How much money to take on the road?

Conversation about money can be started with a banal statement: the main thing is not how much money you have, but how do you spend them. The statement that money does not smell, refutes the state of the bill in many countries.

How much money to take money?

There is a commodity opinion that the more you take money on the journey, the better. My experience shows that the smaller you take money with you, the more impressions you extract from travel.

How to change money?

Many people have an international world of finance seem complex and mysterious. However, at their trips, I found out that his work is built on several simple principles.

    Cashier at the point where you can exchange travelers at the best rate, will definitely require a receipt for the purchase of checks that you have forgotten in the hotel or, even worse, at home.

What money is best to take?

Cash. traveler’s checks.. Credit cards – or combination of all these options. The decision to accept is not easy. Here are my considerations about this.

The advantage of cash:

At the sight of cash, sellers in the store instantly reduce the price, and the taxi drivers express their readiness to carry you in any place. Officials on the borders show special warns. But there is one important point: you need to take Japanese yen, German stamps or dollars. Try to offer a taxi driver Sri Lankan rupees and he will immediately offer you to go out and walk on foot. Next, there is a security consideration. Even if you have the hardest currency, no one will restore it to you.

The advantage of road checks:

In contrast to cash, stolen travelers can be restored. Theoretically, it is pretty easy. In practice, everything refuses much more difficult. Especially suspiciously, American Express employees belong to tourists with backpacks, believing that it is such people who are able to sell their travelers to the international money laundering concern.

Another problem is the exchange of road checks in countries where the development of a banking is at the level of the Stone Age. For example, in Zaire. Local cashiers refuse to accept checks, in the middle of which there is no red stamp "sample" – as in pictures in their instructions.

Credit cards

Now that ATMs are even in the Mongolian yurts, credit cards can be taken with you at any journey. However, if at the moment you receive money on a card Mongolian leaks will not be particularly solid currency Be sure that their position in the financial market will significantly strengthen by the time your credit company or the bank will issue this operation. Another well-known, but a little learned phenomenon: It is at the moment when you need a lot of money that you have exhausted your loan and your credit card.

Barter exchange for western goods

Previously, on the trip, instead of money, it was possible to take old gins Levis, to push them with local connoisseurs, and live a few months for the reversed means. These times have long passed. Natives in Asia now prefer the sports symbols of social status, such as BMW and Italian furniture on an individual project. As for the ours, now they can now not always buy a piece of bread, not to mention jeans.

Is it possible to deal with a black market?

Black market – phenomenon is quite peculiar. A foreigner who is lucky for his money can get twice as much. A foreigner who is not lucky may be beaten, without money and in prison.

How to find a black market?

In many countries, the black market in Western person does not need to look for – the black market will find it. Go along the central street of the city of Katmandu and you will begin to seem that your name sounds like "Change Money?".

What tricks should be lost?

Money undoubtedly make a person more ingenious. When I have to change money on the side, I do not get tired to admire the fantasy of people seeking to think of me. The most proven techniques of the Deltsov of the Black Market:

    Recalculate money, slightly wave your hand – and give you less

How much money to take on the road

Is it necessary to give money to other travelers?

This is the surest way to lose money. When you deal with a black market, there is always a chance to get a small profit, but when you learn a fellow – traveler, you can be one hundred percent sure that you will never see your money anymore. Some of my buddy still awaits $ 100, which he gave some Canadian girl seven years ago.

Of course, it happens that the good acts are rewarded. For example, some millionaire shocked by your generosity will make you all its condition. Perhaps your courtesy will answer by courtesy. So, once, I paid in Bali for the hotel number of one French couple, because the owners of this falcline, naturally, did not turn out of 100 dollars. This couple not only found me and returned money, but also treated for breakfast in one of the best hotels in Bali. Word, best rely on his intuition.

Do I need to bargain when buying things?

Of course! This is one of the most pleasant and exciting travelers. First you will feel some awkwardness, but as soon as you first buy a thing for one tenth of the initial price, you will feel an irresistible desire to bargain always and everywhere! The main thing, proceed from the principle that everyone around you wish you to abstract and inflate – and everything will be fine.

Negative travel consequences are that many coming home can not stop and inertia continue to challenge every price. Therefore, do not be surprised if you notice a person at the suburban station who is trying to pushing the ticket for the sale of tickets.

How to determine that you are dirty to normal prices?

In many guidebooks it is said that when, in response to the price of the street, the street trader or owner of the shop begins to smile, it means that you come to the permissible limit. But I noticed that the most faithful sign is when a furious owner begins to drive you from the bench.

Where is the safer to keep money?

In general, anywhere in the hotel in the hotel or pension. These safes are mainly mainly in order to ease the life of the biggest fraudsters – the owners of the above hotels and boarding houses that get rid of the need to search your number or rummage in your bags, code you sleep. As a rule, these people have wonderful relations with the local police: when you declare the stealing it turns out that no one speaks in English.

In no case do not need to hide money in a hidden belt. Any respectful robber knows that in a foreigner belt he can find the amount of money, quite sufficient to open a small enterprise in the country of the Third World.

Conclusion: Do not take on a trip all your condition. And the money that took, abstracts in different places. And do not worry if you forgot where the money was hidden – the next trip will be waiting for you a pleasant surprise. True, it is not very clear that you will do with a thousand Turkish lire in China.

What if I was drowned?

Slit telegram dad or mom asking for money. It is much more reliable than hope to help the police. Do not apply to your embassy. They will send you home by plane of the most expensive airline and you will pay money twenty years old.

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