How much to take money to Austria

On this page, let’s talk in detail about current expenses during rest in Austria. How much money will go to food, transport, places of interest, gifts? How to save and not overpay?

At ski resorts

Prices for food, transport and other services in the cities of Austria almost do not differ. But at ski resorts, prices can be both comparable to prices in cities and 2 or 3 times higher.

For example. In the pizzeria in the ski resort of Kitzb├╝hel in 2019, pizza diameter 23 centimeters can be ordered for 11-12 euros. And in Vienna in Dominos, a similar pizza, but a diameter of 29 centimeters will cost 10 euros. The difference in price of about 1.6 times.

To learn in advance the level of prices on a particular ski resort, we recommend reading the reviews of skiers and thematic forums. This is a complex and narrow topic that we are on our site to review are not at risk.

Therefore, in this article we will consider prices in Vienna.

The main rule – how not to overpay

In order to do not spend extra on the problem of "bread" (that is, on food), remember the important rule: never eat in cafes and restaurants near sightseeing or tourist routes.

Of course, in any country prices in taverns on tourist routes are higher, but in Austria, this is especially bright. Viennese Schnitsel in the usual restaurant costs 7-8 euros, in a restaurant on the tourist route pay 24-30. A piece of Austrian strlard in the usual restaurant costs 3 euros, paying 10 on the tourist route. At the same time, dishes will be approximately the same and to taste, and in size. The difference is about 3 times!

However, this difference in price is observed only for traditionally Austrian dishes, which first of all want to try tourists. This is strudel, Schnitzel, Austrian Goulash, Tafelspitz. On simple dishes and drinks, the difference is already tolerable – + 30-50%.

During the trip to Austria, 9 out of 10 tourists the main article of the current expenses are food.

How much cost to eat in the cafe

Feed in Austria in a cafe – expensive, if compared with similar costs in Russia. Full dinner or dinner with drinks will cost 15-25 euros per person.

– Cup of coffee – from 2.5 to 5 euros;

– Kruzan or a small bun – from 1 to 1.5;

– A large piece of cake or strver with jam or syrup – from 2.5 to 4;

– Ghazering – about 2 euros per cup of 0.5 liters;

– Beer – 2.5 – 4 per bottle or glass of 0.5 liters;

– Saintwich or burger with froth potatoes – from 4 to 6;

– Schnitzel, Gulyash and other meat dishes – from 5 to 8;

– salads – from 3 to 10 euros per portion (depends on the composition);

– Soups – from 2.5 to 5 for a portion (depending on the composition).

All You Can Eat – for those who want to save

Restaurants and halls on the "ALL YOU CAN EAT" system – this is the last trend of the Austrian catering, they massively began to appear at the end of 2017 and 2018. This buffet, where you pay once and can eat as much as it gets into the digestive system. For tourists, this is a great way to save.

Such institutions are called or "All You Can Eat", or "All You Can Fit", or "Buffet". Now there are more hundreds in Vienna. Most often it is a restaurant Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian or Pakistani cuisine. Buffet’s restaurants with European cuisine exist, but they are now within a dozen in Vienna, to look for.

The price of the entrance is from 7 to 20 euros per person, the price for breakfast, for lunch and dinner. Some Buffet establishments work not a full day, but only for breakfast or only for lunch, carefully study the schedule.

The range of dishes is quite worthy. For lunch or dinner, there is usually soup, a few salads to choose from, light snacks, a few garnings and meat dishes. Fish here is rarely found, but do not dream about seafood.

Remember several rules. 1 – Drinks Never included in the price. 2 – drinks can not be brought with you. 3 – In some establishments, Buffet has a fine for the remaining food in a plate, eat to the end in order to avoid troubles, and it’s better not to take extra.

Business lunch

In Austria, there is also a "business lunch", but the Austrians under this phrase understand a little different. We are accustomed to cafes and restaurants offer for lunchtime sets of three dishes at discounted prices. Here prices are far from low, and business lunch will cost "in a penny".

Lunch of 3 dishes costs from 25 to 40 euros per person. It includes: soup or starter, main dish (meat or fish with side dish) and dessert. The price includes a glass of wine, beer or soda. The system "Business Lunch" is most often offered expensive restaurants, where the same dishes in the usual menu will cost even more.

Great value Austrian business lunch for tourists does not represent. It’s easier to go to any cafe or inexpensive restaurant and order dishes from the menu.

Fast Fud and Street Fud

For example, we give the Austrian McDonald`s price list: Hamburger or Cheeseburger – 1 euro; Double cheeseburger – 2; File-O-Fish – 3.5; Chicken McNaggets – 4.6 for 9 pieces, 7.7 per 20 pieces; Standard Potato Fries – 2.2; Little coffee – 1.

Four in fast foods are a very economical option.

In Street Fuds, a large senshich, burger, hot dog or kebab – from 2.5 to 3.5 euros. Almost always in this price also includes portion of potatoes fries or salad. A piece of pizza – about 3, rice or noodles with vegetables and chicken in Pan Asian Street Fudge – 3.5-5.5.

If we compare with prices in Russia, then Street Fudies in Austria expensive. Now there is a piece of pizza worth 1-2 euros (if we translate our prices in rubles in euros), burger or senterch – 2 euros. In addition, Street Fudi is not as well from a sanitary point of view, so they do not recommend them.

How much is it costs in the restaurant

Main dishes (meat or fish) – 10-15 euros; paste – 7-10; Salads – 7-12; Soups – 4-7; Cup of coffee – 3-5; Beer – 4-5 per 0.5 liters; Wine glass – from 2.5.

