How not to undermine health on vacation

When we are going on vacation, you don’t even think that the dangers will constantly lie on the way and in a new place. New food, unusual climate, shifts of time zones, one way or another, affect our body and can negatively affect health. But we still do not find the time to come to the doctor before traveling, and this, sometimes, can help us avoid many health problems.

Hazards in the plane

Journey by plane – one of the fastest way to get to the destination. Someone loves to travel by this kind of transport, and for someone a flight is a strong stress.

The first unpleasant feelings from passengers of the aircraft begin when the plane leaves from the ground and starts a set of height. Many at this moment laid ears, as there is a sharp change of atmospheric pressure. To smooth out the unpleasant feeling at this time, it is recommended to suck lollipops or drink water.

After the plane scored height, do not refuse water. The air in the cabin of the aircraft is very dry, and this will immediately affect the state of the skin and mucous membranes. Indoor with dry air, the human body turns out to be unprotected in front of viruses and infections that apply to airborne droplets. Also increases the risk of thrombo formation, so if you have similar health problems, take the drugs recommended by your doctor and do not forget to constantly drink water.

If you have a long flight – do not sit all the time in place, especially for complete people. Try, if possible, from time to time to walk along the salon and knead the muscles so that there are no edema and blood circulation disorders. Well, if you prefer to sleep during the flight – take with you on a journey a special pillow, which will help fix the correct position of the head. Sleep in an uncomfortable posture, can turn around pain in the neck, at best. But more serious consequences in the form of a brain circulation disorder leading to fainting and t.D.

Consult with a doctor before the flight is necessary for people suffering from high arterial pressure, patients with diabetes having overweight, and those who have a predisposition to thrombosis.

Dangers of acclimatization and jetlags

Sharp change of climate – another stress for the body. A man relaxed after a long flight falls into the Wednesday alien to him. This is especially felt when you go to distant countries located in other time zones and climatic zones. Dream get from winter to summer can turn into health problems.

Planning such trips, try to lay at least a week for acclimatization and adaptation. On the first day you may not even notice that something is wrong with you. But then risks fully bull all the "charms" of jetlags, even if the difference with the usual time for you is only two hours.

Oddly enough, but many hours flight to the country with the same time zone, which is in your homeland, will be transferred better than a shorter trip to the country with which you have a significant time difference.

The main symptoms of the biorhythm failure faced by travelers: sleep disorder, emotional instability, aggravation of chronic diseases. In distant countries, problems with digestion may arise due to unusual food for the stomach and other composition of water. By the way, that is why tourists do not recommend drinking water from under the crane.
Ideally, it is worth starting preparation for a long trip in a couple of weeks: take vitamins, gradually rebuild to a new schedule of sleep. Then adaptation will be easier.

It will be better if the average duration of your stay in distant countries will be at least two weeks. So that after acclimatization you have the opportunity to relax and gain strength. Normal vacation for the body will begin only in the second week, when you fully enter the place of stay.

So that adaptation to a new time passed faster, on arrival do not go to bed right away, even if you are very tired. Try to move to get ready to sleep only with the onset of darkness. If possible, first try not to sleep in the afternoon, even if you really want. Then the body will faster adapt to new conditions.

If you have a short or business trip, then adjust your work schedule under the usual time. Rebuild to a new time zone makes no sense. In such a situation, the psychological trick is very helpful – not to translate the clock.

And do not forget that after returning to the homeland you will be waiting for the reverse process – reactions. If, during the vacation, your body did not have time to rest and gain strength, returning to the familiar rhythm of life and climate will be very hard.

Related immunity immediately manifests itself. Therefore, nothing surprising that the tourist who returned from the hot countries is immediately falling in his homeland. It can be both an ordinary cold and the emergence of more serious health problems.

Again, after returning home, leave your time to adapt. No need to go to work right on the next day. Relax after traveling at least a few days.

However, specialists still recommend tourists to choose a country where the climate is similar to the usual and not cross the large number of time zones.

Hazards in the sea

Overcoming thousands of kilometers to the sea, I want to quickly swim, and then stick to the deck chair under the hot sun, to buy a bronze tan.

The first and most important danger that sewing a freshly-free tourist is solar burns. Be careful if you have ordinary insurance, then most likely the treatment of sunburn will not be considered an insured event. In southern countries, especially located close to the equator, can be burned very quickly and unnoticed, even when the sun hides somewhere in the clouds. You lie on the beach or frolic in the waves, you are blown away by sea breeze, and in the evening your skin acquires a burgundy color or even covered by blisters. Treating such burns can do quite expensive, not to mention that the rest will be irrevocably spoiled.

