How not to go out on customs duties?

Bring from foreign trips, except for impressions, also a hill shopping – Old domestic tradition. Recently, abroad most often buy fashionable technique: iPhones, tablets, advanced cameras and T.NS. These novelties «They have» often cost significantly cheaper than we.

But the customs and the question are terrible on the way: how to maintain the beneficial benefits from customs duties and avoid unpleasant proceedings on the border?

Friends, relatives are asking for sure to bring an advanced iPhone from abroad. And how many or other similar gadgets can be unimpeded? The formal response contains the rules for moving across the border of goods for personal use by individuals adopted by the Customs Union recently and having legal force in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. According to this document, the physically can import duty-free personal goods worth up to €10,000 and weighing up to 50kg.

Still being abroad, it is not difficult to calculate how much the gadgets you bought and try to make their total cost not exceed the specified amount. Very nerish and keep checks from shops. But the customs officers may have doubts about not only the cost, but also the number of goods transported.

How not to go out on customs duties

For example, you drive six iPhones. At customs, you may declare that these goods are not intended for personal use, but for commercial sales, which means you should pay a duty. And you have to prove that iPhones are you lucky for friends and relatives. As an argument, you can present a list of those for whom the goods are intended, indicating addresses and phones.

Sometimes it happens that your personal belongings you did not buy abroad fall under the watchful eye, and simply drove with them, for example, camcorder. Its approximate cost of customs officers upon your return can be adding to the cost of the gadgets imported by you, and it will be exceeded by the limit, the most €10000. This should be taken care of in advance, even during departure, and fill out a customs declaration, including all expensive things in it, which travels with you. It is better to do this at home, downloading the form of a declaration from the Internet, from the customs service site. And at the entrance back – to prevent its copy to customs officers.

Duty whose goods are subject, "Not fit» In the preferential rate of transportation, today is 30% of their cost. Agree – Extremely solid. Therefore, it makes sense to prepare in advance for a meeting with customs officers and stock all documents and arguments to avoid unnecessary costs.

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