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Want to rent an apartment in Lviv? What to choose in a huge mass of proposals? Yes, so choose so that the apartment level corresponds to the money that the landlord asks for it. A difficult question, especially for a person who first encountered with the need to rent an apartment for rent. Do not make a mistake to the tenant in this matter can help familiarize yourself with the classification of daily apartments. In this short article, I will try to convey to you, in the most affordable form, without intricate terms and professional slang, the essence of solving this problem, that would be easily and without a long spending time you could make the right choice of housing.

The first and most important thing that you need to know – the apartment is the same "product" that you are used to buy in stores. The difference consists only that, for example, sausage or pack of flour have on the package the inscription about the product and its mass, information about the manufacturer and other characteristics you are guided by, and the daily apartment of such a "packaging" does not have (if not In the calculation of the presentation of the apartment on the Internet). However, it is only at first glance looks like that. Let’s look more close to this issue.

To begin with, we define what are the characteristics of the daily apartment. Let’s think together, and before you go to the further reading of the article, take off from it, take a sheet of paper and handle, and make a certain list of wishes and requirements that you would guide when choosing a daily apartment ..

Written? Let’s now try to compare with what criteria are guided by experts. Try to learn your reflections on this topic below. So, the main criteria for determining the level of the apartment (its class) are:

– location of the apartment (where the apartment is located – Center, railway station, the far district, other),
– The condition of the house in which the apartment is located (the overall state of repair of the facade and interior of the house, the purity of the stairwell, the elevator, other)
– state repair level of the apartment (cosmetic repair, high-quality repair, designer repair, other),
– Complete set of furniture and its condition (equipment of furniture, the quality of materials used by the manufacturer, modern furniture, degree of wear)
– Exposure of the uniform style of the apartment (how harmoniously looks the apartment as a whole),
– Complete apparatus appliances and accessories (there is a whole list of objects, from the hair dryer to washing machine),
– availability of household belongings (bedding and bath accessories, slippers, disposable personal items, dishes).

I believe that your opinion on most items similar to the opinions of professionals. As you can see, everything is relatively simple, but let’s put everything on the shelves. Such "shelves" is the classification of daily apartments. We will more specifically analyze each of the classes presented, but for now, read their names.
Junior Suite (or Standard +)

Now you can read more details with those nuances that define the class of the apartment. So…

Economy. This class of apartments is a budget option, and aims to satisfy customer wishes with a very modest budget. In such apartments, as a rule, there is a furniture of Soviet times, sometimes more modern, but with a large share of wear. Furniture equipment includes the most necessary minimum. On the floor covering, preserved since the last repairs of the apartment. Modest cosmetic or obsolete repair, bathroom with simple repair, often the walls are simply painted. In general, if repairs in such an apartment and was, then only using very cheap finishing materials. This apartment has everything is the minimum necessary for accommodation – refrigerator, kitchen stove (or microwave oven), iron, TV, sometimes hairdryer and electric kettle, washing machine if there is, then it’s rather an accident. On air conditioning, wardrobes, Internet Wi-Fi and other modern attributes of modern interior counting should not be expected, you just can not find it. Cookware, bedding and bath towels are old, mostly assembled from different sets (as they say – than rich). Heating, warm water from the city. Location – remote areas from the center or the Middle Center. Price per apartment for 1-3 people no more than 150 UAH. (plus 30 – 50 UAH for each additional person).

How not to make a mistake in the choice of apartments for rent - Council from the site - Lviv, Ukraine Blogs and travel

Economy +. The category "Economy +" is an improved option of the previous class. In places there are repairs, some engineering communications have been restored, replaced or replaced flooring, electrical wiring, furniture relatively modern, but used in use. The interior of the apartment is more uyugen. Complete set of furniture and household appliances Also at a minimum. Internet Wi-Fi is not everywhere. Location – remote areas from the center or the Middle Center and sometimes the center. In general, something similar you watched in some post-Soviet hotels for another 10-15 years ago. Price per apartment for 1-3 people no more than 200 UAH. (plus 30 – 50 UAH for each additional person).

Standard. This is the first one of the class of daily apartments, which is already complied with the level of repair and configuration, modern analogues of hotel numbers. Modern renovation, updated absolutely everything, but without delights – "just, but with taste". Furniture components include such interior parts such as bedside tables, cabinets (or wardrobe), modern racks, shelves, dressers, and on walls or furniture – decor items (vases, candelabra and other). Outdoor coating – tile, laminate or carpet. The appearance of the apartment is pleasant and accurate, not always harmonious, although the reason for the latter is more likely the lack of taste of the owner than his disregard. Good modern and beautiful, but simple furniture that fits well in the overall interior of the apartment. Complete set appliances supplemented with microwave oven (besides plate), electric kettle, hairdryer, Internet Wi-Fi, often washing machine, almost new kitchenware. In such an apartment, guests will be offered good and beautiful bed linen and towels (at least 2 pcs. per person). Such apartments often specially prepared for the daily rent, so there will be no kitchen in some of them. Instead, in the room there will be a place on which the microwave oven will be, like a "head dish" plus an electric kettle and something from the kitchen utensils. Apartments of this class are designed for guests who prefer a reasonable compromise between Comfort and simplicity. Location – Center and Middle Center or, if the remote area, based on the need for a client to stay in such a place. Price per apartment for 1-3 people in the option "without kitchen" from 180 to 200 UAH., In the option "with kitchen" – from 200 to 280 UAH. (plus 50 – 100 UAH for each additional person).

Junior Suite (or Standard +). All you have read about the standard class, but significantly improved and more comfortable. "Junior Suite" satisfies the wishes of guests with queries of a fairly high level. These are apartments with very good modern repairs, almost always after reconstruction with modern layout, thoughtful and harmoniously assembled interior, aged single style. Often to create an interior of such apartments worked designer. Apartments are furnished with excellent new furniture, modern bathrooms, new household appliances. Quality of finishing materials at a high level. Guests such apartments can not think about domestic trifles – everything that modern man uses in the usual everyday life, there is here. Autonomous apartment – its heating and warm water. Location – Center and Middle Center. Price per apartment for 1-3 people from 300 to 350 UAH. (plus 50 – 100 UAH for each additional person).

Lux. The vertex classification of daily apartments is the class "Lux". All at the highest level. Required designer repair, expensive furniture, excellent bathrooms. The apartment looks truly solid, worthy to take not only private guests, but also to hold a business meeting, first date, honeymoon. Any of such events will in no way be overshadowed by household troubles. Everything will pass with chic! Such apartments have permanent guests, so their interior is periodically updated. Location – Center and Middle Center. Price per apartment for 1-3 people from 400 UAH. (plus 50 – 100 UAH for each additional person).

I hope now it will be easier for you to understand the pricing of daily apartments, and when you choose not to overpay for the air.

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