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This story will be about my neighbor, a certain lonely elderly woman, at the age of about 70 years old, Tatiana Mikhailovna. Despite their age, the woman is very brushing and with character. But sometimes, even such people can deceive. The case was in the summer of 2009, when in the evening, returning from work (pay attention that she worked), she called me at the door and asked advice. Everything was simple. Tatyana Mikhailovna, accumulating some amount of money, decided go to relax. The problem was that she had not been abroad before that, he knew about the resorts only at the timelessness and did not have the idea where ride one, to be inexpensive and safe. In addition to the material issue, it, of course, was worried about food and the sea, which is logical for its age, t.To. You understand the heat for the heat of the whole time and young sometimes not on the shoulder.

I spread her briefly inexpensive and narrowly tourist routes, loved by our wonderful country, like Turkey, Egypt and further Tunisia Added. I bravely ran about visa countries, but warned that the visa must be done and that the tour will come out, most likely more expensive. As it turned out, someone advised her agency through the tenths of acquaintances, where she all, as they should, will pick up. Agreed with her on the fact that she comes there, everything will know and then, if you don’t like it, we will find everything together with her. If I just knew how it all end.

Elderly woman, joyful, in anticipation of rest, just Paris. Having met her after some time on the staircase, I understood. Happened! Tour Covered!

Distribution of luggage, flight, hotel, transfers. She was interested in literally all! I did not even have time to ask, wherever she eventually rides. But my turn came.

And I hear the next story: "I went to the travel agency that I advised me, there is a cute boy there, a young. I said that I want the sea to be closer to be comfortable to be fed well, and on the excursions it was possible to go, and so that it was not boring, I still have one meal. And of course cheaper. Where did I get a pensioner then a lot of money. What has accumulated, at least once in life go to the world. He said he knows a wonderful place where you can send me to relax. Showed a picture in some magazine, beautifully. Palm trees around, there is a pool, the sea was not visible in the picture, but said nearby, five minutes on foot. Nutrition promised good. Well, he persuaded me, he said that for me it is the most optimal that I don’t pull on another, and the conditions here are good. And I bought! Now I do not know what to take with you, very worried, my first trip so far."

I am a story about a good cute boy seemed slightly suspicious, t.To. other options for my neighbor did not offer and did not give time to think. I ask what the hotel how many stars, what place. And from the answer I come in shock.

Cyprus, Larnaca, Hotel 2 * in the city center. Tour cost 59 thousand. rubles (not cheap for 2 stars, is not true?).

My first reaction was the question, is it possible to return the ticket. But, unfortunately, the departure was soon, so the option disappeared by itself. I have a little prepared a neighbor for the coming journey morally, advised to rejoice at the Sun and the sea and if something is wrong, then just not to pay attention and enjoy the rest.

How retirees are sent to relax -, Cyprus Blogs and travel notes of tourists on tourist

And so flew 2 weeks and, Tatyana Mikhailovna returned to his native land. I have never seen such a frustrated person after rest. Said that never go anywhere in life. She waited for this trip so much, so I wanted and what she got as a result?
And as a result, the pensioner got into a two-star hotel in the city center, where there were only breakfasts, as it turned out. Of the fruits were exclusively processed watermelons and cockroaches in the room. No animation, naturally, and speech could not. Well, the most interesting thing is that the hotel was located almost half an hour walk from the public urban beach, where a poor woman got out several times, t.To. It was simply impossible to walk around the heat.

Tatyana Mikhailovna was very worried and that the most terrible, nerves did their job and after a couple of days it took her an ambulance. Heart … Lowering for a long time in the hospital she had to quit because of health problems and now she is at home, with horror recalls his "inexpensive rest".

The legitimate question arises, what is the same cute boy, a professional of his business, the god of the turbines, sent an elderly woman in such conditions for such money? And what was that? Thirst for profit? Poorly sold tour, which was necessary to someone "fall" or simply irresponsibility? The proposal of the travel agency manager did not coincide with any criterion for which the woman chose a tour. But she was convinced, they said that this tour satisfies her requirements.

How many people fall into a similar situation? And why such a fact does not have a place to be?

How retirees are sent to relax -, Cyprus Blogs and travel notes of tourists on tourist

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