How not to become a sloth

Coming cold dictate their rules. We become sleepy, slow and quite can joke to compare themselves with the sloths. And what do we actually know about these unearthly beings living on another edge of the planet? And is it necessary to be like them?

They always have a good mood

The sloths are always smiling, nature took care of this. All my life, they hang down their heads, and the attraction force lowers the corner of the mouth to the ground. Therefore, it turns out the real smile.

Smile – good rule! Without any gravity.

They possess good manners

Lensmen – the most cultural beasts! All their lives they are on the trees, but to go to the toilet, make energy-proof travel down, to the ground. Although something is difficult – to sing right from the branch, how do all the others do? The sloths know: in their nest is not shy.

Respect those who are near!

They carefully take care of

Slot wool often has a green shade due to algae developing in it. Algae serve beautiful disguise from predators! But there is one minus: they smell strongly, unlike the sloths.

The smell is well scareting the enemy. But if you become similar to the sloth, he will scare and friends. You definitely need it?

They sit on diet

How not to become a sloth

Despite a sedentary lifestyle, the sloths do not suffer from excess weight. Their diet – leaves, vegetables and fruits. Low-calorie food grows everywhere around, just have time to twist head. At the same time, the better the sloth eat, the more active. It will still not run anyway, but the mode can be adjusted. In volunteer centers to save animals, where food is supplied daily, the sloths go down to the ground every day, and more than once a week, as in wildlife. Unlike us, the animal does not need to drink 1.5 liters of water a day – he gets the necessary moisture with food consumed.

Is it worth moving in winter to the avocado diet – the question!

They are Sony?

It is believed that the sloths pay at 20 o’clock a day. In fact, it is not. Wood trees sleep, like we, seven or eight hours. The rest of the time they reflect.

Just what is needed in the cold. Wake up and think about the meaning of life under a warm blanket.

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