How not to get lost in the forest

The main reason – People do not know the terrain, poorly focusing between trees. In addition, not everyone understands how to behave in the forest, so in the literal sense the words may die from cold and hunger literally a couple of kilometers from the settlement. So that it does not happen terrible, you need to know and execute the rules.

What to do to not get lost in the forest

Specialists advise each campaign to prepare to prepare, and being in nature, comply with their recommendations.

Competently dress. Camouflage – Not the best clothes in the forest, like gray, black, dark blue costumes. For children it is worth choosing something bright with reflective inserts. Even kids can run away far forward from adults and get lost.

Be sure to take with you phones, and with charged batteries. Does not hurt and Power Bank. If a person is already lost, no need to call him constantly, discharge gadget. It is more correct to contact search detachments: people are able to withdraw from the forest by phone or (if a person has a fracture, strong fright), find it and output.

If possible, connect the service information about the location of man at the cellular operator. For example, in «MegaFon» Data is recorded in real time.

Collect the minimum set for survival, even if a person leaves half an hour in the forest. The set should be matches, knife, water, food, toilet paper, whistle, bright garbage package. Paper can be tear and hang on the trees to understand, you were in that place already or not. Package can be covered overnight. There may also be needed mini-heams or salt insoles from sports equipment stores.

Thinking up the route and inform close to your plans. They must know where you went and how much you want to return.

If possible, acquire a GPS tracker, and children – Smart clock with GPS so that you can track their location.

What to do if it got lost in the forest

Children must definitely know the safety rules:

How not to get lost in the forest

Do not climb into tenacies, dubbeds – You can hurt, break your hand or leg.

It is important to stay on the spot. This is especially true for cases when the search detachment has already been contacted by describing their location. First of all, they will look for it.

In the forest it is important to move along the pros, power lines or at least paths. Children should not go to the swamps or to the river. It is very important to show the kids, what a swamp looks like, tell what it is dangerous.

Seeing the helicopter in the sky, it is better to enter the open area and go to the ground, starting to swing their hands and legs. Lying person is better visible than standing.

Hearing screams and noise, it is important to knock stick over a stick or on a tree in response, not shouting. Sound from sticks diverges much further than voice. In the same way, you can scare animals by hearing the rustle in the nearest bushes.

The child needs to be explained that it is undesirable to eat mushrooms, berries, so as not to poison, however, how to drink water from unfamiliar reservoirs. Climb on the tree is also not worth. First, you can fall and hurt, secondly – it still will not help. At the same time, do not be afraid of strangers who will shout the child’s name. Most likely, these are the rescuers and they are specially there to find the misfortune.

How not to get lost in the forest

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