How not to become a visa violator?

Violation of the visa regime is quite serious misconduct, which can later lead to refusal in the following visas, and in the most launched cases and to deportation.

What is considered violation of the visa regime?

1. Non-targeted visa

Each visa is issued under a specific purpose of the visit, for example, tourism, study, work. If you received a tourist visa, but got a job, then this is already considered a violation of the visa regime, besides very serious.

Or another example of misuse &# 8211; get a visa at the Consulate of Finland and go to Spain on it, while never for the entire visa period not to visit the country issuing a visa, t.E. In this case, Finland. Check it is not difficult, if there is suspicion, the consulate can call the hotel that you entered the questionnaire when submitting documents for a visa.

Take sure better in advance.

For example, you received a visa at the France Consulate and fly to Paris with a transfer in Riga. Latvian stamps on the entrance and exit from Shengen will stand on your visa. How to prove that in fact you were in Paris? Do not throw out documents from your trips: accounts from hotels, landing coupons for flight, if these documents are not, then the usual extract on your card will be suitable (if you used it in Paris) for the period including your trip. There will be clearly seen that you used her in Paris, and not in Riga or anywhere else.

2. Violation of rules that are limited to your visa

For example, if you got a student visa that allows you to work up to 20 hours a week, and in fact worked a full day (40 hours), it is also considered a violation.

3. Violation of the timing of the visa

There may be several options:

  • Remained in the country after the date of the end of the visa. For example, your visa ended on September 1, and left the country of September 2nd.

Please note the validity of the visa ends exactly at midnight. If the end date of the visa costs 01/09/2014, then you must go until 23:59 01/09/2014.

  • Exceeded the permitted number of days of stay. For example, you have an annual Schengen with the number of days of stay 90 in the half. And you actually stayed 91 days.
How not to become a visa violator

4. Violation of the law and non-payment of fines

If you have violated the rules of the road and did not pay the fines or violated the law, then the visa will not be just.

What is the punishment for violation of the visa regime?

From how serious is the violation, depends on the degree of punishment.

Most often, you will simply refuse to issue the next visa. Such quarantine is not eternal, in a visa may refuse for several months or even years. As a rule, this information will be reported to you in the consulate. Most often, the ban on Shengen is made for 1 year. The maximum time to which you can get a ban &# 8211; 10 years old, but for this you will have to try hard.

Please note that if you have a quarantine to receive a visa at the consulate of any country that is part of Schengen, it automatically extends to all other countries in the Agreement.

At the moment they include: Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden and Estonia.

If you have received a refusal to visa the United States or the UK, it will not affect the decision on issuing a visa to other countries. The patch works only in the case of Shengen and Visas of Great Britain and Ireland, T.To. Honey with these two countries there is no passport control.

What about the force majeure?

If the violation is caused by force majeure circumstances, it is still a chance to rehabilitate in the eyes of the consulate. In the case of any force majeure, it is very desirable to have confirming documents: certificate from the doctor, an airline employee or airport, for example, when delaying or canceling a flight.

Be particularly attentive when buying a reverse ticket with a change in Schengen. Do not focus only at the date of departure, it is important for you to leave Shengen before the visa expires.

For example, your visa expires on September 1, you have a ticket Paris &# 8211; Moscow with a transfer in Riga. Departure from Paris on September 1 at 22:00, in Riga you arrive at 00:45 and pass the passport control will also be after this time. Since the timing of the visa expires 1/09 at 23:59 on the face Violation of the visa regime. If you know the route in advance your flight, then lay an extra day in the questionnaire when submitting documents for a visa.

Make sure that all documents are human or organization contacts that can confirm the information. These documents will be needed not only on the border, but also in the consulate when re-obtaining a visa.

How not to become a visa violator

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