How not to be late for the plane?

Today we will raise the subject of late for the plane and give some tips how to avoid late.

Collect all things in advance

This applies not only to the suitcase and hand bag, but also to the clothes in which you will go. Do not forget that at the airport you will undergo security control so as not to lose time on it, give preference for shoes on a flat sole and clothing without metal parts. Still standing in the queue for control, remove the belt and lay out the keys, coins, lighters and t from the pocket.D., Prepare a laptop to inspection.

Register for flight online

Online registration will save you a lot of time. Normal registration for flight at the airport ends 40 minutes before departure. If you know exactly what is late for a plane, register online on the way to the airport, for example, using a mobile phone.

Landing tickets can be obtained at the airport, for example, at the agent at landing or at the airline ticket office. Yes, and on many flights already enter mobile boarding coupons, it is enough to show the phone screen.

Please note that mobile registration also ends 40 minutes before departure.

Pay a taxi driver in advance

If you get to the airport, pay the carriage in advance as soon as you sit in the car. Most often, the airport taxi drivers are carried by the meter, but at a fixed rate. So you will have the opportunity to quickly run to the airport as soon as you come to the terminal without losing time on calculations with the driver.

Examine the airport card

If you have access to the Internet, then travel the airport card on the way. Look at the board, from which gate will be your departure. So you will know in what direction running when you get to the airport, especially if he is big.

Go without turn

If there is a very big queue for passport control or security control, then try to bypass it, more precisely, go without turn. To do this, you will need a printed route receipt, MAXA which and shouts &# 8211; &# 8220; I’m lying, my plane will now fly away, please miss&# 8221; You will have to make your way to a passport control officer.

How not to be late for the plane

It does not always work if children are with you, then the chance increases, but it is worth trying. The main thing is not rude and do not impose, ask politely.

First find the gate

Even if you are not late and time before departure is enough, first find the gate from which the plane will fly, and only then go to Duty Free.

And remember that no one personally invite you to land! Perhaps you heard that the airport is often announced by the last name of passengers and asked to go to the landing, do not hope that it will also be called you will be called, they can declare, and may not. Listen not to your last names, and ads that landing began on your flight, it is always announced.

Ask help

Saw at the airport of the representative of the airline you fly? Fine! Tell him that you are late and ask to help you pass all the procedures quickly and without queue. For pity you can add that you fly the first time and do not know what to do and where to run.

The same applies to flights with a transplant, if the aircraft stays late and there is a chance that you are late for a connection flight, warn about this flight attendant, ask if he can help. Fortunately, sometimes can 🙂

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