How not to get lost in flight options and choose the cheapest option?

If you are still an inexperienced traveler, then you are clearly interested in the question of how to choose a suitable flight, to pay attention and most importantly, how to compare different flight options?

Let’s figure it out with these questions on the example of a trip to London.

You have a small weekly vacation from 3 to 10 February, this time you will most like to walk around the city, sightseeing, shopping&# 8230;

Unfortunately, it is not always possible &# 8220; play&# 8221; With dates to find the cheapest flight option, this example is just a similar case.

Watch air tickets to Kupibilet.RU:

Options with a long transplantation 11 and 23 hours of course cheaper than others, but you should not choose if you do not plan to include more and kiev on your vacation.

There is an inexpensive option with departure at 14:30 and a short change in Riga.

In London you will be at 16:10. If at the airport there is no delays to obtain baggage and immigration control, then after 2 &# 8211; 2.5 hours reach the hotel.

On the clock by the time it will be 18:00 &# 8211; 18:30 Most likely, on this day, you are just going to the nearest restaurant and return to the hotel.

But if you continue search, you will find a flight with departure at 8:45 am. In London you will be at 10:20. Thus, already at lunch you are sitting in the room and ahead of all day for walking, museums and shops!

Great, choose this option and watch the flight back:

There is not everything so rosy, the reverse flight from the Air Baltic is possible only in the morning at 11:10. This means that at 9 am you must be at the airport. The day is lost. In principle, it is like flying the day before, only in this option you will pay for 1 night accommodation in the hotel.

It is much more profitable to take a ticket more expensive, but fly back in the evening, in the first half of the day you still have time to walk, make the necessary purchases and T.D.

The only option that meets these requirements &# 8211; British Airways direct flight, its price 11 303 rubles on both sides.

How not to get lost in flight options and choose the cheapest option

Now let’s compare the cost of the cheapest option and the cost of direct flight.

The most budget flight option &# 8211; 8 841 rubles. Provided we refused long transfers.

In this case, we lose the day of arrival and departure day, t.E. whole 2 nights in the hotel. If you are planning to live at the hotel, not in the hostel, close to the subway and the city center, then the standard Economy Single Room will cost you 400 &# 8211; 500 dollars for 7 nights.

Now for the price of a ticket price, add the cost of 2 nights in the hotel (120 &# 8211; $ 140) and you get the amount of at least 12 500 rubles.

If you are traveling together, then expenses will be slightly less. Price of a similar double room &# 8211; 500 &# 8211; $ 600 for 7 nights. In this case, the cost of the ticket and two nights in the hotel will be 11 100 rubles per.

More expensive air ticket on the direct flight it turns out more profitable. For the same money you will spend much more time in London.

Be very careful with early departures home. If departure at 7-6 in the morning, then you should be at the airport in 4-5 am. At this time, not all public transport will work and you will have to add a taxi to the total amount. Similar situation and late arrivals.

So let’s summarize. If you have a short vacation or you are going on the weekend, then Choose flights with an early arrival and late flight. In this case, you will not lose and without the limited time of your trip.

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