How not to choose a surf school and how to get into Sparta in France

1. No need to hurry with the choice.
2. It is not always worth choosing the cheapest camp.
3. Do not always stand on a beautiful site and fiery speeches about Eco-Friendly Environment.
4. Perhaps you should not choose a camp that only opened (if this is not the camp of your friends).

And now in order. It is sad and funny.

In the sunny day, early in the morning I arrived from Paris in the fabulous town of Biarritz in the south-east of France, a place that is known as one of the best spots for surfing on the France coast. From Biarritz to Bordeaux, as if wrote the right tourist guide, the kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches spread. Beaches, however, the truth is beautiful. I have no idea what else is the famous Biarritz, but he remembered with a cute sleepy kingdom with beautiful cozy houses and beautiful flower beds, non-working day restaurants (stockfall in the morning), a clinic, in which my girlfriend was raised on the first day, awesome music in the club and terribly inserting French young people (degree of ceasing was much higher than the degree of ordinary charm of the French).

Our camp was located in the town called Moltets E-Maa. Molts – this is such a camping ridge in the forest with access to the coast. The place is beautiful, even fascinating. First, on arrival in the camp we introduced us to the team Dreamsea. Absolutely the whole team was from the Canary Islands, with the exception of Surfer-Avtralic with a degree in laser engineering. For some reason, I still fasculates me that surfers can have some kind of medical education. But to business.

First of all, we, of course, being young beautiful funny girls in an adventure, chose themselves on the favorite from the number of lacers. I got a Cana to whom we gave the nickname pimple. I do not remember why my choice fell on him and why I agreed to call my favorite such an impartial way, but I can immediately say that the choice of favorite was as bad as the choice of nickname. Pimple, though learned to the engineer, did not shine with the mind and, to the great regret, he knew geography very badly. He was constantly talking to us in Polish, although we gave it many times to understand that Polish and our are completely two different languages. He was very surprised when he learned that Russia was not part of the European Union, and a long time wondered why not. That’s the truth, why not? My girlfriend with the favorite was lucky much more, but it goes beyond this story.

The camp was a train of tents in the forest, a canopy of a cane and a van "Guidelines", as well as showers and sinks, which we divided with other inhabitants and landlines. In tents, to my great happiness, there were big and comfortable mattresses. There were also spiders of different textures and sizes. Two of them, from those more, we gave the names of the guys familiar to us and laughed loudly when they found them in our dry underwear or swimsuits. Live in a tent on a comfortable mattress was valid. Because the Dreamsea camp positioned himself eco-friendly, a variety of A la Fixed camp was incomplete from wooden pallets and colorfully painted, in the camp sorted garbage. And this, perhaps, the best thing happened to this camp – sidewas and trash.

In the instructors, we got a Vanka (Ivan, if in Spanish). Vanka was not batted at all about teaching methods (and, most likely, in life, too). He tried not to go into the water and shouted all the time something from the shore. His voice, perhaps, was broadcast on the shore, but before us, bouwned in the hellish waves of the Biscay Bay, he did not reach. On lips, it seems, it is only possible to distinguish his cry of the soul: Puddle Puddle (Grey, Grey!), but I did it so better, because, what else can you get out, lying on the sepure, we did not tell us. Vanka was often angry, shouted something, threatened, but that he all wanted to say, even years later, it remains a mystery to me. The curriculum of Vanya caused me some misunderstanding, so I was most likely to get up on the surf, I was most likely studied by samples and errors. The own method led to the fact that on the third day of classes I did not have time at the right moment to deploy surf in the right direction, and I was knocked out the little finger from the joint under the wave sickle or something like that. In short, it was very painful. It should be noted here that the surf on which a newbie is taught is not such a small nice board from O’Neill or Billabong advertising, and such a huge fool like a thick female gasket in an enlarged form. And this fool and stuck in my fragile Taurus at some unexpected moment.

Going to the shore and licking the wound at the point of the camp on the beach, I thought about the imperfections of this world in the form of bad teachers, whether in school, university or camp, which can not be available to convey the essence of things to negligent students. I began to wait for the end of classes and girlfriends.

Here it is necessary for a pair of technical explanation about how practicing classes and hiking are arranged for them. The camp himself was in the forest, and the point on the beach, where the school gathered, was from him minutes in 15 walking and minutes 25 walking with surf in his hands. Surf, costume, snacks, towels and other renewals (and these are somewhat uncomfortable kilo junk) student carries on the beach himself. At the same time, the spot of our camp was located on the beach away from all people and through the river, which in the morning it was possible to move less calmly, and in the evening when the river was poured (why she poured out?!) How lucky: twist, jump or fly. On the first day, the road was given to us, the shuttle residents of the metropolis, with such difficulty that the forces to climb the surf was no longer. But you quickly get used to.

