How not to ruin on roaming abroad

Traveling Always I want to be in touch, be able to call your relatives to say that you are excellent flown, to begin in Foursquare or send a beautiful photo in Instagram. But coming home can be very disappointed, seeing the account for the phone.

So how to travel and won’t go broke on roaming?

Use Wi-Fi

If you have a smartphone, always remember that your phone constantly transmits data from the Internet: updates the programs, loads email, looks at the traffic jams and weather forecast and T.D. In order not to receive an unexpected Internet account on arrival, disable automatic data update in the program settings as well data roaming.

In order to connect to the Internet, use Wi-Fi. There are free points with Wi-Fi in airports, train stations, in many restaurants and cafes, for example, you can always connect to the Internet in McDonalds and Starbucks around the world.

Special packages of services for travelers

Many mobile operators, in addition to roaming, offer additional packages of services that can help you save.

For example, for those who constantly need access to the Internet, MTS offers an option &# 8220; bits abroad&# 8221;. By connecting it, you will pay not for the volume of traffic, but a fixed amount per day. But the daily daytime quota is limited to 10 MB.

Similar packages and SMS.

Tourist SIM card

Many travel agencies are now offered to purchase a tourist SIM card. In the our market, such SIM cards offer companies:

  • Goodlay
  • Globalsim
  • SIM-Travel
  • Eurosim Travel

Such cards are offered by local mobile operators, such as the tourist SIM card "Around the World" from MegaFon.

What are the advantages of tourist SIM cards?

First, it is the low cost of calls, SMS and mobile Internet.

Secondly, wherever you go, you will have the same number, many companies offer to tie your our mobile number to the tourist sym card, T.E. Remembering. its value depends on the operator and the country where you are heading.

Third, tourist SIM cards without subscription fees. You pay only for calls when you are abroad.

Buy a local SIM card

If you fly abroad at least for a week, then in most cases it is most profitable to buy a local SIM card. Many foreign operators provide prepaid SIM cards that work on the principle of Pay As You Go. A complete list of operators and options of cards can be found here.

How not to ruin on roaming abroad

If you need the Internet, pay attention to the number of mobile traffic included in the cost of the SIM card or on its price.

Install a special application on the phone

ROAMER app allows to significantly save on roaming calls.

It is very simple to use it:

Now all the calls entering the "native" number come to a new card, and you need to call from your "native" number through the application.

Calls with Roamer really cost much cheaper. Let’s compare ROAMER tariffs and megaphone rates for roaming in France.


  • Incoming &# 8211; € 0,01 / 0.44 USD
  • Outgoing in Russia &# 8211; € 0.17 / 7.45 USD


  • Incoming &# 8211; 6 rubles.
  • Outgoing in Russia &# 8211; 16 rubles.

The difference in the cost of calls is more than significant.

Alexey Volok
CEO Kupibilet.Ru

The program will be especially convenient to those who live &# 8220; into two countries&# 8221;. Now when traveling to Belarus I need to change the SIM card &# 8220; MegaFon&# 8221; On Beloenglish &# 8220; Velk&# 8221; and lose calls coming on &# 8220; MegaFon&# 8221;.

And now there is a Belarusian SIM card and a megaphone, I also have.

I used to have only &# 8220; Outgoing&# 8221; Communication with the Defined our Number. I use BRIA Bag (for iPhone) + SiPNet.Ru.

Also convenient and not expensive. But for this you need the Internet.. 3G or good Wi-Fi.

The main complexity of Roamer – must first understand how &# 8220; Parking&# 8221; room. Go to the program, then in the phone settings and make forwarding. Next time you already do it on the machine, but the first time without instruction anywhere.

As you can see, there are many ways to save on calls from abroad, your task to choose the one that is suitable for you.

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