How not to spend extra on the journey

In each country there are space promoted for tourists, and the prices there understand what. Someone from travelers believe that many people in a certain place and the price of the entrance is expensive, which means that it is worth it! But often the impressions are not pulled on the spent, and you go out with pain in the soul and bewilderment: for what I gave so much money?

But everything is logical: the greater the flow of tourists, the higher the price. In this article we will tell you how not to come across such tourist traps and choose the right places.

Unnecessary queues

It is difficult to imagine the Eiffel Tower or Vatican without queue, it is understandable. Here the main thing is to stand, then to the end and not buy entrance tickets at Outbid. They have a mad markup, and the reality of such a ticket in question – there are 50% of the likelihood that he is fake. And after all, there will be no one to prevent.

If the landmark is not so great, and the queue is huge there – it is strange. The same with the cafe. Almost all establishments outside the menu and you can immediately ask. But if there was a queue there, it means that you pay a lot and wait for the order for a long time. Better search restaurants in the surrounding area. Even on the next street you can eat cheaper and without queue.

Popular in Instagram

With the advent of Trevel-bloggers, the same places flashed in the tape. You also have so? Stands one to go like the rest already buy tickets there. Consequently, in some particular place there is a blowing of tourists. And the same reason to raise prices! We do not say that you need to avoid castles in Germany or hot springs in Iceland. Just be alert and remember that the more popular the place is, the more expensive cafes and souvenirs around it.

Restaurants promoted

Some restaurants and cafes are much investing in brand promotion and its recognition. So the site appears in Instagram page and even his personal hashtag, who has sought around the world. If you have such a place – there will be precisely expensive, otherwise how to beat invested funds?

Places where films or serials were filmed

We all want to go there, where the leg of the mother of the dragon Or to see the homeland of Luke Skywalker (Planet Tatunin is in Tunisia). But visiting such places is also worth a decent money.

Here our wallet is threatened also branded souvenirs: T-shirts, mugs, spoons, backpacks with favorite heroes. Cool bridge unique things from traveling, but it’s not the case. All this can be ordered elsewhere and it will definitely be cheaper.

How not to spend extra on the journey

Seasonal sights

If you hear that somewhere you have to go at a certain time of the year (for example, in Amsterdam at the end of April, the blossoms of tulips), then be sure that you are not alone. On the flowering of Sakura in Stockholm in early May, do not push around at all. If Sakura is not your main goal, it is better to choose another time, move for a week or a few days. The same with the resorts: everyone knows that in season prices are always higher.

Omnipresent promoters

On the streets of any city there are calls that will say anything, if only you went to a restaurant or museum. But if the place is really good, it is not necessary to call there – people will go. And if you are so angry somewhere, maybe you will not like it there.

In this article, we only warn those who are not aimed at the extra charges in the journey. Keep stuck and do not tempt yourself once again 🙂

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