Therefore, always use sunscreen, regardless of that clear weather or cloudy. Closer to the noon, move to the shadow and do not choose without the need from under the canopy to 16 hours, when the sun starts to slight. In the shadow, you discharge no worse. Reflected from sand sunlight gives a great tan.

If you have an excursion, take more water with you, wear closed clothes from natural fabrics, a hat with wide fields, and on open areas of the body, apply sunscreen with a high degree of ultraviolet protection.

Tan is contraindicated to people suffering from cancer or having the risk of their occurrence. It is also not recommended to sunbathe with those who suffer from psoriasis, has a large number of moles or birthmarks on the bodily. Refrain from staying in the sun, if you have thyroid disease or varicose veins.

Danger for holidaymakers represent marine inhabitants: jellyfish, mollusks, marine hedgehogs, stars, some species of fish, corals and algae. In a number of countries, tourists are strictly forbidden to enter the water after sunset, since deaths are swearing deadly types of fish, which can be simply noticed in the dark.

How not to undermine health on vacation

Can be life-threatening diving. In order to plunge into depths for the first time, start-up divers pass a special course. Immersion on greater depths pays great danger. First, these are sharp pressure drops, secondly, air from cylinders can have toxic effect on the body of the diver. At the depth of 80-100 meters, auditory and visual hallucinations may appear, coordinate. Yes, and on small depths there is a danger of breaking the drummers, supercooling, hemorrhage in any organ.

Diving classes are contraindicated to people with diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract. It can not be immersed by those who have problems with the heart or vessels, diseases of the kidneys, withdrawing paths, diseases of the joints and muscles, metabolic disorders.

In addition, refrain from immersion, if you feel not very good after sleepless night, overwork, alcoholic intoxication. Do not dive in the state of nervous arousal or depression. Refrain from smoking at least an hour before diving. Also do not immerse yourself immediately after the dense dinner.

Those who are not going to do diving, but just want to swim in the sea, it should be remembered that the water can move the foot of the convulsion. It often leads to a fatal outcome, as a person begins to panic and can not independently get out of the water. Do not float alone far from the shore. If you feel pain – do not be nervous, and pull the leg to yourself and warm the muscle with your hands. Inhale more air, turn into the embryo pose and pull the feet on yourself.

Do not be self-confident, do not try to enter the water, if the beach is installed on the beach. Bathing in the storm you can choose even at a small depth, just unexpectedly hitting the wave. Very dangerous underwater trends that can carry a person in the open sea.

Hazards in the mountains

If you are going to climb the mountains, also remember the main rules of precautions. In addition to the gathering of avalante, Konnepad, selevir streams, as well as danger from the thunderstorms worth considering physiological factors affecting human well-being. At tourists, vacationers in the mountains, signs of hypoxia appear – lack of oxygen in the tissues.

Mountain air is resolved, oxygen concentration is reduced in it. With an increase in height, the atmospheric pressure decreases, which negatively affects well-being.

Unpleasant sensations may arise from an unprepared person already at altitudes 1300-1500 meters. This is lethargy, reduced concentration and attention, difficulty breathing, dizziness, headache, nausea, rapid heartbeat, weakness in muscles, poor coordination, and t.D. But even those who are often rising to large heights, after a long stay there may develop a mountain disease.

Those who suffer from cardiovascular, neurological diseases, bronchial asthma and brain circulation disorders are better to abandon the rise in the mountains.

Also, do not forget that when lifting every 150 meters, the air temperature becomes below 1 degree. So you need to stock up warm clothes. And, in addition, the power of the impact of ultraviolet radiation and the risk of "burning" in the Sun is significantly higher in the mountains.

During long stay at the height, you need to eat right. It should be "lean" on bananas, chocolate, nuts and cereals, but from eating meat it is better to give up the fish. It is also not worth drinking strong tea, coffee that increase blood pressure, and the more alcoholic beverages. Alcohol will only increase oxygen starvation. Drink better orange juice and faint tea with lemon.

If your body is not adapted to the mountain climate, try not to linger for a long time at altitudes. Return to Earth as soon as possible, in the usual conditions of stay.

Listen to your body if you have some kind of chronic diseases – consult your doctor before traveling. Take with you all the necessary medicines, place expanded insurance, so as not to stay without medical care. Take care of yourself, because a long-distance trip for your body is already strong stress, do not overload it without the need. And relax more, because it is for this that there is a vacation!

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