How much to take money to Israel

What amount to prepare on current costs, if you fly to relax in Israel? How much does it cost to eat in restaurants, cafes and Street Fud? How many dishes are in local McDonalds, Kfc, Burger King? How much is transport, attractions, excursions? Read the answers below in this article.

Important notes

First. Further, we publish all the prices in Israeli shekels, as it is possible to pay everywhere with shekels, supermarket prices and restaurant menu will be only in Shekels. To understand prices in rubles, euros or dollars, see the official course in our article "Israeli Shekel" or use Shekel Calculator.

Second. All Inclusive system is almost never found in Israel. In Eilat, only a dozen hotels offer AI service, and prices for accommodation (tours) in this case are very high. Therefore, in the course of the article, we will pay the greatest attention to food problems. We proceed from the fact that the breakfast of the tourist is included in the hotel accommodation.

Third. Cook morally – everything is expensive. Israel is a very expensive country. According to the results of 2018, Israel occupied the 13th place in the list of the most expensive countries of the world.

Eilat – Zone without taxes

Resort Eilat on the Red Sea is a free trade zone. Goods and services here are not taxable VAT (VAT). The VAT (VAT) rate is now in Israel – 17%, and logically, all goods and services here must cost 17% cheaper, and due to the lack of duties up to 30% cheaper.

But in practice, everything is not so rosy. Goods and services in Eilat cost about the same as much as in the rest of Israel, well, or a little bit cheaper.

Now we will not carry out a detailed price analysis, but simply give the numbers from the site NUMBEO.Com. According to statistics, the cost of goods and services in Eilat is only 9% lower than in Tel Aviv, and 0.2% lower than in Jerusalem.

So we call on our readers not to believe advertising that Eilat is all ultra-cheap, and do not rush to shopping. Do not save much.

Further in this article we will give prices for Israel as a whole, we will not make a division for different cities.

Prices in cafes and restaurants

The usual price of meat or fish dishes in the mid-level restaurant – 35-45 shekels.

Snack from Falafel or Humus – 15-20 Shekels.

Juices, lemonade, soda – 8-10.

Glass of beer or wine – 10-15.

For the middle lunch or dinner, plan to pay 70-80 shekels per person.

Naturally, this is average prices, and there are restaurants cheaper, there is much more expensive. If we found a place where you can dine over 40 shekels – then it is a big luck, use the opportunity.

In Israel, there is such a phenomenon as a "business lunch". Dining time offers a set: salad (starter) + main dish + drink for 35-50 shekels. On Israeli standards is very profitable. Use.

Prices in restaurants near hotels can be found in advance!

This feature of Israel. Almost all restaurants, cafes and even small snacks have acquired their Web sites. Here tourists do not need to run around the hotel around the hotel and choose an acceptable restaurant. You can find out prices in advance by Web sites.

This is just done. You need to go to Google Maps, there find your hotel. See which restaurants there are nearby, click on their icons, and the address of their Web site can be seen.

In the screenshot, it is clearly clearly shown to click and what to watch, click on the screenshot to increase. Please note that the screenshot shows a conventional tent with shawarma. This is a local network of 7 such tents, and they have their own web site! In Israel, this is a completely ordinary situation. If it goes further, then soon tents with shawarma and trays with pies will begin to distribute club and discount cards.

Morally get ready for the site only in Hebrew. Use the integrated translator built into the browser, it turns terrible, but the general meaning is more or less understandable. Look for the menu and learn prices.

So you can choose suitable places near the hotel in advance and you will not spend the precious time of rest.

Prices in fast foods and Street Fud

Big pizza in pizzeria – 55-70 shekels.

A piece of big pizza – 10-12.

Falafel – from 10 to 20, depends on the size and place of sale.

Big Shawarma – 30-45.

Sandwiches and burgers – from 10 to 20, dependent on the size.

Burkes (local version of the burea) – from 10 to 20, depends on the size and filling.

In general, it is necessary to eat Street Food (by the standards of Israel). If you buy water or gas in the store and is in Street Food, you can put in 50 shekels per day, but it is better to calculate at least 75.

Big Mac in McDonalds – 16 Shekels.

5 chicken strippers in KFC – 28.

Bowper Burger King – 26.

Prices in popular fast foods in Israel are 2 times higher than in Russia. Here for 50 shekels do not enter the day. Calculate at least 100 shekels per day.

Alternative – supermarket cooking

As with us, in most supermarkets sell ready-made baking and other dishes. Buns with filling cost from 3 to 5 shekels per piece (100 grams). If you eat in cooking, it is already quite realistic to meet in 50 shekels per person per day.

