How not to sacrifice Internet scammer Booking a hotel online

The ingenuity of cyber speakers remains to envy. Only the people stopped "pending" on the bait of high-profile slogans like "Earn Million for 3 days" or "Translate $ 50 and they turn into 5,000" How phishing enthusiasts have come up with a much more sophisticated way of "earning" in the network.

Fraudsters fake popular air ticket booking sites and hotels. This niche of the gray business has become especially profitable on the eve of the vacation season. Now many tourists prefer other independent travel agencies, so you can book tickets and accommodation without intermediaries.

Criminals such a state of affairs only: they mask their sites for famous booking platforms like Booking.COM or Hotels.COM, where you are offered to rent a hotel room on very favorable terms. Naturally, catchers and shares and discounts cannot miss the ability to settle in chic apartments for funny money and lose vigilance. Fraudsters are removed from "customers" a prepayment for reservation and disappear without a trace, noted traces of the twin site in the Internet space.

The scheme of deception is extremely simple: people reserve the hotel, then armor confirmation of them comes to the electronic drawer. In the letter, the machinators are either asked to specify a credit card password, or sent a malicious program from the Trojan family instead of receipt, which writes off funds from a bank account after CVV is entered.

Security Laboratory Employees G Data Security Labs noticed that sending viral letters has become frequent with spring onset. The situation is complicated by the fact that some fake sites do not have a our-speaking interface, so users who do not know English often come across. To catch not clean on the hand of Deltsov, the police immediately need to install the provider, and then find out who hosting hosting. During this time, fraudsters have time to prove in inexperienced lovers of freebies and close the site.

Damage is applied not only to the wallets of tourists, but also the image of hotels. Employees of online booking online booking are trying to track sites on their own on their own. But even if the double will be detected and neutralized, then nothing should resurrect fake under the new name. Nobody is insured against such a nonsense piracy, but you can maximize yourself.

Safety technique!

  • First of all it is worth understanding: not all hotels require prepayment. Many are sent to the mail voucher, which tourists show at the reception and pay their placement on the spot. If after receiving the voucher, you still need to list some amount, then most likely you want to deceive.
  • Sometimes you really need to make a prepayment, especially if we are talking about booking apartments. In this case, the operation is carried out directly on the resource itself. Serious sites will never engage in email mailing or ask users to go to external links.
  • Carefully check the information on the voucher with the data you entered on the site (hotel name, date of arrival, information about the payer). There may be discrepancies. Then you should contact the site employees and ask you to send a reapproval.
  • How not to sacrifice Internet scammer Booking a hotel online
  • Most sites use a corporate logo that is duplicated when switching to a payment page. If it is not – it is worth alert.
  • No one has the right to demand a pin-coder card. This is a private information and any attempts to identify it indicate that you are a fraudster.
  • You can fake the appearance of the site, but not only a domain name. It can be maximized as much as possible, but the differences will still remain. At least one letter yes will give. Therefore, all attention to the address string!
  • Sometimes minor booking services cannot accept payment on their territory and make it on the pages of controlled by providers. Accordingly, the domain varies in the address bar. There is no crime in it, and if the provider is not familiar with you, then "Google" will help you find out whether it is worth transferring money to the account or better refrain.
  • If the money is already translated into account, it is immediately necessary to require payment confirmation. It usually comes within a few minutes, the deadline for a couple of hours. It indicates the amount of translation and details of the company. No online statement – alarming gong.
  • And better connect the SMS-notification service, which will report on write-off from the account of the funds (no more than 60 rubles per month will cost). The faster you learn about the transfer of money to the fraudulent site, the greater the likelihood that the bank will cancel the transaction and blocks the map.
  • Well, and finally the most important thing, &# 8211; Remember how you found this or that booking system. Physingers often leave references to thematic forums or produce spam newsletters by mail. If they do it, then something has something. It is worth thinking.

Be vigilant and fraudsters will go to the side of you, going to search for short-sighted victims.

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