How much money to take to Spain

How much money take on vacation to Spain? How much is it worth eating how to save on food? How much are transported, souvenirs, attractions tickets? Read the answers in our article.

In Spain, there are no ALL Inclusive, so the problem of "ugly bread" is sharp. That’s about food and let’s talk first. Prices are relevant for 2020.

Important note! Prices for food can differ significantly from the resort to the resort. Now we give average prices in cities. But in the cafe near the beach hotel prices may be above up to 2 times.

How much cost to eat in the cafe

Breakfast from scrambled eggs with bacon, toast and cups of coffee costs 6-8 euros.

Lunch or dinner from the main dish and side dishes, or Palelia will cost 8-12.

In the cities in many cafes offer business lunch, it is called "Menu Del D&# 237; A ». It is usually served from 12-00 to 16-00 (during the siesta) and only on weekdays. In business lunch included: snack, main dish, drink, sometimes dessert. Price – 12-16 euros.

Also in the cafe often served sandwiches or crooks with filling from Hamon, cheese, vegetables. The price of such a snack – 4-6 euros, depends on the composition and volume of the filling.

Alternative – supermarket cooking

This is now the main trend in the Retail product in Europe, and in Russia in supermarkets, cooking appears actively. In many major supermarkets in Spain, there is not only a cooking department, but also seats where you can eat. It is a pity that large supermarkets are rare in resort areas.

In cooking, get the same as in the cafe, only 1.5 times cheaper, and is 2 times cheaper. Use this opportunity if it introduces.

Street Fud and Fast Fud

Feed in Street Fudges in Spanish standards, but expensive according to our standards. Shawarma or big sandwich cost 3-4 euros, a piece of pizza or the Empanad Pie – 2-3.

In Spain, there are all the familiar network of fast foods: McDonald’s, Kfc, Burger King, Pizza Hut. But prices clearly do not please. McDonald’s Big Mac stands 4.45 euros, hamburger or chicenburger – 1, Cheeseburger – 1.3. Combo McMenu with Big Mac – 6.45, 9 Nuggets – 4.6.

Be sure to go to "100 Montaditos" – this is the famous Spanish Network of Fast Foods. Also interesting "Las Fritas", "Taco Alto", "Taco Bell". Although the last two are not national Spanish, but very interesting.

How much does it cost in restaurants

In a good restaurant, the price of the main dish can reach up to 20 euros, however, the size of the portions here is large. For a full dinner or dinner, prepare 25-40 euros per person.

Alternative – buffet

Some establishments arrange meals on the buffet system. That is, pay a fixed amount and you can eat as much as it gets into the gastrointestinal tract.

Look at the restaurants inscription "Buffet". The usual access price is from 10 to 20 euros, it depends primarily from the set of dishes.

Some tourists are trying to save and eat so once a day. It turns out profitable, but for health it is not at all useful. We do not recommend such a way of savings.

Prices for products in stores

If you can prepare food, you can seriously save.

Stores prices: Baton Bread – 0.6 euros; Potatoes – 1-1.5 per kilogram; Milk – from 0.6 per liter; pork without dice – from 9 per kilogram; Pasta – about 1 per 500 grams.

Now in detail about prices for all products we will not speak. Read our detailed article "Food prices in Spain" and "Fruits in Spain".

Important! How to find out the prices in our resort in advance!

It is difficult, a little long, but maybe.

To do this, use Google Maps service. Find your hotel on the map and click on the catering establishment near the hotel.

Option 1. The institution may have a web site where you can view the menu. The site address will be listed in the left column, next to the address and telephone. But it is rarity. Spanish catering establishments do not like to make web sites.

Option 2. Need to watch photos made by people in this institution. Surely one of the Google Maps users took a picture of the menu or check.

If smoking

Cigarettes in Spain Dear. Details and prices in our article "Smoking and Cigarettes in Spain".

If you like to drink

It can be expensive or cheap depends on what you will drink and where. Details and prices in our article "Alcohol in Spain".


In cities, it’s easier and cheaper to move on the subway and buses. In Madrid, a trip costs 1.5 euros, details in our article "Metro in Madrid". In Barcelona, ​​the trip costs 2.4 euros, details in our article "Metro in Barcelona". In the subway Bilbao – 1.5, in the subway of Valencia – 1.5.

