How not to lose money on the border?

Not all travelers use bank cards, many prefer to carry money in cash. However, hiding banknotes in socks and suitcases, you need to understand that this thumb should not be a secret for customs officers. Illegal cash in large scale may pour into a serious penalty and confiscation of all means or even turn into imprisonment. "My Planet" will tell about the rules of import and export of the currency of different countries.

The general rule of this is: You have the right to carry any amount of money almost anywhere in the planet, however, if the amount is large (on average, the limit is about $ 10,000), before passing the customs it is necessary to fill in the declaration. When counting funds, not only cash, but also traveler checks, securities, bills, bank checks. After filling the paper, go through the "red corridor". The amount of the amount impressed without a declaration is somewhat different in different countries.

Country : Northern Cyprus.

The lowest limit on the import of money – on the inner border of Cyprus. If you try to get from the Greek part of the Island of the Republic of Cyprus to the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, you will have to leave only € 500.

Country : Cuba, China, Turkey.

Country : Vietnam.

Many countries are this figure is the frontier. Only different currencies. After it requires a declaration.

Country: Russia ($), United States ($), Malaysia ($), Egypt ($), Sri Lanka ($), India ($), Canada ($ Kan.), Australia (Austral. $), EU countries (€, and it is necessary to declare twice: when importing and exporting).

Country : Thailand.

Without Borders


In loved by ours, Emirates and there are no restrictions on the import and export of currency. You can procrate any amounts of money.


Punishment for money without a declaration or with an incorrect declaration will be a penalty and / or confiscation, in exceptional cases – criminal punishment. For example, in Germany, the tourist smuggler must pay € 1 million. And in Algeria he can get a criminal term.

In Russia, for non-declaration or inaccurate declaration of the currency, a fine will be 1000-2500 rubles. However, if the total amount is twice as much more permitted $ 10,000, the violation falls under the "smuggling article" of the Criminal Code: punishands in a penalty of three or ten times more than the amount or salary size (other income) in two years. Alternative to the restriction of freedom or forced work for up to two years. The highest measure of responsibility is provided for the control of smuggling by a group or in particularly large amount, that is, five times more permitted $ 10,000: you will have to pay 10-15 times more hidden amount or pay salary for three years. Alternative: restriction of freedom or forced work for up to four years.

National currency

In some countries there are strict prohibitions on the import and export of national currency.

How not to lose money on the border

In particular, it is impossible to export rupees from India, Jamaican dollars from Jamaica, cross the border of Tunisia with dinars, import and disappear from the Dominican Republic local peso. However, if it is prohibited on paper, in practice, tourists often export coins or bills – customs officers, as a rule, close their eyes to a similar "smuggling".

In a number of states there are restrictions on the transit of local currency. In Brazil, a license of the Central Bank of Brazil is needed to export a national currency. From Cuba You can not bring more than 100 Cuban Peso (3314 rubles.). From Egypt is allowed to export no more than 5000 Egypt pounds (24 000 rubles.).

Export of foreign currency

From a number of countries will be difficult to leave with a large amount without much resolution. For example, when exporting over $ 2000 from India requires documents confirming the legal origin of this money. And if you leave Brazil with the amount of more than $ 4000 per person, the resolution of the Central Bank of Brazil is required.

This rule is valid for all countries of the world: when you return from the country, the amount specified in the declaration should not be greater than at the entrance, otherwise it is not to avoid unpleasant proceedings with customs. So if during the trip you won the lottery, found a treasure, received a cash gift, took a loan in the bank, took a borrowed blood savings from a friend – will have to collect documents confirming the legality of obtaining funds.

Advice: If you are going together, you can carry money twice as much without declaration. But do not forget to decompose them in different bags!

In the network there are many sad and instructive stories about the transit currency. And, as a rule, they are not telling their attackers, but the most ordinary tourists who do not know the customs rules.

ElenaSicilia :
Last year there was a case at the airport in Italy, when a family of two people were driving, and all the money and passports were lying from one family member. The control was checked, and the amount exceeded $ 10,000 (her husband and his wife were brought by $ 7,000 each). Since the whole amount was lying albeit in different wallets, but in her bag, they took a fine. no matter how customs officers.

Roman21 :
My father has confiscated money on our customs, which he spent over the allowed limit without filling the customs declaration. Money was taken on credit in a bank.

Rogachev Ilya :
It took urgently to return the debt, passed money from Turkmenistan to Moscow with a friend – the amount of $ 25,000. At the entrance, she did not fill in the customs declaration on the import of currency (did not know or forgot), and the customs in Domodedov confiscated the amount exceeding the threshold allowed for the importation without declaration – was confiscated $ 15,000. She returned $ 10,000 and released four hours later. This money earned a year, and just a heart breaks.

Anonymous :
Sheremetyevo. Filed on the flight. It was $ 15,000 with me. Went into a green corridor. The customs officer asked about the presence of money, I said: $ 15,000. Selected $ 5000, made a bunch of papers.

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