How much to take money to Cyprus

Calculate the cost of one day in Cyprus (not counting the price of a tour or hotel and airline ticket) it is quite difficult. The amount depends on the goals of the rest, someone will simply dedicate her body and soul the beach, someone will seem to watch the sights, someone will break into the life of nightclubs and discos. For each case, your amount, but we will try to consider different options.

How much cost to eat in the cafe

Almost does not occur in Cyprus, the All Inclusive system is almost not found, but almost all hotels are located in the city feature, and within walking distance there are cafes and restaurants.

Portions in Cypriot establishments of the catering large, often on two you can order one dish, and this will be enough. We recommend this and save money and save the waist. Having ordered the main dish of meat or fish, get a side dish and salad, bread and sauces. The cost of such a dish is from 10 to 20 euros.

Cyprus is accepted to pour a dish with lemon juice, lemon is also included in the price. From whom this tradition went, now it is difficult to say, because Cyprus cuisine has arisen under the influence of culinary traditions of Greeks, Arabs, Turks, Venetians and the British. Read our article "Cyprus Cuisine".

At least once you need to try mese, it’s not one dish, but at once somewhat (up to three tens) small portions. Bread, sauces and seasonings are served to dishes. Price Meza in Cyprus Cafe – from 20 to 35 euros.

– Snack from scrambled eggs or sausages with a cup of coffee – 5-6 euros;

– Portion of soup as the most budget option to eat – 2-5;

– One dish for two (light lunch or dinner) – 10-20;

– Abundant dinner for two with a bottle of local wine – 50-70;

– Tips – 5-10% of the score.

For example, in an inexpensive cafe on the Limasolla Embankment: Masaka – 10 euros, Kliftiko (Yaghnunka Meat) – 13, Desserts – 4-5, coffee – 2-3. Fish and seafood dishes in Cyprus (however, like everywhere) Pretty expensive: Kalmarov rings – 12 euros, shrimps – 17, octopus on the grill or fish-sword – 15.

Important Council! If not to be lazy and move away from tourist routes for a couple of hundred meters, then you can eat in the cafe by 20-30% cheaper.

How much is it costs in the restaurant

In restaurants a variety of dishes more, the service is better, and often you can meet our-speaking staff. But the prices are higher than in simple cafes.

– Snacks: Salty vegetables, olives, nuts – from 2 to 4 euros;

– Salads from vegetables with chicken or tuna – 7-10;

– Soups and side dishes – 5-6;

– Main dishes (without side dishes) – 8-11 meat, 12-17 fish;

– Portion of kebabs for two or meat assorted – 14-19;

– Small portions of grilled dishes: chops, chicken wings or breast, beef or lamb – 7-9;

– Squid, octopus or fish fillet – 10-15;

– Tea, coffee, hot chocolate – 1-3;

In restaurants you can order a meze, but prices below 20 euros are not waiting. However, compared with the cafe, the range of the components of the mez is more refined. Mesa order in the calculation of the minimum for two.

Some restaurants offer the usual ours "Business Lunch", it will cost 10-16 euros.

It happens that after paying customer account pleases the chef fruit cutting, ice cream or dessert. Should not be surprised, competition in Cyprus is acute, there is a struggle for customers, and every institution wants you to return again.

Prices in supermarkets

If it is possible to cook, you can seriously save. Moreover, prices for most products in Cypriot supermarkets are comparable to our.

Bread – 1 euro, cereals – 1.2-1.5 per kilogram, red meat – 8 per kilogram, chicken – 6, local cheese – 6-7 per kilogram. Potatoes, Onions, Cabbage – 0.5-0.75 per kilogram, Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Tomatoes – 1.2-1.8 per kilogram.

Of course, prices vary depending on the location of the store. In the resort areas of the price above, in supermarkets away from the beaches just below.


Cyprus public transport system consists of buses and taxis. Bus ride worth 1,5 euros Day and 2.5 in the evening (after 21:00). Direct for all day – 5 euros. About routes and rules for use by Cyprus buses, read our article "Buses in Cyprus".

Taxi is expensive, read about prices in our article "Taxi in Cyprus".


As beads in a beautiful necklace, the ancient monasteries, churches, chapels are scattered around Cyprus. All of them are beautiful and tell us the complex story of the island of Cyprus. And let the overwhelming majority of their most rebuilt and did not reach our time in pristine, look at them.

Interesting and the legacy of ancient times – the ancient Greeks and Romans. As you know, Cyprus – the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. But how much is it worth looking at all this?

Natural attractions can be viewed free of charge, in most churches and monasteries. But you have to fork out for transport.

Prices for the entrance to Cyprus Aquaparks Available: Waterworld Waterpark in Ayia Napa – 38 Euros, Fasuri Water Park in Limassol – 29, Aphrodite Water Park in Paphos – 30.

Visiting local zoos will cost 5-10 euros, attractions in amusement parks – 3-4 euros or 1 euro for a token on automata. Hike in the oceanarium "Ocean Aquarium" In Protaras, it will cost 13 euros, the show of dancing fountains in Protaras – 23 Euro.

A visit to museums, ruins and archaeological parks – from 2 to 5 euros. For example, Colossi Castle – 4.5 euros, the royal tombs in Paphos – 2.5 euros, Kato Paphos Archaeological Park – 4.5 euros.

Prices for excursions

Excursions are an excellent way to save time, because in one day the excursion bus will bring to several attractions immediately. But on the money excursions are less beneficial than independent trips.

How much to take money to Cyprus

On average, the excursions in Cyprus are 40-50 euros. Diving – 55-65 for one dive. Some excursions can be up to 100 euros, especially if the landmark is far from the resort, gasoline in Cyprus is very expensive.

Especially tourists are popular tourists in Mount Todos, where to reach the most problematic. Watching the villages of Omodos and Lefkara, Kickkos Monastery, Ancient Curion, Cat Monastery.

Prices for souvenirs and gifts

In detail about souvenirs, gifts and prices we told in the article "What to bring from Cyprus".

If smoking

Cyprus is very expensive cigarettes, it is better to take with you. We talked about the norms of import and prices in the article "Cigarettes in Cyprus".

Fans of drink

With alcohol, the situation is much better, it is cheap and diverse here. On prices and laws, read the article "Alcohol in Cyprus", and about local drinks Article "Cyprus Alcohol".

Communication costs

Call home from abroad – it is always expensive, the Internet in Cyprus is cheap wonders. Read the details, see prices and options in our articles "How to call Cyprus" and "Internet in Cyprus".

More expenses

– Few hotels in Cyprus boasts their own beach. Public beaches, where you need to pay for sun loungers and umbrellas. Rental price for day – 2-3 euros;

– Not all diseases and injuries are covered by insurance, in some cases for medical services will have to pay. Details in our article "Insurance in Cyprus";

– Car rental – from 30 euros per day and above, above, above.. Fines for violations on the road Weighing, we were told about them in the article "What is impossible in Cyprus".


– The breakfast is "on a wide leg": breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner in restaurants, visit several sights on a taxi, we do not refuse themselves in the bars. Cook 150-200 euros for a day for two.

– Option "Moderate": Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner in a cafe, go to the restaurant for dinner a couple of times, go to the sights by bus, do not go to the bars. 70-100 euro for a day for two.

– Option "Student": eat products from the supermarket (culinary departments), attractions are only free and by bus (or on foot), we do not pay on the beaches for sun loungers and umbrellas, sunbathe on their towels. 30-50 euro for a day for two.

We wish you fun and cheap time in Cyprus, and read our cognitive and interesting articles about this island and the country (Links below).

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