How not to poison in Turkey

Are the chances to poison in Turkey? What simple rules to follow to reduce the risk of minimum poisoning? What to do if they still poisoned? Read the answers below.

Is the danger seriously in Turkey??

Danger exists, but do not be afraid.

Of course, the news in the media often appear on tourists poisoned in Turkey. But do not forget that Turkey is now a major foreign tourist destination for us. According to the results of 2019, the tourists of our tourists in Turkey exceeded 7 million. In 2020, Turkey became the 1st direction of far abroad with a large margin – 2.2 million tourists.

And if there are many tourists, it is obvious that there will be many cases of poisoning. Any such case of the media will always turn into a tragedy, as readers more interesting. Therefore, we advise you to relate calmly. As the saying goes: "It’s not so terrible, as his little".

In general, the risk of poisoning in Turkey is no more than in other popular tourist countries – Tunisia, Greece, Cyprus. And Turkey in the question of quality food is considered more prosperous than Egypt.

Alcohol poisoning

Unfortunately, alcohol poisoning with tourists happen constantly. And it is not surprising, because most of the alcohol on All Inclusive in Turkey is counterfeit, most often from neighboring Cyprus.

The point here is that in Turkey there is a large alcohol tax. If the hotels were given to tourists with completely legal alcohol, then with current accommodation prices for AI, they would just raise.

For example, a bottle of 0.5 liters of local crayfish (Turkish vodka) is in stores 140-200 Turkish Lire (prices for June 2021). Actual course, see our article "Money in Turkey". Compare with vodka prices with us and understand how big this tax.

Many are still visible in memory of the sensational poisoning of 2011 on the ferry from Bodrum to Antalya, we talked about this case in detail in the article "Alcohol in Turkey".

But the main problem is that it is quite difficult to define poor-quality alcohol, especially if we drink is no longer the first wine glass. Therefore, the Council can only give one: if you have been removed in the drink, it is no longer you take this drink in the bar, take another.

Rules for tourists

There are several rules that can reduce the chances of poisoning, but not exclude completely.

Rule 1 – Do not drink tap water

The quality of tap water in Turkey differs from the region to the region. Somewhere water is clean and new water pipes, and drink water from under the tap can be without fears. Somewhere water from under the crane can be seriously poisoned. And the situation can be drastically different in neighboring resort cities, and even change from the hotel to the hotel. In detail, we talked about this in the article "What tourists should not be done in Turkey".

Therefore, we advise all tourists to never drink tap water. Bottled water in Turkey is very cheap, and on All Inclusive it is paid in the cost of living.

Rule 2 – heat treatment

Any dish can be prepared with heat treatment (welded, firehed, baked), and may consist of raw ingredients. If heat treatment occurred, then the product is always safer.

Recall at least the famous Turkish raw-dried sausage "Sudzhuk". We would have such a sausage considered suitable for consideration. However, in Turkey it is simply not eating it, it is necessary to fool. Such are the features of hot countries. We were told about the judges in the article "Familiar dishes of Turkish cuisine".

Conclusions: Try only those dishes that have completely passed heat treatment.

Rule 3 – after 6 hours I go to the garbage

At the inputs of all restaurants in the hotels All Inclusive hang plates "Having prohibited food from a restaurant". And there is a lot of benefit not only for the hotel, but also for tourists themselves. The fact is that the food in the hot climate will deteriorate very quickly, and many of us have been taught that it is impossible to throw out food categorically. Here are tourists and get poisoning when they take food from dinner and eaten in the morning or next day.

Conclusions: If still took food from the restaurant, then no doubt throw it after 6 hours, and better after 4. And forget to completely disappear about the ban. Own health and health of loved ones more important than some instructions of grandparents.

Rule 4 – Fear Salads

Salad is the main tool for the hotel to save on your guest and get more profit. In salads "merge" all products that no longer do a separate dish, and often these products are no longer the first freshness.

Conclusions: better do not eat salads at all, especially with mayonnaise or refueling Turkish yogurt.

Rule 5 – remember at dinner, which was given for dinner

Swedish dishes are often prepared in large quantities, and tourists simply do not eat everything. As a result, the dish remains on the following meal. And very good if the products prepared anew. For example, the dinner was a baked lamb, and the next day she became a goulash for lunch. In this case, the product passed once again heat treatment, lost in taste, but it is safe.

Much worse if the dish just put in the refrigerator. Or if they made another dish, but without re-heat treatment. Then such a product may cause poisoning.

The first is the first: remember at dinner, which was yesterday in dinner, and in no case eat it.

Conclusion Second: Fuck Sliced ​​Vegetables and Fruits. Who knows when they cut them and are they.

Rule 6 – Do not eat decor dishes

Remember that decor dishes are not considered suitable. Do not eat him ever, no matter how beautiful it looks.

How not to poison in Turkey

This rule also concerns beautiful pretzels, baguettes and bread buns that exhibit for beauty. They usually lie there for many days, they are not suitable. However, they will even eat them problematic, too smooth.

Rule 7 – Observe the rules of hygiene

You can simply get poisoning because of the unwashed hands. Remember that in the hot country bacteria multiply faster.

Wash your hands with soap before eating. Look at the Turks themselves, many of them wipe hands with citric cologne (80% of alcohol) before meals, and some simply wipe periodically.

Look at tourists from Europe, they love to wipe with antiseptic napkins almost everything, which touches. Take from them an example. Wipe the dishes and cutlery – this is also a good idea, because not in every hotel they wash them in good faith.

This is paranoia.

Now many readers think that our advice "shake paranoia". Nothing like this.

We are talking about rest in Turkey, where the climate is much hotter. Tourists pay for rest decent amounts of money, and very disappointing the days of their holidays with a temperature in the room, and not splashing in the sea or pool.

Therefore, it is better to be restrained!

What to do if they poisoned

Call a doctor for insurance, nothing more to do. Only need to take into account that the case may be non-break, that is, you will pay for treatment completely at your own expense. In this article, we will not talk about insurance and non-insurance cases, as this is a huge separate topic. Read our article "Insurance in Turkey".

It’s important to know

– If you decide not to risk and take products with you, remember the import restrictions. Read our article "What can not and can be imported into Turkey";

– For the treatment of light cases, you need to take a medicine aid kit to normalize the operation of the gastrointestinal tract. Emphasize that it is only for easy cases. About the form of aid kit, we talked in detail in the article "What to take with you to Turkey";

– To call a doctor with an insurance case, it is better to have a local SIM card. Where, how to buy, read in our article "How to call from Turkey Döshevo";

– For independent tourists, we recommend the rule: Purchasted only in supermarkets, so the probability of poisoning is reduced at times. About the prices in supermarkets, read our article "Prices for products in Turkey".

Have a good holiday in Turkish resorts, and read our useful tourists on Turkey (List of articles below).

How not to poison in Turkey

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