How not to be afraid to fly

Fear of flight – relatively young phobia generated by the technical progress of the 20th century, and in our time one of the most common. Why is the upcoming flight on the safest transport, causes absolute panic from the passengers? What are the reasons for such a state how it is manifested and there are ways to deal with this "ailment"?

Why does fear arise?

One of the most common reasons – Wide lighting in the media and television of a plane crash, often accompanied by shocking details. Except people immediately carry this situation on themselves and, if they have a air travel, often refuse him in favor of another transport.

Can provoke a response and has previously experienced by stress during flight (Turbulence, emergency landing, a sudden reaction of the organism as dizziness, fainting, nausea).

There are passengers for which unbearably being in a confined space when it is impossible to control the situation. Another reason is fear of terrorists hijacking. Can long list which is why people are afraid to fly, one thing is clear – they all share defies any logic sense of the fear of death.

What are the symptoms?

It’s no secret that at the time of flight, particularly long-term, any organism is exposed to high loads. This is especially true for people with poor health, the elderly, pregnant women, etc.D. Such passengers are usually adequately respond to small changes in the state of health and are able to control them.

Quite a different picture unfolds in fearing to fly. They are so calledesposobny to manage their condition, it becomes apparent even to others.

Among the main symptoms:

&# 8211; shaky, uncertain gait already approaching the ramp;
&# 8211; loss of concentration, confusion when answering the questions;
&# 8211; sudden paleness or redness of the skin;
&# 8211; shortness of breath, sweating, restlessness unjustified.

How not to be afraid to fly

Subjectively feel palpitations, dry mouth, feeling short of breath, pain in the heart. In severe cases, it develops panic attack.

How to deal?

If these symptoms persist, you should already consider this condition as a phobia. In this case, the person should see a doctor and start taking the money, soothing the nervous system. Before the flight, it is desirable to sleep well, do not watch negative news, to bring your headphones to listen to music after takeoff.

Do not listen to every inexplicable sound made by air, Many of them, such as rattle, hum, noise, tapping the norm, although alarming passengers.

Finally, it should be clearly understood that aircraft control is not random people, and a team of professionals, Included in which there are not one hundred successful takeoffs and landings.

If nothing helps, you can resort to the old proven method – take a little alcohol and try to sleep. This will help relieve tension in a situation, which one way or another does not depend on us.
And it is not bad to remember that according to statistics, the percentage of the aircraft crash is negligible compared to other accidents.

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