If you decide to have lunch or dinner in a good restaurant, you prepare 25-35 euros per person. In Vienna, a huge number of inexpensive restaurants, where the situation is not chic, and the same lunch or dinner is already 15-25 euros.

How much food is in stores

If there is an opportunity to cook, then rest will reduce it.

Vegetables: potatoes – 1 euro per kilogram; carrots or cabbage – 2; Tomatoes – 2.5; Bow – 1.5. Watch the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge.

Fruits: Apples – 2 euros per kilogram; bananas – 1.7; Oranges – 2; Plums – 1,8.

Garniirs: pasta – 0.5-0.8 euros per pack of 500 grams; Fig and other cereals – 1 euro per kilogram.

Meat: Chicken – 8-12 euros per kilogram; beef – 12-20; Pork – 6-12; Smoked sausages and meat delicacies – 25-30 euros per kilogram; Sausages – 7-11.

Other products: bread – 1.5-2.5 euros per 500 grams; Milk – 1 euro per liter; Eggs – 2.5 euros for a dozen; Creamy oil – 6.5-8 per kilogram; Cheeses – from 12 to 20 per kilogram.

Some tourists take ready-made products in the store and eat very cheap. For example, they took a bambon of chopped bread, cheese, bananas, it turns out a hearty lunch.

And there is even a small category of travelers who drive with their small burner and prepare in the hotel room. We want to warn that in all hotels, the rules are forbidden to include heating devices in the power grid. But when the rules stopped our?


In Vienna it is most convenient to move on the subway. The price of one trip is 2.4 euros, children’s – 1.2, travel day – 8, travel for 3 days – 17.1. Metro diagram in our and price details and prices Read our article "Metro Vienna". The same tickets are used to pay trips on the tram and bus.

Moving on a taxi is much more expensive. Landing – from 3.8 euros, a kilometer – from 1.05 to 1.42. For details, see our article "Taxi in Austria".

Separate article costs – a trip from the airport and to the airport. Read about it in our article "A trip from Vienna to the city".

How much to take money to Austria

Cigarettes and alcohol

Cigarettes in Austria Dear – 4-5 euros per pack. To not overpay, take with you, read about the norms of importation in our article "What can not and can be imported into Austria". About where to buy local cigarettes where you can smoke and can not, read in our article "Smoking in Austria".

Prices for alcohol in stores in Austria are slightly higher than here we read about in our article "Alcohol in Austria – prices and rules".

Tickets for attractions

Visiting sights in Austria – Pleasure expensive. For example: Sch├Ânbrunn Palace – 10 or 14 euros, depends on the visiting program; Belvedere Palace – 25 for inspecting the entire palace, including the art gallery; Habsburg treasurers in Hofburg – 12; Hundertwasser House – free of charge; St. Stephen’s Cathedral (catacombs, museum, climb to the tower) – 15.

Souvenirs and gifts

Souvenirs: Magnets – from 2 euros, beer mugs – from 10 to 30 (depending on size), souvenir T-shirts – from 8.

Sweets: Candy "Mozart" – from 5 euros per box 200 grams, a piece of cake "Zaher" – from 5, chocolates and Wafers Manner – from 1.

To buy a worthy set of gifts, we recommend that 100 euros.

Details about prices for gifts and souvenirs Read in our article "What to bring from Austria".

Other spending

– In Austria, you can easily "shock" a penalty for the abandoned urn paper, the transition of the street to a red light or for unpaid passage in transport, if you forgot to validate the ticket. Fines are not very large – from 50 to 100 euros, but it is better to be ready to be prepared morally and financially. Read the details in our review "What can not be in Austria to tourists".

– In Austria, there is a tourist tax that accommodate hotels. Tax may be already included in the cost of booking or tour, and maybe not. In the latter case, they will ask to pay tax during eviction, the amount of tax in Vienna – 2.5% of the cost of residence. Details in our article "Hotel Tax in Austria".

– Internet and phone calls home can be very expensive. In order not to "go broken" on communication services, it is better to choose and activate the most favorable options in roaming. Or you can buy an Austrian SIM card on site. More profitable and more convenient? Read in our reviews "How to call from Austria" and "Internet in Austria".


Repeat that the speech in this article goes only about current expenses. We do not speak about prices for flights and hotels.

Tariff "Do not refuse yourself". Take 120 euros per person per day + from 200 euros for souvenirs.

Eat in cafe and restaurants. We attend any sights and go to the taxi. Bring a chic set of gifts.

Tariff "Balanced". Take 50 euros per person per day + 100 euros for souvenirs.

Eat in a cafe or buffet, sometimes snack in fast foods. We attend a few paid attractions. We go to the subway, sometimes on a taxi when it is difficult to get by public transport. Bring a small but worthy set of gifts.

Tariff "Student". Take 20 euros per person per day.

Eat or food from the store, or in buffet, or in fast food cheaper. We attend mostly free sights. We go only on the subway, from the airport and to the airport on S-Bahn. Souvenirs bring in minimum, do not drink, do not smoke (at least local cigarettes).

Important advice

– If you are going to actively attend sights, then buy yourself Vienna Card. It will help save;

– if you want to save and take something with you, such as products, then be sure to read our article "What can not and can be imported into Austria";

– What else to take with you, except for money, read in our article "What to take with you to Austria".

Successful walks in Vienna and other Austrian cities, good weather in the mountains, and read our interesting and useful for tourists Pages about Austria (List of articles below).

How much to take money to Austria

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