How not to bleed with the crowd, having enjoyed traveling: Lifehaki for a tourist

Probably every tourist rendered in dense «Human traffic» On the streets of Prague, Barcelona or Paris could appreciate the dislike «The growth of international touropotocks», which local residents are experiencing. Alas, the excellent tourism industry has its own difficulties and «Overflow» Many cities are complaining of guests «See and die». «Turprom» presents for tourists a few lifhacks – How to see all the main attractions of the world, avoiding the crowd.

Preliminary preparation

First, it is better to think about any problem, preferably at the planning stage. The desire to relax in July-August on Spanish beaches or drink Mulled wine in the Czech Republic for Christmas is quite legal. But then you will have to immediately take into account possible inconvenience. There are traditional high seasons when the already considerable number of tourists in popular cities grows multiple times (and prices along with the volume of the tourist flow). In Russia – This is primarily a New Year holidays, May holidays and August. On popular Mediterranean beaches – July-August, when on vacation «Law» Most of the Europeans leaves, and in European cities – Catholic Christmas period. In the countries of Southeast Asia, the tourist risks a lot of new and uninteresting about the crowd, hitting the celebration of the Chinese New Year (the date of the holiday is determined by the lunar calendar, but usually they come to February). However, in some cases, troubles are compensated by pleasant bonuses – to arrival crowd of tourists «pulls up» and many additional entertainment for them.

In general, the holiday data is publicly available, Google knows them – And further choose the tourist that he is more like: «moving» Or rest, not embarrassed by movements in endless crowds.

Next we will state the main Edu Technophobiai «in detail».


The most obvious recommendation lies on the surface: rest at the very beginning and the very end of the main season. We will make, however, in it some edits: at the end of April – beginning of May in the popular resorts of the Mediterranean Sea, and even more so black, the water temperature will only suit very hardened and rebuilt on the sea salt of tourists. But B «velvet» season water cools slower, staying comfortable until October. In addition, autumn – most «tasty» In the gastronomic plan season in most countries of the Mediterranean. As for long-range countries, here you have to carefully study the weather. Framework «Naeson» there are often shifted, and go to distant edges and «sunbathe» in the rainy season and strong waves is also not an option.

Note that the time circumstance may be more local – Waking up «By the Sun» hours at five in the morning, for example, in the Vietnamese Nha Trang, you will see a relatively deserted central beach, slightly «diluted» Local residents. And have time to get your dose of ultraviolet and sea waves before the appearance of the Chinese crowd with selfie sticks. Well and «who gets up early – he and sunbed in a trump spot will take» – Rule, known, probably all beachfronts without exception.

In addition, there is also the circumstance of the place. Helping not only in the case of a crowd on the beach, but also in capricted waves and flows: if you become a rare tourist who broke away from the hotel beach, then you can, for example, go on a boat to more deserted and picturesque shores in the vicinity. The degree of their comfort, of course, is different, but here is already a choice of tourist.


Global and local seasonality works in a similar way in the cities. Practice shows – You can sfotkat St. Mark’s Square in Venice almost without a single tourist if the action is happening in the early morning in November-December. However, such a photo session can be supplemented with flood, but in the end, such an adventure will be remembered for a long time. Yes, and even anyone who designed from the Moscow railway station in St. Petersburg at six in the morning, is able to evaluate the global difference in the fullness of the Nevsky Prospect.

The most non-season in European cities, for example, is considered the period from January to March – This is not the most comfortable weather and T.D. However, we note that this season is often called private guides who, after Christmas «Parks» can finally calmly tell «Exclusive» routes of passionate tourists.

A similar rule is working in relation to the place of travel. Globally, there is a high probability that Bordeaux’s wine tour will be remembered by a tourist somewhat better and more positive than the thrust of the Eiffel Tower among Arabs, including many pockets and fraudsters. Yes, and boast «Nemassa route» already a kind of trend. In a local plan, even in the most narrous period, like Christmas, the main action is only on the central streets and squares, and rolling literally for the angle, you fall into the deserted and calm world, where you can find yourself, for example, cafe, where you do not have to stand Wild queue. Or local museum, why not.

Museums and sights

How not to mix with the crowd, having enjoyed traveling Lifehaki for a tourist articles on

Before visiting the popular attractions, tourists again recommended soberly to weigh the desires and opportunities, and utilize the Internet. As for the first – Still, you have to take into account that getting into the Hermitage without a queue or see Monu Lisa in the Louvre without the concomitant crowd of the Chinese – The case is almost unreal. If needed «tick» – This is one. And if you want to enjoy beautiful without interference – may be an alternative?

From the Internet, first of all, information about the mode of operation of museums is mined: «free» days and on holding «Agen-style» exhibitions that avoid in the name of calm. In addition, the study will help and save – Many museums and attractions offer to pay a pre-pay electronic ticket that is cheaper than paper. There is also the likelihood that the tourist with the electronic ticket passes the crowd and will pass faster, but practice shows – This is not a fact. In the same Paris Disneyland on the popular attractions on weekends, the usual situation – queue for having the right to go without a queue.

By the way, it is possible to recommend to prominitate and non-obvious inputs of museums. For example, at the Athenian Acropolis has a central entrance under which «mooring» Tourist buses with all the ensuing consequences, and there are side, where the queue is much smaller, and the tourist can go for the same money.

In addition, there is a kind of paradoxant Edu Technophobia – In a number of museums, it is much easier to avoid the crowd, moving. with organized excursion. Museum guides, for example, in the same Peterhof, there is a clear schedule, and the risk to face in one room at once several groups are minimal.

We also mention a few «Risky» Options. There are recommendations to come not at the weekend, when local residents join tourists. This is true – But in the week «say hello» With a closed door in honor of the day off, and, by the way, not only in Russia. There are recommendations to come closer to closure – Similarly. It is difficult to predict how many tourists will solve them at the same time and on com «The queue will end». Also mention about Lifehak come to an uncomfortable time – For example, at noon in hot countries. On the one hand, lovers walk at noon on the same Pharaoh Valley in Egypt and really a little, but on the other. Become «lucky» With a sunny blow in an unusual setting is not so difficult, and no sightseeing problems are worth it.

Human factor

For those who choose an organized journey – Moreover, in this case, it does not matter, we are talking about excursions with a private guide or a tour of the tour operator, there is another possibility: just set out a specialist your requirements – What, how, where and in what order you want to see, mentioning the desire to avoid the crowd.

Contrary to replicable scandals, most of the workers of the tourature studies are interested in the fact that the tourist is satisfied and returned more than once. Therefore, many are ready with knowledge of it to give advice, depending on the requirements – For example, a noisy crowded hotel with disco until the morning or a quiet corner, where only the noise of waves appears in the mornings of the tourist.

How not to mix with the crowd, having enjoyed traveling Lifehaki for a tourist articles on

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