How much money to take to Turkey

How much money to prepare for rest in Turkey to current expenses? What spending waiting even in the case of all inclusive? What amount to cook on food and drinks, where it is more profitable to eat? How much are excursions, transport tickets, gifts and souvenirs? Read the answers in our article.

Prices in this article are relevant for June 2021. Turkish currency continues to fall, and for 2021, the Turkish Lira has already depreciated by 20%. Prices in Turkey are growing steadily, but there is an important nuance. Grow prices that are expressed in Turkish lies. But prices for goods and services in dollars remain in general have been stable for several years.

ALL INCLUSIVE and without – Like a big difference?

If you drive to the hotel without the All Inclusive system (all inclusive), then read this article completely.

If you drive through the All Inclusive system, then skip the sections about drinks, food and alcohol.

At the end of the article we will give the final figures for all options. And now we will analyze the 11 main costs of expenses.

1. Communication – Calls Home and Internet

The problem of communication on vacation is divided into two submissions: how to call home for acceptable money and how to use the Internet. And it happens that the optimal solutions of these two tasks are not compatible in one smartphone.

Local SIM cards give more favorable Internet than roaming, but they do not give acceptable calls. Therefore, for most tourists we will recommend the roaming options. But what option to choose?

For calls there are several interesting options. The choice depends on how many minutes you need for vacation (or a day). In detail all the options we disassembled in the article "How to call from Turkey Döshevo".

The Internet problem can be solved with Wi-Fi in the hotel, if it is free, acceptable quality and good coating. If not, then you need to choose between options and local SIM. In both cases, there are posses and cons. In detail, we disassemble the situation in the article "Internet in Turkey Doshevo".

An important nuance for the Internet. Prices for traffic in Turkey low. Watch the photo of the stand above, click on the photo to enlarge. However, the new SIM card (contract conclusion) from Turkish operators now costs 150 lire! And for the tourist, such an Internet is already quite notice.

And one more nuance. In Turkey for using the phone (smartphone) you need to pay a special tax, otherwise the phone will block. We described this problem in detail in articles, links to them just above.

2. Gifts and souvenirs

From Turkey you can bring a lot of interesting souvenirs, and most edible. Prices Next, we bring in Turkish lies, see the actual course in the article "What Money in Turkey".

Turkish Pahlava costs 60-70 lir per kilogram (100-120 per pistachio grade).

Turkish bowum stands from 30 per kilogram and to infinity, there is an ultra-expensive variety.

Turkish halva costs from 35 per kilogram.

Turkish vodka "Cracks" – from 130 lire per bottle of 0.5 liters. A good cooking Turk for coffee – from 50 and to infinity, tea "Karadeniz" – from 27 per kilogram.

If you want to bring a decent set of gifts, then plan to spend 100 dollars. If you want a chic set – 200 dollars, the royal set – 300 dollars.

Read about the best gifts and prices in our big article "What to bring from Turkey". About sweet gifts in the article "The Best Turkish Sweets". Calendar for collecting the best fruits See the article "Fruits in Turkey – Calendar and Prices".

3. Excursions

Excursions are different, and prices are very different. Let’s try to classify.

Excursions within the city (resort) stay. It is usually worth 20-30 dollars, durability – half of the day. During such an excursion will be lucky to local attractions, the guide will tell all the interesting.

For example, being in Istanbul, you can order a tour of the St. Sophia’s Cathedral for $ 20, then will pass out of the queue, and the guide will show all interesting mosaics and architectural elements inside. Or in Antalya for $ 20, you can go to the Antalya Museum or watch the Waterfalls in Dudy and the Pattern Park.

Excursions in the framework of one region or overview in the city. It is usually 50-70 dollars, duration – all day. In the course of such an excursion, we will watch the sights of 100 or more kilometers from the resort of stay.

For example, from Kemer, Antalya, Side or Belek, go to watch the Demrem Mira-Kekova or Takhtaly. Or excursion for the whole day at the best places Istanbul, if you are in Istanbul itself. Or an excursion to Ephesus from the resorts of Kusadasi, Didim or Cesme.

Long-distance excursions for the whole day. It is usually worth 90-120 dollars.

These include rides in Pamukkale from all resorts of the Mediterranean Sea. Or trips to Troy from the resorts of the Aegean Sea. Or trips to the ancient city of Patars and on the beach of Patars from hotels in Alanya.

Excursions with the flight most expensive. Price 200-300 dollars. Such excursions last the whole day, and departure from the hotel often in 4-5 am, arrival back already for midnight.

For example, an excursion to Istanbul from the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea, flights to Israel, Capadokia, to Northern Cyprus.

Recommended. For a rest, 7 days long to schedule 2 excursions – one long, one local, will cost about $ 100 per person. For a rest for 10 days to schedule 3 excursions – two distant, one local, will cost $ 150 per person.

