How ordinary vacation helps dramatically change the lifestyle?

Long-term travel, of course, preceded several trips in standard vacation mode – literally for a couple of weeks. These microbills have shown that it is not entirely difficult to travel. Somehow came to aware of the fact that we like to travel, and in Moscow, I do not hold anything.

Probably, the "switch" for making a solution to go somewhere to leave the contemplation of a scary depressive gray high-rise building, to which we watched from our balcony every day: rusty, somehow glazed balconies, ponacanisy air conditioners and someone regular drunk screams. What we do here if we can be right now at any other point of the planet and admire the pretty landscapes? As a result, we decided on the "wintering" in Southeast Asia: heat, cheap and, apparently, very beautiful. According to our calculations, the money that Andrei earned remotely, should have been enough for life.

That time we planned to leave for 4 months in Thailand, but in the end rolled more than six months, capturing several countries.

The blog at the primordial form served only as a platform for publishing photos from the phone: they automatically loaded, processed and decomposed by dates. In fact, this is not a blog, but a photo album, intended personally for yourself, for parents and friends.

The idea of ​​keeping a full-fledged blog appeared only a couple of years ago, when we went to travel in Mexico and the USA. What was before, we defined in a separate section and called it just a "diary".

We immediately decided that the main component in our blog should be informativeness, it simply must be useful – a kinda guide and a reference book for other travelers.

In which countries you have already managed to visit, what useful skills acquired during travel time?

The list of countries is not very extensive: Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Georgia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mexico and the USA. Somewhere we just "noted" (in Egypt), and somewhere seriously, and lived. For example, we spent about a year in Mexico.

Travels we taught us something and learned from something. Regarding technical aspects: We learned to find a common language with the local population, quickly get used to new places and climate, to quickly make decisions and do not regret them. We learned to use the moped, in the end;)

Technical nuances are probably important, but there are things and more interesting:

First, we learned to look at life in general and on some particular in different angles. Perhaps it is difficult to achieve, if you live in one place and do not get acquainted with other people, cultures, religions.

Secondly, life in travel helps us separate the grains from the whores: it is better to understand what is important and what is not. For example, we remember with horror how many things had to be transported when we freed a removable apartment in Moscow. Where so much why they were needed? Now we can easily live with what is placed in a backpack – this is more than enough. Of course, this concerns not only the material world.

How do you have the planning process of the next "Factory"?

Everything is commonplace here: Learning other people’s blogs, sites, guidebooks and are looking for interesting places. As soon as a desire appears somewhere to get, we are looking for technical information and different nuances: how to get there, with visas and other bureaucracy, make up a card (marks for GPS). It is worth mentioning that all this is mainly engaged in Sheboldasik (Zhanna).

The main thing when planning the babble is not to overdo the study of information. If you look at beautiful pictures, you read someone else’s reviews, there may be some expectations that in the end do not coincide with reality. Therefore, it is better to study only the technical part and know the smaller review of other people. By the way, so we try to refrain from detailed presentations of their own impressions in the blog – we do not want to influence other people’s impressions.

There is an opinion that "travel is expensive". What do you say about this?

The overwhelming number of travelers will answer: "Yes, nothing like!". We join them. You can travel "expensive", and you can and "cheap".

The concepts of "expensive" and "cheap" are very relative to different people. Yes, and in different countries there are completely different prices. I remember in Thailand, we spent about 20-30 thousand rubles for about 20-30 thousand rubles per month (it was a few years ago). Given the fact that in Moscow we only paid 25 thousand apartments then, it’s cheap. Actually, therefore, most of our travelers go to Southeast Asia – cheap, warm and safe.

Most of all we spent money in the United States – on average about 60-70 thousand per month (2014), but it is with an extremely ascetic lifestyle: traveled mainly by national parks, lived in a tent, and we got almost free of charge.

There are many guys who travel almost without money, but we do not want and do not know how. However, the fact is so too.

The cost of travel depends on your needs and time to travel. The longer, the average cheaper.

Without which no one trip can do, maybe you have our own traditions, rituals or signs?

Without a camera, GPS and calluses at Sheboldasika;)

Our main tradition is a photo in such a form against the background of some iconic landscapes for us:

How ordinary vacation helps dramatically change the lifestyle

Once somewhere in the jungle in Thailand, we came to the waterfall, set a camera to a tripod and decided to cut in front of him. One of those photos and became the progenitor of the whole series.

We also have our traveler’s animal, one of the collection, which Sheboldasik tied:

He began to travel with us recently, so I visited Mexico and states only.

What can spoil you all the trip?

To take this way and spoil the whole trip – nothing. Yes, maybe something temporarily spoil the mood, but it quickly passes. I remember, once fell on a moped in Cambodia, after which a month all hesitated – it was unpleasant.

Perhaps the most offensive and unpleasant of everything that happened to us – it is theft of a backpack in Vietnam. There was nothing particularly valuable in it, but for some reason it was very offended.

What was your most exciting journey? Maybe there were some funny cases during the flight or at the airport?

The most exciting were several months in the States. Such a variety of landscapes, such a scale we have never met anywhere. And how many places that have often seen in films!

When we arrived in the US for the second time, we were almost deported from there, when an officer had some suspicions about two unemployed travelers who arrived from Mexico, in which half a year lived. Yes, and visas in passports from terrible Syria, in which we were a few years ago. But nothing, rubbing the hour at the interrogation and missed with the world.

The most honeycomb and, while the country is unattainable for you – this is ..

There are no underwent countries, but the Europe will be manitis. We still have not been in it, oddly enough, but I really want to ride. And not just quickly run through countries, but you don’t go well in some of them, look at the countryside, take a walk on the cities and streets that have not disappeared. In a word, away from the tourist centers (here you can quickly).

Your board of novice independent travelers:

Guys, dare, travel is not difficult! The main thing is sincere desire to see something new and willingness to absorb unfamiliar cultures.

How ordinary vacation helps dramatically change the lifestyle

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