At the resorts, tourists most often move on a taxi. Travel prices are pretty high. Details about prices in different regions in our article "Taxi in Spain".

Regional buses can be very useful to tourists. Prices are very different, depends on the distance – from 3 to 30 euros. A buses are convenient to get from its resort to major cities.

Between cities Convenient to move on high-speed AVE trains. Price trip route Madrid Barcelona – 110 Euro, Barcelona Seville – 117. There are different types of tickets on trains that help save, read the details in our article "Trains in Spain – prices and tickets".

Cheaper can be reached by long-distance buses. Price per trip by route Madrid Barcelona – about 50 euros, Madrid Alicante – about 45.

Prices for excursions

Considering the high prices for transport in Spain, often go to attractions with an excursion is cheaper than independently.

Of course, prices for excursions will differ depending on the tour operator or resort. But let’s try to give approximate prices.

Excursions to the attractions of the resort of finding from 40 to 60 euros per person. For example, we are going to watch the Attractions of Barcelona from Costa Brava or Costa Dorada, or the sights of Malaga from Costa del Sol.

How much money to take to Spain

Attention! The cost of the excursion may not include entrance tickets. Carefully read the conditions!

Excursions to other cities – 100-120 euros per person.

Tickets for attractions

To approximately understand the prices of attractions, we give a few examples. Alhambra Palace – 14 euros, Mosque Mesquite – 11, Sagrada Cathedral Sagradia – from 20, Royal Palace in Madrid – 13, Prado Museum – 15, Museum of Tissren-Bornemis – 13.

Of course, in Spain, many interesting places where you can get free, for example, Catalunya Square, Montjuic Fountains, Puerta del Sol Square.

Entertainment in Spain is more expensive. For example, prices for entering water parks: Aqualand Torremolinos in Malaga – 30 euros, Aquopolis Torrevieja in Alicante – 27, Water World in Costa Brava – 35.

Gifts and souvenirs

From Spain you can bring a lot of interesting gifts, and these gifts are in different ways. Let’s try to give examples of prices: Hamon Iberico – 40 euros per kilogram, olive oil – from 8 per liter, Tourron – from 5 per kilogram, good Spanish cheese – from 20 per kilogram, steam Espadrili – from 10, wine from Riohi – from 3 bottle.

If you summarize, we recommend putting 100 euros for gifts. Get a small but very decent set.

Communication costs

Customer costs can be both acceptable and gigantic. It all depends on what option in roaming or local SIM card to choose. For example, on the local SIM you can get the Internet in just 10 euros, and in the case of roaming pay 40. You can call from Spain for 3 rubles, and you can 100.

To choose the necessary options and tariffs, read our detailed articles "Internet in Spain Deshevo" and "How to call from Spain Döszhevo".


Naturally, in this article we do not consider the air tickets for air tickets and hotel accommodation, hotel shuttle and insurance. We assume that you have already bought a tourist journey or paid all this.

Tariff "I am boyar". Eat in restaurants, go for a taxi, having fun without restrictions. Costs: 200 euros per person per day + 200 euros for gifts and souvenirs.

Tariff "Balanced". Eat if possible in a supermarket or cafe cooking, sometimes in Street Fud. A couple of times let yourself go to a good restaurant. We go for a couple of excursions. Costs 70-80 euros per person per day, 100 euros for gifts and souvenirs.

Tariff "Student". Time is carried out mainly on the beach, we watch local attractions, we go to them by public transport. Drink in the supermarket cooking, Street Fudge or products from the store. Costs: 20-30 euros per person per day.

Open the wallet!

– In some regions of Spain, there is an additional tourist tax. In which regions and what is the size of this tax, read in the article "Tourist tax in Spain";

– Some tourists are trying to save and carry food, alcohol, cigarettes. I warn you that the import of them to Spain (this is the EU country) is very limited. Details in our article "What can and cannot be imported to Spain";

– When you open a wallet for buying gifts, then keep in mind that imports into Russia many things limited. Details in our article "What can and cannot be removed from Spain";

– What else to take to Spain except money, read our article "What to take to Spain".

Have a good holiday in Spanish resorts, and read our interesting articles about Spain (List of articles below).

How much money to take to Spain

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