.

There were cases when our acquaintances stole their bags in which they held all the valuable. As a result, they remained with nothing.

Never keep valuable things in one place.

Safety in Russia and in other states

I will tell about the safest countries. Perhaps for you will be shock from what you will see now.

Global security rating for 2020

note that Dark green color indicates countries with the highest level of accommodation.

Red color is a very low accommodation index. As you can see, Russia includes &# 8212; Mother.

You understand that this is not just from the sky rating, this is a real index of peace-friendly, which is economists, sociologists, expert groups around the world. And we are red.

If I learned about this a few years ago, I would be very surprised. I would think: "How so? Our country is so safe. ".

Well, you know that in other countries by rating, about the studies conducted much calmer, safer than in Russia.

This is that it is not necessary to be afraid of some terrible news on how the monkeys were attacked on our tourists. Bali or that in the Philippines Another Typhoon.

Of course, you do not need to go to: Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and the Islands of the Philippines not protected from typhoons (as a rule they are not tourist).

The world is much peaceful than we show it in the media.

I am with policemen in Indonesia (about.Lombok)

Learn the index in detail on the official website.

We see on the map that most countries, including some African, safer.

It does not cancel dangerous places in every city where you just do not need to appear in the dark. They are in France in Paris, in New York – Brooklyn.

Learn which places in the country travel is better to exclude for evening walks. In some places, even in the afternoon it happens to join. But, In general, fact &# 8212; Most countries are safe for travel.


Apply travel safety rules.

Travel safe for life, health and general well-being! And then every journey will be perfect, happy, filled with a lot of pleasant memories.

Have questions? I will be happy about the feedback under the article. I answer promptly;)

Christina Endless

The author of the article, this blog. Traveling independently 8 years. Visited 32 countries. The author of video courses on the organization of profitable travel.

How safe to travel how to organize travel safety

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