How now to fly to Turkey, not overpaying for air tickets

Immediately we note that the ours now can fly to Turkey, with a rare exception, which is slightly lower, only with transfers in other countries.

On Skyscanner.RU, after the introduction of an estimated departure date, you can see that there are direct flights in the search results. However, due to the restrictions imposed by Rospotrebnadzor on the flights of almost all our airlines, as well as Turkish Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Airlines, direct routes are available only to foreign citizens.

Direct flight tickets ours can only buy «Aeroflot», But here you will have to face another problem – unreasonably inflated prices for the flight. For example, on June 1, 2021, on the site «Aeroflot» The price of an economy ticket in one direction to Istanbul without baggage will be 64194 rubles, and if the tourist also has a travel bag, then the cost will increase until the translated 69594 rubles. It turns out that the air ticket from Moscow to Istanbul is too 10 times!

How to fly to Turkey, without spending all its savings? Most ours 69,000 rubles per ticket for one side (82000 – back-back) not at all on the pocket.

To begin with, it is important to decide on the presumptive date of departure – Let it be May 25. Then on the site Skyscanner.RU In the search bar, you need to enter the necessary data, namely: where – Russia, where – Turkey, date – 25.05.2021.

The next step, the system will issue many possible directions indicating the number of transfers and the cost of flight.

How now to fly to Turkey, not overpaying for air tickets

After that, the desired direction (city) is introduced. Let this city be Istanbul. As a result of the selection of the Turkish capital, the final point and introduction of the city of departure will appear a large number of tickets available for buying tickets, the price of which starts from 13334 rubles, which is much lower as requested «Aeroflot» Amount per flight.

Note that after checking all available offers, it becomes clear that one of the cheapest solutions will be flight with a change in Chisinau. The cost of the flight from Moscow to Istanbul will cost Tourist about 14955 rubles.

The most interesting prices for flight from Moscow to Istanbul now offers Air Moldova – The price of tickets to one side begins from 126 euros (225 euros there and back).

Thus, even during the period of coronavirus constraints should not be abandoned, and putting a little effort, you can always find a way to save money and go to the long-awaited stay.

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