Prices for food in supermarkets

The cheapest way to eat on any trip is to buy bread, butter, cheese, meat products and eat sandwiches of them. This is already verified by generations of tourists. Of course, not the most useful diet for health, but ultra-cheap.

If you rent apartments or room in the apart hotel, you can cook food and solve the supply problem even for 25-30 shekels per person per day. But everything already depends on your diet and food habits.

Details about prices for basic food products, most convenient supermarkets and ways to save money in our article "Product prices in Israel".


Public transport in Israel is developed weakly. Metro is not at all, only trams and buses. For tourists it is very uncomfortable, as they need to know their routes.

Therefore, most often you have to move on a taxi. Prices are high, but not astronomical: 12.3 shekels for landing (in Eilat 10.5) and 5 per kilometer. There are many features and surcharges that we spoke in detail in the article "Taxi in Israel".

If still found the right bus or tram, the tickets are also the most – 5,9 shekels for one trip and more expensive.


With excursions, the situation is simple, since there are very few. No wonder country is small.

Excursions from Eilat:

Jerusalem and Bethlehem – 95-115 dollars per person.

Day on the Dead Sea – 100-120 dollars per person.

Safari on jeeps or camels – about 50 dollars per person.

Walking on yachts, cruises – from 20 to 50 dollars, depends on the duration and included snacks and beverages.

Tickets for attractions

Museum of Art Tel Aviv – 50.

How much to take money to Israel

Israel Land Museum – 52.

Towers of Azrieli (observation deck) – 22.

We think the price level is understandable on the basis of these numbers. In combination with expensive transport it turns out that the inspection of local attractions is even cheaper, if you visit them with a group excursion. Well, at least, that the Wall of Crying and in the Temple of the Coffin of the Lord is allowed for free.

Souvenirs and gifts

A bottle of Israeli pomegranate wine – from 20 shekels for a bottle of 0.7 liters.

Magnitics, key rings and other small souvenirs – from 5 shekels for the thing.

Cosmetics of the Dead Sea – from 50 shekels per jar of cream or from 30 Salt jar.

Strawberries and fruits can cost differently depends on the season. Read the details in our article "Fruits in Israel".

A set of souvenirs and gifts from Israel small. We recommend putting 100 dollars, buy a worthy (albeit small). Naturally, we are not taking into account the purchase of religious items in large quantities or the more antiques.

Read the ideas of interesting gifts in our article "What to bring from Israel".


The numbers below are given in terms of 1 person. It is understood that we came to relax a batch tour or have already paid flight, hotel, transfer from the airport.

Tariff "Student". Eat in Street Fuds, supermarket cooking or sandwiches. We are looking for buses to the nearest free or affordable attractions. Set of gifts.

Costs: $ 25 per day (nutrition) + 50 dollars (sights).

Tariff "Tourist". Eat mixed – in Street Fud, fast foods or inexpensive cafes and restaurants. We are going on a tour of Jerusalem, and allow yourself one sightseeing tour or visits to the local special attraction. Set of gifts and souvenirs Basic.

Costs: 45 dollars per day (nutrition) + 150 dollars (attractions) + 100 dollars (gifts).

Tariff "I am only a beach". Eat in cafes and restaurants that close to the hotel and the beach. On the excursions do not go in general, only in the local shopping center for entertainment and to the store. Set of gifts and souvenirs Basic.

Costs: $ 55 per day (nutrition) + 100 dollars (gifts).

Tariff "on a wide leg". Well eat in restaurants of different levels. We are going to Jerusalem, we look at a few attractions on a taxi or with an excursion. A set of gifts and souvenirs big.

Costs: 75 dollars per day (meal) + 300 dollars (attractions) + 200 dollars (gifts).

Useful advice

– Be very neat when buying antiquity items. Theoretically, the law in Israel allows their free sale and export abroad. But in practice, many nuances, about which we were told in detail in the article "What can not and can be taken out of Israel";

– If you want to save on food and bring something with you, do not forget about the restrictions on customs. Read our article "What can and cannot be imported to Israel";

– smokers highly recommend taking cigarettes with themselves, in Israel a cigarette is very expensive. Details in our article "Smoking and Cigarettes in Israel";

– lovers of drinking on vacation will also recommend taking with them the most allowed stock of alcohol from home. Details in our article "Alcohol in Israel".

Have a good holiday in Israel, and read our interesting articles about this country (the list below).

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How much to take money to Israel

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