How people live behind the poverty line in the USA

Poverty threshold in the USA – this is $ 11490. That is, if you get about one thousand dollars a month, then this means that you may officially call yourself a poor.

If your annual income is below $ 11490, then you are issued a special bank card on which money comes monthly from the state to food. Taxes do not need to pay, and medical care is provided for free.

Many poor people in the United States receive even free housing, which gives the state. 90% of children from poor families go to schools where they receive free food, the ability (free) to ride with classmates on excursions, visit museums, exhibitions and libraries. True, it is more difficult to get higher education for children – for this you need to be either a welcome or a good athlete to get a scholarship to study, or serve 5-7 years in the army.

Among pensioners, the poor are about 6%. Mostly those who have a small work experience. American pensioners do not pay income tax if their income per year is less than $ 20.9 thousand. (The average annual salary in the United States is a little more than $ 44 thousand.).

Americans spend about 12.3% for food, so retirees remain sufficiently funds for full life, including for rest travel, although in their own country they are officially listed by the poor in need of the care of the state and numerous funds.

Neighboring shelters in the US more resemble modern sanatoriums.

People who live on the street in tents most often or dependent on drugs, or sick or have mental deviations. All others live in shelters for homeless, state apartments / hotels or trailers.

How people live behind the poverty line in the USA

Every month a person behind the threshold of poverty is relying $ 200 for food and $ 710 in cash.

Many emigrants come to the US simply to live on the manual, because for this just need to say that you have depressed and you can not work.

According to statistics, only 2.6% of working Americans live beyond the threshold of poverty. Poverty – Unemployed.

Many poor people have their own cars, houses, mobile phones, and some even manage to travel. Here is such a life behind the poverty line in the USA.

How people live behind the poverty line in the USA

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