4. Local transport

The most convenient way for tourists way of movement is a taxi.

At the resorts, taxi drivers rarely agree to go through the counter, usually ask a fixed fee, and travel is more expensive. In Istanbul, taxi drivers are almost always going on the meter, it’s easier here. Official tariffs for the main regions, see our detailed article "Taxi in Turkey".

Public transport is cheaper, but it happens very uncomfortable.

In Istanbul, a magnificent public transport situation – there is a subway, trams, buses. Rating price – 3.5 lira. Read more about the features, rules and payment methods, read our article "Metro Istanbul".

At the resorts, the situation is complex. Antalya has buses, trip price – 3.2 lira. On the rest of the resorts there are only local minibuses, they are called "Dolmushi". Rating price within one area – from 2 to 5 lir per person.

In the Mediterranean resorts there are dolmoshi that follow along the coast on the D400 highway and all resorts are passing. On such a dolmoshe, you can get to Antalya from any resort, which is very convenient. The price of a trip – from 5 to 20 lire, depends on the distance.

In our articles about attractions, we try to tell about ways to get in public transport. Read our articles and will be able to save.

5. Tickets for attractions

Prices differ greatly depending on the importance of landmarks.

Tickets for local attractions in resorts usually inexpensive – from 5 to 30 Turkish lir. For example: Park of sand sculptures in Antalya – 32 Lyras, Mount Himera in Kemer – 10, Alanya Castle – 15.

Tickets for attractions in Istanbul are already more expensive – from 20 to 150 lir. For example: Topkapi Palace, together with the grief of Sultan – 170 lira, Basilica tank – 30, Galata Tower – 30, Archaeological Museum – 50.

How best to ride in attractions, independently or with a guided tour? The question is complex, the answer depends on the circumstances.

If you arrived in Istanbul, then it will be more profitable to watch yourself, because public transport is well developed in the capital.

More difficult at the resorts. It is difficult to get on buses and dolmosh buses to many seats. In some cases, the excursion will be more convenient, and more profitable, and the guide services will get. Our advice: First, find out how difficult it will be to get yourself, and then decide – go on your own or order an excursion.

6. Drinks (non-alcoholic)

Prices for drinks in stores are about the same as in Russia. With the exception of simple bottled water, which is much cheaper in Turkey. Prices Next, we bring in Turkish lies, see the actual course in the article "What Money in Turkey".

Carbonated water: Coca-Cola 0.33 liters – 3.5 lira, bottle of 1.5 liters – 6, local soda 2 or 2.5 liters – from 4.

Fruit juices – from 4.5 lire per pack 1 liter. Cold tea – from 4.5 per liter and from 6 for 2 liters.

Be sure to try national Turkish drinks. The main national drink is "Ayran", which is somewhat similar to us kefir, but not so thick. Package price Ayrana 200 milliliters – 1.5 lira or from 5 lire per bottle 1 liter.

By the way, the usual kefir in Turkey also has in supermarkets. Price – from 3 lire for a bottle of 200 milliliters.

Energy Drinks: Red Bull 0.25 liters – from 6.5 lire, Monster 0,355 liters – from 9, Burn 0.25 liters – from 7.

7. Pacific food – products from the supermarket

The most budget way to eat is to buy ready-made products in the supermarket. Tourists make sandwiches or taking fruits and vegetables. Of course, sandwiches are not at all useful for health, but the savings are obvious.

Baton bread – 2-3 lira, cakes – 6-8, bagel "Seis" – about 2.

Cheese – from 50 lir per kilogram, meat snacks in cutting – 7-10 per pack.

Yogurt – about 3 lir per jar of 100 grams, milk – from 5 per liter.

Ready to use polka dot, corn, beans – 8-10 lire for the bank of 400 grams.

Experienced tourists in this way are managed to eat for 50-60 Turkish lire per person per day.

Details Prices for all major foods We viewed in the article "How much products cost in Turkey".

In large supermarkets in Istanbul and Antalya there are departments of cooking. Here you can take pizza or full-fledged dishes. It is beneficial, as the price will be about 1.5 times cheaper than if the same dishes in the cafe.

eight. Pacific food – Street Fud, cheap cafes, bakeries, fast food

It is more expensive, but a much more interesting way to eat. Fortunately, catering establishments in Turkey are about 2 times more than in Russia.

In Street Fud: Donor (Shawarma) costs 15-20 Turkish lira, bagel semit – 2, pies – from 2 depending on the filling, fried corn – 5. An interesting point is that the Turks prefer to fry corn on the grill, and not cook, as we are taken with us.

In bakery: Patties – from 2 to 10 lire, depending on the fillings, the Bureais – from 5 to 15, depending on the filling and type, tea – from 2, Pakhlava – from 2 for a piece. Regarding bakeries in cities, remember the main rule: the farther from the central streets, the cheaper. For example, in Istanbul on the central street in the bakery of the Semit Saray network, tea costs 5 lire, and in a bakery 50 meters from the street 2-3.

