How not to stay outside in the valley of death or briefly about campsites and hotels

Campgrounds Valley Death – one of the budget and romantic ways to get closer to the park. I will tell you how to look for, book and pay for campgrounds, as well as we will tell about the fact that we stayed. Still mentioning hotels in which you can live within the National Park.

If you can
Stay in Valley.

German proverb

Before going to the Valley of Death, and Andrews I looked after a couple of campsites, for in all parks decided to spend the night exclusively in the tent. One camping was in the very center of the valley, another little away (considered as a backup option). As a result, it was not possible to spend the night in the central camp. Why? Read all the details below, but for now I will share what tools to enjoy to search for campgrounds.

How to search for Campgrounds?

If you first plan to stay in an organized camping and do not know where to start where to look and how to pay, then especially for you Andrews wrote an overview article about Camping US. Upon arrival in the valley of death, we already had a small experience (my fighting baptism passed in two campsites in Yosemite), so this time everything went even easier. It’s like a bicycle – learned to ride, then there will be no more problems.

Booking Campgrounds

Situation with places in the camp camps of the Death Valley is somewhat different from other parks. Just notice here there is no such stir, as in the neighboring Yosemite or the most popular Grand Canyon. Problems with free places can be unless on the eve of the holidays: Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and False with them, as well as during the spring holidays, when Americans are happy to visit the valley not yet fascinated under the summer sunshine. In the summer you wish to spend the night in the campsite is not too much (most tourists come to the park one day and no overnight stay). It is worth considering that some campsites for the summer season simply simply close. Most suitable for overnight stay camp that are at greater height, but before them from the central part of the park is far away.

If you still want to book a place in the camp in advance, you can do it on this site. This service itself recommends the Park Service itself. Booking is provided only for one camping for the entire park – Furnace Creek Campground, the rest work on the principle First-como-first-served, What actually means «who first came, that sneakers».

Regarding all parks as a whole, on the official website to book places in the campsites are recommended in the time indicated in the tablet (first column – Estimated date of arrival in camping, second – The day from which you can book a place). However, for the valley of death, I think such dates may be relevant only for holidays.

In which campsites in the valley of death we spent?

I stayed with Andrews in just one campsite called Emigrant, as more than one night stay in the park’s park did not arise. Why? Because our visit came to the most peak of the summer season (the end of July), when the daytime temperature in the shade reached +50 degrees.

However, I will tell you about one camping, because initially we planned to tumble in it – The most popular camp of death valleys – FURNACE CREEK CAMPGROUD.

Camping Furnace Creek Campground

This campsite is in the most tourist central part of the park, which is called Furnace Creek Area (on the map at the end of the article point of this area marked in red). In the immediate vicinity of the campsite there is a visitor, a couple of hotels, a store, refueling and other benefits of civilization. That is why it is most popular among visitors.

Important! In our case there was one «but». We arrived at this campsite, looked at our place and went to Furnace Creek Visitor Center to clarify all the information of interest from the Ranger. By the way, they found out in advance that in the summer period for overnight not all places are available (they are spelled out on the information booth), demand, apparently small. But back to Ranger. So, he honored us to stop at Furnace Creek Campground, justifying that at night in the area of ​​the park is not much cooler than the day. As remember, in the afternoon we had +50 (the end of July), and at night, according to the servant of the park, it was expected + 38-40 degrees. Not too comfortable conditions in order to enjoy a tent rest. Ranger advised to go to one of the campgrounds, which are at a much greater height and, accordingly, there is much more. I poked my finger on the map (Wildrose or Mahogany Flat) and repeated once again that there is nothing to catch in the Furnace Creek.

So hope to spend the night in the center of the park was doomed to failure. We ourselves were ready to leave these places in the evening, because in fact it was damn hot, but what to sleep in the tent, it was generally scary to imagine. Therefore, we left for another camping, which is written below. In the meantime, I will share information about FURNACE CREEK CAMPGROUD, For not in the summer season he – One of the most attractive options for tent.


