How not to lose the luggage in flights?

– take a picture of the contents of the bag that you are going to register, make a list of valuables, if possible, attach checks and keep it in a safe place.

– Put the sheet on which your route is written with contact information and email, on a prominent place inside the suitcase.

– Always always!) Slim tags used from your baggage. Believe me, workers of airports do not give any pleasure to rummage among the tags on your suitcase in search of relevant. Of course, you like the rolled tags and inspection stamps of your suitcase, but a person who daily checks thousands of such suitcases, he will definitely do not like.

– Remove any belts and blocking wheels from the bag – because of them the suitcase can get stuck on the tape.

– Do not use suitcases that look expensive: they are too attractive for thieves.

– Never put something valuable into baggage, without which you can not do, – laptops or other techniques, medicines, decorations, important documents. Replace these things will not be easy, and the airline does not take responsibility for them.

– Leave the address of the place where you drive (but not home address!), outside on the suitcase. Home address can tell you unclean to hand to people where you can get started.

– Think about the ability to install TSA code lock, but keep in mind that it does not guarantee anything and can be easily cut.
– To protect the baggage from hackers, consider the use of special packaging in a plastic film – a similar service is provided at many airports. It is a pleasure about $ 10 per bag. It is possible to do this at home, with the help of a food film or scotch. If shipping staff will want to open it, re-package will be free.

How not to lose the luggage in flights

Also, instead of a film, you can use bright covers for suitcases.

– Take a look at the contents of the suitcase immediately after receiving. If something is damaged, submit a complaint to the airline’s office as soon as possible.

In addition to fulfilling all the listed actions, we always advise you to purchase baggage insurance service. Make it can be simultaneously buying a ticket on our website. Get rid of yourself from unnecessary trouble and spending time in search &# 8220; Loss&# 8221;.

If the trouble still happened and your luggage is already lost, do not rush to despair. In this article we told what to do in such situations and where to look for our things

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