How not to buy a fake ticket

All travelers dream of cheap air tickets, and when they find all the security systems give a failure. As they say, I see a goal, I do not see barriers. But sometimes these tickets and the site that sells them is fake. That is, you bought a cheap ticket, and at the airport it turned out that you did not buy anything.

If you have not noticed the trick at once, do not register yourself, because sometimes fraudsters organize such schemes that practically do not paint. Therefore, we are here – to teach you to recognize such sites and do not become a victim of fraudsters.

Maximum simple scheme

Scammers create a website with cheap air tickets to existing flights. After buying a ticket, you can even send a route receipt for truth. In fact, you pay the money, but will not fly away, because your ticket is not in a reservation system.

Sometimes scammers book your place in the plane. But the reservation is removed when the period of payment. Interestingly, a ticket booking confirmation comes to mail to your payment. It must be alarming. If you have already bought a ticket, then you no one will, alas (

How to distinguish the fake site before buying

But be a little more careful not to become a victim – it is quite possible in your power. To begin with, check the site registration date using the services, PR-CY.Ru or CY-PR.Com. Fake sites do not live longer than one or two months, because they are exposed. So if you caught straight from the tin resource – do not buy anything there.

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Pay attention yet to what:

  • Is there a support service and how quickly it reacts to messages and calls;
  • Are there any feedback on the seller and their limitation;
  • Does the address line correspond to the official site name;
  • Payment method of ticket. If you are asked to transfer money to the wallet or give the card number – in front of you a fraudster. Companies do not issue invoices or on Web Money type services.

But the example of a clone site. See what Chat there came out, and a banner with implausible discounts. If you see this, do not buy anything there. We do not have a chat on the main page, only in the messengers and in the application.

How not to buy a fake ticket

And here is the site with the address https: // / Use our contacts. In this place there may be contacts of any known resource with air tickets. be careful.

How to check the purchased ticket

This unit for those who have already bought tickets and doubt their authenticity. So, here are two ways to check this ticket or not.

Body Search Alone:

Try to find your ticket on booking systems in the PNR code, which is registered in the route receipt. Booking systems:

  1. Galileo
  2. Amadeus
  3. Sirena

Found? Exhale, with your ticket all right! If not found, perhaps the ticket was discharged another booking system, less popular. Panicing early.

Search for armor through the airline:

Sometimes the reservation can be found on the airline’s website. Or call the airline, they will definitely say there, be your trip or not.

Buying recommends

To check the sites "to old age", because some are not particularly bored and operate directly in social networks. Hence the rule: Never buy tickets on social networks and do not get in instagram on "fly now for half a favor, the rest is paid!". A group in VKontakte can create any schoolboy, that’s just a real ticket, he will not be able to write out.

Do not buy and with hands. The ticket is always suitable for a specific person, and you cannot change the name in 99% of cases. Therefore, even if a person really has a ticket, you will not fly to him.

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How not to buy a fake ticket

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