How not to get sick on vacation: Basic Tips

For some people, the approach of summer marks the long-awaited vacation, and someone gets to combine rest with work. In any case, it is impossible to overshadow the trip with sudden diseases. How can this be avoided?

Do not overeat

When a person is on vacation, he can afford a few horn ice cream or dinner with high calorie. But It is worth controlling the number used food. In his diet on vacation it is worth adding protein, right fats, carbohydrates with high tissue content. All these substances allow you to feel satiety for a long time. So the desire to eat a large number of desserts will decrease, and the digestion process will slow down.

Do not go without shoes

The magnificence of leave often lies in the opportunity to plunge into the sea, the ocean or the lake. However, it is not necessary to forget that organisms carrying infection may be present in water. For this reason, all tourists It is recommended to wear shoes for swimming. So it will be possible to avoid damage to the legs, through which the bacteria will fall into the body. Best fit shoes tightly sitting on the leg. In addition, going to the shower, you should wear sandals. So the likelihood of contact with fungus will significantly decrease.

Do not give up breakfast

Before you go to the airport or station, you need to have breakfast. This will not only give for strength, but also will save from problems with the stomach on the trip.

Prepare for stomach problems

As soon as the tourist gets to the destination, in most cases it faces such a problem as diarrhea. For this reason, it is always necessary have appropriate drugs. If a tourist diarrhea is a chronic problem, a specialist should be visited before traveling. The doctor will be able to appoint suitable medicines.

Always wash hands

How not to get sick on vacation

This rule concerns not only those cases when a person travels, but then when. Such a slight procedure reduces the risk of cold or get a more serious disease. In the event that the tourist does not have access to water and soap, you must have an antibacterial spray or gel at hand.

Drink bottled water and refuse raw foods

Not every country boasts reliable water sources. In the event that the tourist doubts whether it is clean, you should buy water in bottles. Lovers of salads from raw vegetables Do not forget that products wash water from the crane. Therefore, they can be with a high level of risk.

Make vaccinations

Before you go on a journey, especially in less popular places, vaccinations should be made. Their varieties depend on the direction that the tourist chose. You may need grafting from typhoid, hepatitis or yellow fever.

Being in another country, the tourist needs to carefully follow their health. Since I do not own a foreign language, Explain the doctor to the problem It will be quite difficult, moreover, additional costs will be required.

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