Schedule: Camping is functioning all year round (in the summer you can get up only with a tent).

Booking: From mid-October to mid-April, you can make a preliminary booking here. From mid-April to mid-October, the camp works on the principle FIRST-Come FIRST Served (who came first, that first and served).

Price: From mid-October to mid-April, a place costs 18 dollars. From mid-April to mid-October – 12 dollars. There are places for RV, but for a specially equipped place will have to pay another 12 dollars.

Peculiarities: A total of 136 places in camping, but with us only 10-55 were available for the night, that is, the restrictions are available for the summer season (you can clarify from Ranger or search data on the information board at the entrance to the park).

Places: Standard for most campgrounds. In stock A seat under the tent and even a few, a table with benches and a fireproof.

Photos from Opadventureteam.Com.

Facilities: There are several water toilets on the campsite, taps with drinking water and garbage tanks, as well as Dump-Station.

Advantages and disadvantages: We did not have the opportunity to appreciate the camping, but from the outside it looks very nice. Especially liked places near the trees – cozy and from wind protect.


Apparently, from mid-October to mid-April, there is a standard Ranger payment scheme at the entrance, which himself chooses the place you will take. Such a conclusion we did, because at the entrance to the campsite there is a booth, such in which these most raingers are usually sitting.

From mid-April to mid-October acts «Summer mode» And the booth is empty, apparently, it’s hot in it, and visitors are a bit. Therefore, if you still dare to spend the night in this campsite, you can choose any of the available places, and then pay in the special machine near all with the same Rangers.


  • Maximum in this campsite you can stay 14 days during the calendar year.


How not to stay outside in the valley of death or briefly about campsites and hotels

Shower: Can be found in Furnace Creek Inn and Furnace Creek Ranch. On the map these points are marked with gray «droplets».

Laundry: Located in Furnace Creek Inn & Ranch Resort.

Grocery store: In Furnace Creek Inn & Ranch Resort (the map shows green «droplet»).

Campgrounds nearby: Texas Spring and Sunset.

Camping Emigrant Campground

Go to Campings recommended by the Ranger was far away, so we decided to spend the night in the camp called Emigrant. Before the emigrant, which we studied the day on the way, there were about 55 km and forty minutes of ride, which is also not too close. I got up to him. Somewhat upset, watching the thermometer in the car showed a temperature of +35 degrees, but there was no strength to go further. The picture added the strongest impetuous wind, in addition more hot. Installation of the tent turned into an adventure. Our modest dwelling was tied with all possible ropes to the car and the camp table, and for greater stability, it also had half of the stones from our place to drag it into it. By the way, she passed everything. I wonder what our tent and other equipment? Read here.

Friends, keep in mind: go to the death valley in the summer – Get ready for heat and winds. It’s not a bike, it’s all true truth. Checked for yourself!


Schedule: It operates year-round camping.

Booking: No preliminary booking. Works on the already familiar principle FIRST-Come FIRST Served (who came first, the first and took place).

Price: is free.

Peculiarities: In the campsite you can stay only with a tent, no RV.

Places: Total 10 pieces. Places in Emigrant Campground are individual, but the neighbors are close enough, there is neither a tree nor blades that would create at least some comfort and privacy and protected from wind. Every place is equipped only with a table with built-in shops. There is no place for the fire.

Facilities: Nearby there is one common toilet with running water (at the road, you need a little stroll to it). There is no drinking water on the territory of the campsite, so it’s better to have your stock.

Advantages and disadvantages: Of the advantages, perhaps, the fact that camping is free, yes beautiful landscapes around (although, suspect that they are about the same in all camps). Minus – far from the main attractions, you must go specially here.


Not produced, because for free.


Nearest shower, shop and refueling are located in Stovepipe Wells Village, which is 15 km from the camp.

How not to stay outside in the valley of death or briefly about campsites and hotels

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