Let’s return to the injury that also turned out to be a mental. I sit so in a camp tent, a hand swells, scatters, comrades sympathize, sympathize. While I’m waiting for a girlfriend, the evening, and everyone starts to leave. One instructor left, left another, and eventually we left alone with a girlfriend with two packages of our junk and two healthy surfactants. It is difficult to say why none of the instructors thought about what, perhaps, I should help and that I can’t carry Surf, but the fact remains: we had a lot of keel things and 3 working hands for two, as well as the river, which On this day, there was a lot of grand format. This is Sparta, baby! We started building strategies how to transport me, things and surfs on the other side. I could not row and moving your hand at all, things could not be lowered into the water, because there are phones, and ahead of the rapidly roaring stream (but no, of course, but the flow was very strong). Our companions saved us, German scientists from CERN, who took the issue of transferring our things to another bank. When the question was decided with things, the question of the transfer of me. I sat down on Surf, and the girlfriend sailed and pushed him back. So Makar we got well to another shore, the girlfriend floated back behind her surf, and many minutes of my righteous anger I was one on one with the leader of the Canary Gang and the first-aid kit in their office. The solemn opening of the firstchka showed that it is empty. There is not that there was no ointment from bruises, which can be foreseen in a surf camp, or from Absadin (that’s the case happened in the forest), there was nothing gaping emptiness. Oh yes….there was a stationery scotch! The leader suggested that I put ice to hand, but I said that he did not know where to take it. Level manager God – I thought. But in the camp, the beach volleyball tournament began, and everyone moved there. My brush in the meantime began to shine. Ice in the end I got a surfer-laser engineer. I began to whine and screamed (yes, this particular word is suitable) to take me the next day to the hospital and make x-ray. The whole atmosphere and faces hinted to me that I am a wicker going to drive through hospitals. But I had a whole summer of adventure ahead and naturally I wanted to make sure I had no fracture. I, of course, just about … Ofigel from the organization of the camp, in which children and adolescents were mainly stuck, and in which there were no simplest things in the first-aid kit, some bandages or at least one tablet.

How not to choose a surf school and how to get into Sparta in France

Half the next day I spent in the hospital. The experience, of course, is a little regrettable, and even happened to cry from the fryushka, but I, as a fan of studying the entire state, was interesting to observe how the French Hospital works. I didn’t have a fracture, I wrapped my blue fingers and a few weeks for a few weeks, I didn’t give High Five for a few weeks, and High Three! (do not give five, and give three!). All expenses to me covered the most subscriber insurance, purchased online. I missed two days of classes, and on the third, when the camp photographer came to the beach, I decided to suffer myself, overcome pain and fear and curb the wave, climb on the surf and make a couple of fashionable photos. Fear to overcome and get up on the surf turned out, but make beautiful photos on the water not very. Although it is worth noting that the photographer in the camp was excellent, and the photo was obtained many times better than the camp.

I think the story about the blue hand is very eloquent and much suggests what to learn in school from the organizers-amateurants. About the cherry on the cake I will tell a little later, but still about the filling of this cake from naivety, stupidity and disregard. I sit, I, it means, in the canteen, excavation from myself another mosquito, how duty organizers in the kitchen begin to play with batches. In general, in secret, I, of course, jealously, after all, the bapton, it’s cool and funny. Just at some point, the Baton flew into a decanter, a decanter flew to the floor and small fragments flew into the sand, for which everyone goes. As one Minister of the our Federation says: Full ala-ulya. In general, in the future I tried this piece of sushi, but it seems someone liked the balance of decrees. Perhaps this point in the first-aid kit even appeared a plaster. Although smearing abrasions and bites in the camp all went to my girlfriend, which after the events with my hand stocked in the goods. On the other hand, in the same dining room I managed to delay the problem. In some part of the meal, a fragment of a nut was, and soon in my mouth turned out to be a fragment of my tooth. There could not help to help here, and I had to fight my panic about perhaps a lost tooth alone.

But back to the beautiful, back to Molts-e-Maaa. In Molts, it was possible to catch concerts on the beach, good parties in the local two bars (in which, however, they were mostly teenagers, and I felt a little aunt), a gorgeous nature, rolled products, sand dunes and the wind of freedom, where without him. I am sure, Moltsy is aidal place for a relaxing holiday. But we were healthy there, despite my miscalculation with the choice of camp. I would love to rest and relax and not think about Seref. The coast waves will suit more advanced surf users, and it is better to learn, apparently, somewhere on Bali in any more intelligible schools of surf.

The huge plus Molts is the proximity to San Sebastian, the gastronomic capital of Spain, where it is just very, very tasty Pinchos. There we went to our and neighboring camp, full of very young British. Although I lived at that time in London, such a crowd of drunk Britons became a certain surprise for me. They really liked to play the game to measure the size of the genital organs (and not the part of which you just thought should notice) what they did, picking up for a break and stalking from Sangria accepted and something else. It is difficult to call it an exciting spectacle, but it was exactly unusual. On the other hand, the view from the mountain on the city was simply magical, and with the view of the sun setting for the mountains, I spent more time than the ethnographic observations of the British. In addition, Colombian got on his arm for a conversation about life.

And here about Cherry! Cherry on the cake of the genius of idiocy and pofigism of the camp team became the final moments of interaction with them. After the camp of my next trip, there was a city of Bilbao, and for a meeting with her friend I had to arrive at Bilbao Airport. The campsites offered a transfer from the camp to Bilbao Airport for 30 (and maybe more) euro, and because there was no other pathways there, I agreed. In the morning we left Biarritz, abandoned my girlfriend to the city airport, and I was lucky further in Bilbao, which was about two hours drive. I do not know which of these moments was the most memorable: the one in which my driver, my once favorite of the pimple, the side of someone’s motorcycle, standing on the road, and uploaded to her car (this is Spain! We are all doing here, it’s just someone unnecessary motorcycle left on the road) or the one in which I was brought and unloaded at the airport of another city, from which it was several hours from Bilbao a few buses, which I subsequently had to overcome (- you I am sure that this is Bilbao? We like little row. – Of course, sure! I have already been here many times and always brought here surfers). The lesson here is this – do not fall asleep on the way to the airport in someone else’s car and check the name of the airport in which you are planted, on road signs. Because, alas, not everything in this world has grown with intelligent and honest.

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