How not to stay outside in the valley of death or briefly about campsites and hotels Part 2

Naturally, in addition to these two campgrounds in the valley of death, there are others. Here is their list indicating the schedule of work, the height of the location, prices, the number of available places and existing amenities.

* Only high clearance can be driven into these campgrounds, four-wheeled four-wheel drive may also be required.

** For places with services for RV will have to additionally pay 12 dollars.

Information taken from the official site of National Park Service.

You can see the location of the campgrounds on the map at the end of the article (black dots).

If you are planning to go to the death valley in the summer, think over in advance where you will spend the night. It may turn out that the camping with suitable conditions for the night will be far and to get to it, it will take several hours.

Other accommodation options

In addition to tent camps in the valley of death there are several Hotels (Check availability and book a room by clicking on the link):

    (Open all year round) (open from mid-October to the mother’s day, who falls for the second Sunday of May) (open all year round) (open all year round)

See also Bajhvfwb. According to the link Lodging and RV Parks (surroundings of the Valley Valley Park).

Accommodation Airbnb

Also in the nearby cities you can try to find a private accommodation (room, apartment, house, etc.) on the site airbnb. We ourselves actively use it, so we can safely recommend the resource to use.

How not to stay outside in the valley of death or briefly about campsites and hotels Part 2

In the park itself, something is unlikely to be on Eirbnb, but in the next cities – Easy:

Going on the last link, you will be taken to the section where all those offered on Airbnb accommodation options for housing in the States will be collected. There you can enter the title of the city in the upper left corner, which is interested, and get a sample of housing based on it, plus there is an opportunity "Play" With other parameters to choose the options as suitable for personal requests (the picture is increasing):

Details on the operation of the Airbb service and order of booking, as well as $ 20 bonus on the first booking (for unregistered users), look for in my article article. There are reviews and links to specific rooms and apartments that we rented Andrews.

If you are accustomed to book Rooms in hotels With the help of search engines and aggregators, sites such as Hotellook will help.RU and, of course, Booking.COM (by the way, the likelug separates the search and on bucking including). Also on Booking You can now booked not only a separate room, but also whole apartments.

In addition, there is a general article – How to find housing in a journey that can also come in handy.

Good nights in the valley of death, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

Bonuses for our readers!

* On the first booking with a total amount of more than $ 75
** Instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here

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