How not to get blacklist of air passengers?

This is not an oral reprimand, but a whole process, so everyone does not hesitate to each.

  1. The pilot must record the offense on the part of the passenger in writing and give a copy to the Deboshire. If he refuses to take it, there will be a mark about it.
  2. How not to get blacklist of air passengers
  3. At the point of arrival of the violators meets the police.
  4. Next is the court, which will decide whether to attract the aircraft to criminal or administrative responsibility. But a fine for hooliganism in the amount of 150 thousand.USD Pay anyway.
  5. Only the court (not airlines) can enter the passenger in the black list. The violator receives a letter notice from the airline in this case.

And that later?

If the passenger is in the blacklist of the airline, then it has the right to refuse him in transportation during the year. But there are always exceptions. If the rowdy need to return to the homeland, and there is no alternative ways to do this, the airline is required to take it on board. It will also be necessary to do this in the deportation of bully, if he flies to another country for treatment, a funeral of a close relative or accompanies a disabled.

At the same time, being in the black list of one airline, the violator can use the services of other carriers. The main thing is that the same thing happened to them. Keep yourself in your hands! =)

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