How not to be late for the flight with a short dock at the airport

A little about late for the flight during transplantation we have already written, but the last time they emphasized what to do if you were late. Now we will give some tips to help you avoid late.

1. Book places in the forefront. So you will be among the first who will come out of the aircraft.

If the landing is carried out through the tele-ladder (sleeve), right in the airport building, then you, without losing a second, you can proceed to the next aircraft.

If the bus meets you, then there is no point to go out, you still will wait for it until it is filled with other passengers, but also to sit until the end is also not worth. As a rule, passengers meet 2 buses and it is imperative to get into the one that will be the first.

Keep in mind that the 1st row most often put passengers with young children, so there may be noisy.

2. In advance, examine the airport card transplant. So you will save a lot of time oriented at the airport. It is even better to print it, draw a movement scheme and take it with you.

3. Fly without baggage. If you died yourself up, t.E. Weought 2 separate tickets, then in the change point you will have to pick up your luggage and pass it again (do not forget to immediately dig all the tags from the previous flight, otherwise the chance does not see your suitcase on arrival increases). This procedure can take a lot of time, not everywhere the baggage is delivered to the tape instantly, sometimes it is necessary to wait for 20-40 minutes.

How not to be late for the flight with a short dock at the airport

If you have a single ticket, you can not worry about baggage, your suitcase you will only receive in the end item of your route.

4. Start alarm clock. It will help not to sleep your flight in case you decide to take a little nice or just fascinated by purchases in Duty Free. On your landing coupon indicated the start time of landing on the plane. Usually it is 30-40 minutes before departure. Create alarm clock for this time. Landing ends 20 minutes before departure and if you are late by this time, it will be very difficult to flourish.

5. If you have a catastrophic time to change, and there is a passport control ahead, ask you to go without a queue. If you do it politely, then you can go to meet and skip forward.

6. Warn the aircraft crew that you are late for the following flight. Sometimes they can help in this case, when leaving the aircraft, you will be waiting for an employee who spends you for the next flight bypassing all the turns.

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