How much money to take to Turkey

In cheap cafe: Large Peiding (in the photo above) or Lahvakun – 15-20 depending on the composition of the filling, Könafa – from 8, portion of the kitlet Köfte with a side disk and vegetables – 20-25.

In national fast foods Prices are approximately the same as in cheap cafes, prices are available in paragraph above.

In international FAs Fud: McRoyal Menu in McDonalds – 35 lir, Big Mac Menu – 31, Bopper Menu in Burger King – 35, Twister in KFC – 19, Portion of 5 Stripks in KFC – 32.

In Turkey, a very interesting situation: to eat in national fast foods inexpensively, and in internationally very expensive.

Feed in Street Fudges, Bakeries, fast foods will cost 100 to 120 lire per person per day.

nine. Pacific food – Restaurants

Feed in restaurants in Turkey 1.5 times cheaper than in Russia, if you take restaurants of one level of service. The main rule here is the same: the farther from the main roads, the cheaper. Naturally, if you go to a restaurant in the tourist area, you can multiply the prices of 1.5-2 times.

The prices are about the following: Iskander Kebab – from 30 LIR for a portion of 100 grams, other kebabs – from 20 per 100 grams, Köfte cutlets with a side disk – from 15, Carniary – from 15 for a portion, Koynafa with kaimak and pistachio sprinkle – from 10.

About the main dishes Read our detailed statues of "Kebab in Turkey" and "Bechere in Turkey".

Separately, you should talk about drinks. If you order tea in the restaurant, pay 4-6 lire for it. But the rest of the drinks are more expensive.

A glass of beer will cost about 20 lira, and it will not be distilled, and the usual bottle beer. The wine glass will also cost about 20. Bank cola will cost 6-8, glass of juice – 5-7.

Four in the mid-level restaurants will cost 150-200 lire per person per day. But this is provided not to drink alcoholic beverages there.

ten. Harmful habits – alcohol and cigarettes

Cigarettes in Turkey now (June 2021) stand in about the same way as in Russia. Once the cigarettes and tobacco products in Turkey were at times more expensive, but in 2018 there was a "collapse of the Turkish Lyra" when the USD / Try rate rose from 4 to 7, and from 2015 to the current moment it increased from 2.5 to 8,7.

Prices for cigarettes did not grow strongly, and cigarettes were quite affordable by price. Now Winston bundle in Turkey costs about 16 lir, a pack of cheap local cigarettes 12 (on the photo nearby). Available. Details in our article "Cigarettes and smoking in Turkey".

Lay on the cigarettes about the same amount what spend in Russia. If you smoke IQOS or parity (VEYP), then you exactly take everything with you, details in our review "Waip and IQos in Turkey".

Alcohol in Turkey is expensive, about 3 times more expensive than in Russia. Price banks (bottles) Beer – from 13 lire, bottle of wine – from 30, bottle of strong alcohol – from 130. Details in our article "Alcohol in Turkey".

At such prices, we advise lovers to drink with you the maximum stock, which only allows the Law of the Turkish Republic. Unfortunately, import regulations. Details in our article "What can and can not be imported into Turkey".

eleven. Unexpected expenses

There may be a lot of them.

Travel insurance will be required with a franchise. That is, the insurance company will pay for treatment, but only after a certain amount, usually 30 dollars.

For example, if the doctor put the seams and wants $ 80 for it, then 30 pay from your pocket, and the remaining 50 pays the insurance company. Details in our article "Insurance in Turkey".

Or very want to buy some souvenir or gift, although they did not plan to buy it at all. Or want to try any dish, seeing it on the stand near the restaurant, although it was originally planned to try.

Or get lost and decide what is easier to take a taxi to the hotel than to look for the right road.

Unforeseen expenses can be a lot. We advise you to have 100 dollars of stock for them. It is better to be restrained.


If you go on All Inclusive (all inclusive). Prepare about $ 100 per person on excursions + 100 dollars per gifts and souvenirs + $ 30 per trip to local attractions.

If you drive without all inclusive. Cook 15-20 dollars a day for food and drinks + about $ 100 per person on excursions + $ 100 per gifts and souvenirs + 30 dollars per travel to local attractions.

If we are going to Istanbul. Cook 15-20 dollars a day for food and drinks + 100 dollars per gifts and souvenirs + 100 dollars per travel to attractions.

More important advice

– When you buy souvenirs and gifts, do not get carried away. Not everyone can take out of Turkey to Russia, and some things can be, but with restrictions. Read our article "What can not and can be removed from Turkey";

– When choosing a catering establishment, be attentive. Yes, and at the hotel at the Swedish Table too. Read our article "How not to poison Turkey";

– about what to take except money, read in our article "What to take on vacation to Turkey";

Good trip to Turkey, and read our articles about this country (List of articles below).

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